Monday, September 17, 2012

Hi, my name is Amber G. I live in San Diego CA. I want to know if my family and I will be safe from end of Oct to Feb. I want to know if we should consider moving to the desert to avoid the fault line natural disasters that predict California under water. I heard with up coming elections there will be disasters to ensure Obama's presidency. What advice do you have for my family and I?

8:15 PM - I do see unusually high tides, I see a lot of flooding, I have never seen this before, but I am starting to see a lot of it looks like garbage being washed up on the beaches too.  People are wearing masks and gloves to pick it up so, whatever that is I do not know, I mean it is showing to take caution.  I feel like all of that is going to happen early in 2013. I am also seeing that the fault line, like water is gurgling up through the crack.  I feel like if moving inland is an option it should be one that you should consider.  I have an overall feeling and impression that, that area when I focus on San Diego might have some health issues arise, like some kind of sickness.  I do feel that if moving is an option, that maybe you should plan for it now.
Q-Where does this trash come from?
A-It is like it is washing up out of the water.  It is like garbage.  It is like dead fish too.
Q-Do you think it is trash from Fukushima washing a shore?
A-Yes, actually yes.
Q-Is this what causes the health concerns?
A-I would say yes because it has green looking smoke around it?  It feels like illness when I look at it, like a cloud of illness.
Q-Do you see any major earthquakes in CA between Oct and Feb.
A-I do not see anything major that soon.  The water will be her biggest issue.
Q-Is California sinking or is the water rising.
A-The way I see it the coast is dipping down, but the water is also rising.
Q-Gradual or sudden and when?
A-Very gradual, I see the tides increasing towards the beginning of next year and from there it is going to be a gradual process.
Q-Will land / property values away from coast increase?
A-Yes and the population I see is becoming more dense away from the coast.
Q-Do you feel Amber and her family will be safe?
A-I do feel like she will be safe.  I am just seeing a really up close image of someone smiling, all I can see is their mouth but they are happy.
Q-Do you have any additional advice or confirmations for her.
A-Um I am feeling something about New Mexico, possibly Santa Fe and I am seeing a wall paper border that looks like some kind of Mexican print, I feel like she knows something about that, or that place. 
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Amber Gilles said...

I feel like you were picking up on the recent chores and activity with the house restoration and the frustration I feel with the garbage I pick up after my father in law, you may have seen my family and friends on with masks re roofing there was a lot of drama involved with that. I do live with in a couple miles of coast. Last year I was walking on beach with my significant other and there was a giant dead fish washed up. I was sick I had suffered from a miscarriage as well a month later. I do smoke a lot of medicinal that may be the green smoke you see cloudeding up. The only thing that pic really reminds me if is my boyfriends mother wall which is a decal of a town that's the only kind of connection I felt to the pic on a whim. When you typed you saw me smiling I was as I was reading that pretty big :)

Amber Gilles said...

It really wasn't last year ii saw the gigantic dead fish it was in April so a few months ago and I'd like note that everyone neighbors friends strangers all seemed to be getting headaches in relation to being sick during the summer. Thank you :)