Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello, my name is Soraya Lujan Berger, born July 4, 1984 In Lima, Peru. Where do you see me and my family in 2014 with all the instability of the world. I'm interested in studying natural herbs and healing / nutrition, I have many big decisions to make and I would Iike some advice.

8:14 PM - I am actually envisioning her studying with native Americans, it is like she is learning how to do their healing and different type of practices, one of them I see her sitting in a tee-pee with a bunch of smoke billowing out of the top, like she is working on some type of herbal healing.  And if she has not had the ability to study this way I see the opportunity arising.  I think she is definitely going to follow her path of holistic healing, and I think that is what is going to make her happy.   I see her looking just very modest and living a modest lifestyle, not rich but content with her choices.  I do not see her living deep in a city, I feel like she is on the outskirts of a town, she has access to a lot of field and a lot of open space.  I see her in a field picking different herbs and she is going to get good with that.  And I see her down the road, quite possibly by 2014 maybe even getting a little fame for her knowledge of her holistic healing.  I also see her close with her family, they might not all live in the same house but they live really close to each other.  I am feeling some young energy, maybe like 8 or 10 years old, a boy and a girl.  I cannot tell if it is her kids or maybe like a niece and a nephew, but they are close with her and they are important to her.  Like I said I feel like their family feels pretty safe and happy, and they are living modestly, they have the things that they need.  You and your family are resourceful and know how to live off the land, and you give back and you are helping others.  I also have a strong impression that you know the right choice to make.  And I feel like you are being forced to choice between doing what the norm of society wants you to do and doing what you feel is more wholesome and makes you happy, and I can tell you if you go down the wholesome path, that I know you will be happy or you appear to be happy.  
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Anonymous said...

Hello Soraya i do have alot of experience with natural herbs.

If you want i can give you some tips.

Best Regards