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Describe please the garden of eden and the appearance of the tree of knowledge, also adam and eve appearance.

8:12 pm - Hm.. Alright...I am seeing the garden as really green and really lush, all of the trees, bushes, everything in that garden is probably 10-12 feet tall or less, with the exception of the tree of knowledge and I will come back to that.  One interesting thing to point out about this garden too is that flowers that are seen typically in specific seasons are in bloom all year round.  For example, I am seeing tulips, and fall time mums, and roses, all kinds, there are all kinds of flowers growing like wild flowers everywhere.  It definitely has like a magical property or feel to it.  I am seeing dragon flies and butterflies that are really big like a foot long.  It has a safe feel about it.  And it is very fragrant, and the most overpowering smell are the roses.  And now when you are talking about the tree of knowledge, as soon as I focus on that I am going to the Movie Avatar, it is is like that tree, and it is illuminated and beautiful, but this tree has NO leaves on it and it is huge, and the only thing it has on it is fruit.  There is apples and pears and oranges all growing on this one tree.  And even though the fruit is it's genuine color it has a glow about it.  And I can see why it is irresistible because I want feel it and I want to touch it.  Like I am actually seeing my hand take that motion towards the tree like to grab it, and as I go to grab like this apple I can feel my body take this gasp, the Uhhhh feeling.  It is almost like this instantaneous enlightenment and awe striking feeling.

And I am now going to try to focus on their appearance, in reference to Adam and Eve's physical appearance was.  As soon as I look at them my initial impression is are they brother an sister because they look so much alike.  Ok, Eve..She has hazel eyes, a long narrow nose, brown wavy hair, she is really petite, probably like 5'3" or 5'4", and the only thing that she is wearing is a necklace she has made out of flowers from the garden, it looks like a lei around her neck.  And then Adam has her exact same face and eyes, but his hair is a lot shorter than hers, it is still brown and kind of fluffy it is not really short.  He is maybe like 6' tall.  And the only thing that he is wearing is some grape vine he has twisted around his waist a bunch of times (laugh).  And their skin color is kind of odd, it is olive like, but it is more to the yellow ting.  It is not tan, and it is not dark like and Indian, it is more like a white person with super super olive skin tones.  And they have super dirty feet.  And the girl she um has a big huge scratch on her right butt cheek.  From the back when I look at them their hair is kind of matted down like the need a bath.  But I will say they seem very happy and joyous, they look like they are 15 years old but they act like they are 5 years old.  I see them looking at the tree and I think the tree drew them in, I do not think they looked at it, and say we are going to defy what we were told, I think it trapped them, I see it pulling them in like a magnet and once they started looking at it they couldn't NOT look at it.  Like something wanted them to have that knowledge.

Q-Is this place a literal place, did it really exist and if so was it of this earth?
A-It feel like a real place, I think it is a layer on this earth, I do not think it is anywhere we can get to now.
Q-Who created it?
A-....Alright I do not know how to say this...I have and alien eyeball about the size of a basketball in my head, and I was asking to understand what that meant, and as I kept focusing it kept saying you know the answer.  So I am telling it "No I do not, I do not understand", then it explained it to me that this layer of earth was created by the Aliens who created us and this tree of knowledge was a gift and it was a culmination or created out of the universal consciousness in spiritual energy.  It does not exist as a place that we can go to now.  And it was used as a tool when human life was created here.  And that is how it answered me.
Q-Which race of aliens created them?
A-I feel it was the Greys, I know other people disagree with me and maybe it is not being shown to me correctly, but I have always seen it as the Greys.
Q-Would this statement be correct, Adam and Eve were genetic flesh, but was given a godlike consciousness when they consumed the fruit of the tree?
A-Yes I do not think I could have said it better myself.
Q-Did they Greys created the tree, or did it manifest itself, I am unclear?
A-It was explained that the Greys created it as a gift to us.
Q-So no snake and Devil?
A-I did not see that, in fact this place felt very safe.
Q-So where they the first humans?
A-I am actually seeing two things happening here, one you have the evolution of apes, and then you have this Adam and Eve thing going on.  I see this evolution of apes going on that did evolve into humans, but they did not have the spiritual capability or the intellect, and then on the other side you have Adam and Eve, who were brought here like and experiment who get a taste of knowledge and then you have those humans who have that spiritual capability also evolving.  So it is like I see humans evolving, but the ones that are the derivatives of Adam and Eve have a certain enlighten spiritual ability, and then you have another set of humans who have evolved just the same but they are not enlightened.
Q-Of the human race now, what is percentage of Adam and Eve offspring?
A-I feel like it is a 40/60 with 40% being from Adam and Eve.
Q-Is there a way today to determine which lineage one is from?
A-Hmm..  Good question...We are such a melting pot I do not see a way, there is nothing clear in my mind.
Q-What about blood types, RH etc, anything on that?
A-Let me think for a second...I am seeing the picture of the double helix of DNA and their is blue dot on the 13th Chromosome, and I do not know what that is.
Q-Why did the Greys create us?
A-I am seeing it like it was just an experiment.
Q-Were Adam and Eve created by mixing Grey DNA with Prehistoric, or were they created another way.  Like did  Adam and Eve's base begin with early man?
A-No it was like the Greys DNA mixed with something else artificial and that is how they did it.
Q-With all the interbreeding how can their be 40% pure lineage from Adam and Eve
A-They are not pure, but they are pure enough to have that mental capacity, because I already asked myself that question.
Q-So was the garden like a terrarium for their experiment?
A-Yes I guess so, but I did not see like a glass dome or anything.
Q-How did you feel about this reading?
A-I felt pretty good, it was pretty wild. 
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Anonymous said...

Thank you, there are sumerian tablets that speak about gods creating man for mining labor. The epic of Gilgamesh

Anonymous said...

some people things these gods are aliens from the planet nibiru that came here to mine resources.

Anonymous said...

Also it is interesting you note that one race of humans evolved and adam and eve were engineered, the bible talks about the sons of god and the children of man interbreeding, two separate races of humanity.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I really do appreciate them.