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Are we soon entering a 3rd world war? Problems in the middle east, Asia.....or is this simply a distraction made by the elite to hide the financial theft from the people and economic collapse. It's obvious now, governments worldwide express they will continue unprecedented money printing. How will society function? How will people eat? Already people are stressed out trying to get material possessions that seem unattainable. The future looks extremely for boding to anyone that understands basic math. You cannot create lasting prosperity from debt creation. Honestly, it seems 99% of people have not a clue the world is in a depression...what year does it finally wake people up. Next year? The American government feeds more then 50 million people on a daily basis..that's insanity! It can't go on forever...or am I wrong? What is the cost of a loaf of bread September 2014? Knowing people wages are not really rising....massive high prices would indicate great scary social unrest worldwide.

8:01 PM Q-Are we soon entering a 3rd World war?  If so when?
A-I do see us entering a 3rd World War, but it is almost like a peaceful takeover, what I see happening is people fighting over resources, and with the destructive technology available rather than destroying each other, and harming resources,  it is like other countries will invade other countries, I see countries taking over other countries but it is at such a slow rate that it does not seem invasive.  So it is like a very small incremental war, but it is not earth destroying in the process.  And I see this a lot around the Iran and Iraq area.
Q-So you see no major bombing, nuclear attacks, invasions or anything of that sort?
A-There maybe some small forceful takeovers, but I have a strong sense that they want to keep the farmland pure, and the oil access.
Q-Are the elite hiding any financial theft?  Why are they printing so much money?
A-I have an image of people pulling money off the printers and like throwing it up in the air like it is nothing.  And it make me feel like they are printing it to give the illusion that we have it and in reality they are creating a destructive amount of inflation.  But to the average person all they see is just tons of money in circulation and being lent out.
Q-When will this inflation hit?
A-It is hitting now, and it is just slowly going to show, it is like on a graph that keeps rising.  And I am getting a number in my head for a loaf of bread in 2014 of between 6-7 dollars.  So about a 4-5 times increase.
Q-How will society function, and how will people eat?
A-I see it as if you do not grow your own food, or do not have money saved for the price hikes, the rest of society is going to each the cheaper junkier and less nutritious food.  I see a lot of health problems in the future.
Q-Will the materialism of people change once this inflation hits?
A-Once there is no more credit to lend out, yes around late 2014.
Q-Will land and property prices rise as well?
A-It depends on the land, farmland will rise, but if it is not functional and useful land, it is going to go for cheap.
Q-What year do people realize we are in a depression?
A-I feel like after Obama gets back into office it will happen I would say like the 2nd quarter of next year 2013.
Q-Will the stock market prevail?
A-I feel like we got about 5-6 years on the stock market, it is like it is falsely inflated, I feel like during that time China is going to impose some kind of action towards the US that they want their debt paid, and they are going to want Gold or Silver.  And when that happens it is going to put us in an undeniable situation that we do not have money.  And we are going to feel like we are at China's mercy and when that starts happening that is when it is going to affect our stock market and also the realization of our inflated money is going to come forward.
Q-Then why does the Government just stop printing now and face the facts?
A-I am hearing the phrase "Their plan is not ready or done" like there is people in the banks or the stock market that are making a lot of money and they are waiting on whatever their goals are to be met before any action happens.  And I feel like when China starts wanting their money, their plans still are not quite done, but whatever it is they are not going to be affected like everyone else.
Q-If you were to pick and exact date to get out of the market what day would that be?
A-I am seeing the date of 3-13-13, like 31313.
Q-Is this date planed out already or are you just seeing the future?
A-I am really just seeing a date based on a question that I focused on.
Q-Are the elites aware of this date?
A-I feel like they are, but they have this false way of controlling the market to where it does not impact them, and they over the long run are able to make money.
Q-You can still make money if you can predict the market going down.
A-But not the normal person, only if you have control of it.
Q-So the average person should get out before March 2013?
A-I do not want to tell people what to do but be cautious.
Q-Will the market continue to rise between present time and March 2013?
A-I feel like it will be pretty steady, a slight increase but fairly stable.
Q-Will there be foreign troops on American soils, if so when?
A-I feel like there is a few now, but it is going to increase a lot around the end of 2014.
Q-Should American begin to prepare to fend for themselves?
A-I feel like that would be a wise choice.
Q-Will America continue to fee 50 million people?
A-No, not by choice, I feel like other countries are going to take over our land to fed themselves.
Q-How will they get control?
A-They are going to take our land as payment when we cannot pay China.
Q-Why do we not just pay them with food?
A-Because the land is more valuable and they can grow their own food and still own the land.
Q-And our government is OK with this?
A-Somehow I feel like they are, like they formed some kind of agreement...
Q-Will people wages rise with this inflation?
A-I see wages going slightly up, but not nearly at the rate of inflation.
Q-What are the top 3 things you can buy / do NOW to prepare for this possible future?
A-I have Silver in small increments, I have long barreled guns with bullets that you can reload, that you can reload the bullets, and then the next thing that is coming to me is well made leather goods that you can wear or trade.  I mean I am getting more than three if you want more.   One thing is to learn about herbal remedies and educate yourself, learning how to preserve food and dry out meat, either start a garden or save seeds that you can plant.  Now I am getting you should do both in case you had to be mobile you should have seeds.
Q-In previous history food was valued above all else, in present food is wasted and many are obese, what causes this shift to no longer have cheap food?
A-I feel like it is going to be a combination of natural disasters that increase the water level, and losing farmland to China.  We are going to have a greater value in what we have left and that is where the thought is going to reverse.
Q-What is the cause of these natural disasters?  When does the most detrimental one occur?
A-It has to do with the moon, and our gravitational pull gets interrupted.  And there is going to be a lot of flooding on coastal areas, a lot of unsteady water in the oceans, and I see this happening early in 2013, like 1st quarter.
Q-Who is affected the most in the US and then in the World?
A-West Coast in the US will be most affected, and in the World I would have to say Japan and areas close to Japan.
Q-Is there anything else we should know?  A-No 
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