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Are there groups like the Illuminati or Freemasons that pull the strings of the world?

8:43 PM - Hmm...I do not feel it is the Illuminati or the Freemasons, I feel like it has something to do with the banking system and I am trying to sort it out.  It is like I am seeing the banking system as a pyramid scheme and the money keeps getting funneled to the top.  The person standing on top of the pyramid looks like a cartoon character and they are wearing a crown like they are the king of it all.  And as I side note, I keep getting the name "Needlemeyer" or "Niedermeyer", and they are pretty high up on this banking pyramid...It is the people with all the money that have all the power.  It is like they have their own part of society that has nothing to do with a club or a group...I am seeing 18th century like this has started back then...You can ask me questions now cause I am kinda getting blocked.
Q-Is there any public figures, officials etc, who are part of this group?
A-I am seeing this group as a hidden part of society, I am looking at the group, and they are all wearing masks like they are at a masquerade party.  But what they do is use their money and influence to support the people that they want and the agenda that they want, but they try to remain anonymous.
Q-What percentage of US power do they possess and then World power?
A-I would say US is like 70-75%, and the world power is like 50-60%.  I feel like most of the people in the group like 75% of them are American.
Q-How many are there?
A-It is a small group like 150 or less.

Q-Does the name Bilderbergs mean anything to you?
A-Hmm...I feel like they would be one of the elite people, and mind you when I say 150, I mean family names, like Rockerfeller would take one space or 1 of 150.  So 150 groups or less, but 150 is on the high side.
Q-Do you see them gaining more or losing power in the next few years?
A-I see it kind of relatively unchanged.
Q-What is their main purpose or goal?  Or maybe vision?
A-I feel like it is money and control, and I get this internal feeling of arrogance, like "I am better than you"
Q-What is the best way or method to decrease their power and influence?
A-It is like I see them relying so much on banking and stock markets and financial institutions that if enough people began doing things like on a barter system, and handled money one on one without using a third party that would reduce their influence.  And then also I see them almost looking down at society and enjoying seeing people covet their materialistic crap that they own.  That if people stop buying in to their materialist stuff, that that too reduces their power over the population.  As a side note:  I see these people like the capital in the "Hunger Games" book with their outlandish possessions, and if normal society just quit buying into that, then they like the capitol would not have any power.  You just have resist whatever it is that they are offering.
Q-Do they finance presidential elections?
A-Absolutely, and I actually saw Mitt Romney at their masquerade party and he was the only one not wearing a mask.
Q-Are these people spiritual?
A-I get a very materialistic and selfish vibe from them.
Q-Are there any spiritual people who have infiltrated their group?
A-I see what I call like a false spiritual presence, meaning they go to church, but they do not necessarily practice good hearted work on a daily basis, it is more going through the motions to say they did it, not that they really believe it or act upon it in a true spiritual form.  And i keep going to that quote in the Kolbrin that references something about how god does not want you to just go to church on Sunday and go through the motions, that he would rather you acted godly and did the right thing daily, rather doing a false worshiping to him.
Q-Do you think they want people to blame the Illuminati and Freemasons so that they can remain anonymous?
A-Yes, I feel like if people knew who they were, the are afraid that they would be revealed and stopped.  Right now they are just hiding in the background.
Q-Do any defected from the group or had a change of heart?
A-I am getting an image of a like a mob, which is telling me you are born into it and defecting is not an option.
Q-Did this group establish the United States of America?
A-I am seeing them as big contributors to that establishment, but what I really noted was an image of George Washington so I think most importantly they funded the first presidential election backing George Washington and beginning their foothold of power.
Q-What do they call themselves?
A-Hmm..I do not know I cannot get anything on that.
Q-Will this group ever fall?
A-Actually I think yes, but it is going to be a long time, and what I got an image of was on the TV series prison break, how all "The Company" at the end got arrested and imprisoned.
Q-What year do you see that happening?
A-I feel like it is a far ways out like 2030s to 2040s.
Q-Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves in our time?
A-I would say invest in hard assets, and start bartering as much as possible.
Q-Do you have anything else? A-No 
9:22 PM. Link to Audio

Excerpt from the Kolbrin - Voice of God Link to Kolbrin

"Men bring Me meat and wine, fine flour and wheaten cakes, thinking I can
consume these, or that I have need of such sustenance. I would be far better
served were these to be given to the widow and orphan, to the multitudinous poor
whom you suffer to exist in your midst. Poverty is man-made and it is not
sufficient for the wealthy to give alms to the poor; those with power and
position, with wealth and plenty must strike at the roots of poverty. If they
fail to do this, then the alms they give have no merit in My sight".

"I do not deny you your rituals and ceremonials, worship Me if you will as you
will, but bear in mind that this cannot substitute for your obligations. Ritual
and worship cannot be an adjustment or payment for the things you have failed to
do, or be an apology for your own shortcomings. Neither do they compensate for
iniquities against your fellowmen. If you attach importance to ritual and
ceremonial let it be in a proper proportion, and never let them dull your
conscience against deeds of wickedness, of usury and injustice. Never let your
duty and obligations be neglected because you worship Me diligently, following a
formalised ritual and ceremonial. Let this not become an excuse for failing to
share your bread with the hungry or for neglecting the needs of the destitute or
weak. I am not deceived. A life dedicated to Me is not one preoccupied with
worship, that is more the life of a coward trembling before the unknown. He who
dedicates bis life to Me gives shelter to the homeless and succours those in
distress, but even these are not the ultimate in goodness, for they are
passively accepted. The ultimate in goodness is to actively combat all the root
causes of evil. Those who are my true followers live a life of service and
goodness. They live in harmony with their neighbours, harm none and do not shirk
the burdens and obligations of earthly existence".

Update:  JFK seemed to know the truth about these powers and we know what happened to him.
JFK Speech Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnkdfFAqsHA&feature=related


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