Sunday, August 26, 2012

What do you see regarding the Australian property market? Is there a crash coming soon? if so, how soon? how long will it last?

6:30 PM - Well the first image I see is a house and in front of that house there is a green arrow that is pointing upward, and it looks like an arrow you would see in clip art.  My impression is that the arrow represents the increase in the value of homes and just the general profitability in the housing market.  At this present point in time it looks to be stable, but let me try to get some future info.  I am seeing what looks like a zipper that is halfway zipped up, so the bottom portion is zipped, the top portion is unzipped.  As I see the zipper I am asking for more clarification, I see the mocking-jay pen or broach that she wore, and my impression is that the divide which seems symbolic of the zipper unzipping is going to be between the people and maybe the government and or your financial institutions because that is what the genre of the Hunger games meant to me.  It seems like a slow process that looks like it is already starting to happen, I just keep seeing a zipper being unzipped very slowly over and over.  So my impression is that your housing decline, even though not visible blatantly is starting now to head towards that direction.  The people that are behind your housing appear to be putting on the facade that it is still on the rise, that is what the green arrow represents now to me now that I am seeing a more full picture.  It looks to me that once the zipper reaches the halfway point they will not be able to hide it any longer and it will be obvious to the people.  I keep getting the number 11.  It seems to me around November, the 11th month is when people will really start to notice that something is going on with the housing.  That is kinda all I see.

Q-Is there a crash coming soon?
A-Not a crash but there is definitely going to be people needing to make smart investment choices and it seem like around November that is when there is definitely going to be issues with the housing market.  I mostly relate it to what we have experienced here in the United States.  I would not call it a complete crash but people may find themselves in situations where they have overextended their credit.
Q-How long will it last?
A-I immediately saw 2 1/2 years.
Q-So is housing values going up or down?
A-Values are going to go down, and it is definitely going to be a buyers market.
Q-When will values go up?
A-They will start to go up after the 2 1/2 years, around that time.
Q-How do you feel about this reading?
A-Pretty good.  
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