Thursday, August 16, 2012

My First Channeling Experience

9:25 PM - During my Thursday night psychic class on 8-16-2012 we practiced channeling.  Basically it seems to me to just getting into a relaxed meditative hypnotic state and allow people to speak messages through you, but I was fully aware of it.  Once in my trance like state above my body viewing myself I saw an older gray haired heavy set woman with a shawl over her shoulders walk up behind me and step into my body.  The way I physically felt is my heart started racing and I had to consciously stay calm so not to lose my hypnotic state.  Then I spoke the following words.
Might the Night be Light for the Moon may not be as Bright.
After I spoke those words I snapped back into my own-self and quickly wrote the words down so that I would not forget them.  9:37 PM

If anyone has a clue to as to the meaning let me know, the only thing I can relate to it is in many of my Focus Sessions, I find that the Moon is and indicator of Earth changes to come.

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Psychic Focus said...

After I had this experience, I would agree.. I was nervous when I tried it, and I felt very vulnerable... I have not tried again, and I feel my skills are best suited doing other aspects of psychic development. Thank you for the comment.