Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello My Name is Ramon Gomez I live in Sacramento CA near by the air Base but I have notice all over California military activity what do you think this is do to? I haven't got any answer from any one yet!

9:15 PM - The first thing that I see is a zoomed out picture of a map and on the beaches all along the shore of California I see like a ridiculous amount of white foam.  I have never seen this image before but it looks like there is small air pockets in the ocean that are gurgling to the surface and that is what is creating all this foam on the shore.  In previous readings and also in this one, I am seeing a lot of instability in the water as far as the amount of waves that are coming into the shoreline and the height of the waves.   I always see it as a slow process, but there is going to be gradual flooding.  I think our government has known about this for a while and they are just preparing for when they need to step in.  I just got a FOX NEWS emblem in my mind, and it feels like something is going to be announced on the news that upsets people in California.  I am seeing a rainbow and my impression is that it is going to be something to do with gay rights or gay marriage, but now I am seeing an image of people fighting so I feel like there may be a gay hate crime happen and people will be protesting and rioting about that.  For some reason it is almost like a government setup type of thing that is going to happen.  I feel like somehow the media is going to blow it up and it is going to be equivalent, I am hearing Trevon Martin, and the military are preparing to counteract whatever happens because of that.  And it is coming across to me like it is a political distract because now I am seeing Mitt Romney and Obama.
Q-What is the time frame?
A-The gay rights thing will be right  around October before the election, the instability in the oceans I think is a gradual process that will be occurring over the next six months.

Summary:  That reading was wild.  There are two different things going on.  First, the government is going to setup some sort of gay rights thing that will have California upset, it is going to be tied into the election between Mitt Romney and Obama, and exacerbated by Fox News.  Secondly, there are climate changes occurring that will slowly affect California's coastlines due to flooding caused by the instability in the ocean water.   I do not know what the gas bubbles are.  
9:30 PM Link to Audio

Update:  When I said ridiculous foam I did not think what I saw in my mind existed till I searched Google.  Below is exactly what I saw, I am amazed that it really does exist.

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