Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello, I'm facing some difficult decisions coming up and was wanting some spirtual advice. I'm enrolled in a Welding Program starting in a couple weeks but am having second thoughts as to if this is what I am meant to do (not just in a career but as a life choice). Some advice would be appreciated. Katie King sept 5, 1987 TX

1:37 PM - You said her name is Katie King?...Well the first thing I see, is I see a kid and I see her parents on either side of her dragging her.  So that gives me the impression that someone else is kinda dragging her or shoving her into this.  Maybe is something that she does not want to do and that is why she is asking me.  But what I do see her doing, is I see like a big huge control panel in front of her, and she is like hitting buttons and doing different adjustments on this control panel.  So I feel like her passion is more towards electronics.  She like to be analytical and user her mind.  And for some strange reason I see her enjoying something to do with aviation, but more working with the controls aspect, not a pilot or stewardess, but working in the part that has to do with air traffic or some sort of communication center.  If she were to go down that path of pursuing electronics or communications she feels respected, in that role I see her confident and happy.  And it feels like that would be a good fit for her.  And on the flip side, as a welder, and going into that profession I see her just always frustrated.  Feeling like she did not really do what her gut told her to do, and she might feel like she is kinda in a rut.  That is kinda all I got unless you got questions.
Q-Do you think she already knows her answer?
A-Yes, I think she might feel nervous because the path she is going down now is the easy path, she has kinda been guided in that direction, and making a change might have some financial obstacles and more uncertainty, but in the end I think that if she thinks about it she will know the right choice. 
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On a side note, I get the impression that she is kinda like a tough girl on the outside, but on the inside she is like a soft delicate flower.  I feel like something in the world has made her hardened, and she has a wall built up, but that is not really how she feels on the inside.  And I think deep down she just wants someone to come and rescue her.  She likes the feeling of  being taken care of.  I think she desires a strong connection with another woman.

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