Sunday, August 26, 2012

Have the Annunaki returned?

7:36 PM - Immediately I saw an image of what looked like a human form.  And they had a tall white hat, and it was square in shape, it almost looked like a top hat but without the rim, and it was decorated with like gold stitching and embellished with gold circular coins, but it was not a coin per say it was just a decoration.  Attached to the hat was long flowing veil that was like 2 feet long.  And the rest of their clothes they are wearing white, what kinda looks like robes, and as they are walking it is like they are making the motion of walking but their feet don't touch the ground, almost like the float 2-3 inches above the ground.  And in the background I see the pyramids and a lot of sand, but the strange thing is that behind the pyramids I see a rainbow that extends from behind the pyramid and goes straight up into the sky as far as you can see.  And it is very vividly showing each individual color.  I see this rainbow lines up in the center of the pyramid but I cannot tell if it is just behind it, or it is coming from the top of the pyramid.  And these semi-human forms they walk upright, and they have really tan super leathery skin like a lizard.  And as I look straight on at their face, it just appears kind of dark, but really stands out are these huge white eyes, like the whites of their eyes are huge.  Like their eyes are not recessed in like a humans, like they almost have ping pong balls where their eyes are.  Like they are protruding.  And my impression is that they are here and you cannot see them.  It i like they are on a different vibration from humans, like they are on a different layer of time.  I see them doing their float / walk, and they are observing and just looking around.  They are not disrupting our way of life they just want to see what we are doing.  And the ones I see are travelling specifically in a pack of three.  You can ask me questions now.
Q-Have they returned and if so when did they?
A-I am seeing early 1900's.
Q-Do they interact with us?
A-They do not interact, but I do see them trying to influence us.  And it looks like when they are doing it they are doing it through telepathy and you might get a thought or a feeling and you do not know why, but it them just kind of pushing you in a direction.  I do not feel they mean harm, I think what they are doing seems helpful.
Q-Where did originate?
A-The image is showing me and actual rainbow and they are riding this rainbow wave throughout our solar system and the wave stops at a moon, but it is not our moon.  But it is a moon of a planet that has several other moon, I cannot tell which one it is.  I want to say Jupiter but I do not know if that is right, that is what it feel like.
Q-Are they interested in gold.
A-They wear a lot of it.
Q-Can you distinguish male from female?
A-Hmm.. I cannot because for some reason their face is in big shadow, the only thing I can see on their face is their eyes.
Q-Are they wearing a hood?
A-They are wearing that hat, that long tall skinny hate with the veal that is behind them.  And of the three they are all dressed exactly the same.
Q-Do they interact with the Greys?
A-Hmm...A cartoon bird just shook it's head NO.
Q-Are they aware of each other?
A-OK, Now it shook it head YES.
Q-Do they have similar intentions?
A-OK, the cartoon bird just told me YES and NO.
Q-Are we genetically related to the Annunaki?
Q-Why do they try to influence us?
A-OK I will explain this to you as the cartoon bird mentally explained it to me.  Both the Greys and the Annunaki care about us and would like to see us succeed.  That is how they are similar.  The difference is that the Greys care about us more like a parent and want to see us do well and will intervene if they needed to but only at that last second.  Where as the Annunaki care about us, but not in a compassionate way of a parent, and they are kind of curious, and want to observe us, but I do not get the nurturing feeling like they Greys have towards us.
Q-Will they reveal themselves to us in the near future?
A-No I do not think so.
Q-Are they physical or spiritual beings, percentage wise?
A-I would say 75% spiritual, because you would really have to be spiritually open or evolved to be able to communicate or understand them at their layer in time on earth.
Q-Do our layers interact with each other?
A-YES, they are over top of one another.
Q-Did evolve on this planet?
A-I believe they evolved on the moon that they are from.
Q-How long do they live?
A-Like their lifespan?
A-I am getting the number 206, so maybe that is their average years.
Q-You recently tried channeling in your psychic development class.  Is it possible to channel the Annunaki?
A-I would not even be comfortable trying that,  that is a concept I am still working on.
Q-But is it possible for a human to channel one?
A-I would say yes with lost of practice and confidence.
Q-Do they technology?
A-I do not see them using anything special, but my impression is that they do.
Q-Are they confused with any characters in modern day religions?
A-Hmm..I am hearing something in my mind, about them thinking that we are overall kind of naive about all these religions that we believe in.  Because in the end, it all goes back to one universal god, like a universal god is how it is being said to me.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-No.  8:12 PM Link to Audio


Anonymous said...

"the nurturing feeling like they Greys have towards us" - you mean like the greys that kidnap and experiment on us against our will?
yeah... nice guys! ;)

Anonymous said...

Seems Annunaki knows more what's going on by observing us.