Friday, August 10, 2012

Can you see why the U.S. military/government is focusing a lot on the Pacific region with new military bases there? What are they expecting or planning?

11:30 AM - The first thing I saw was a, what the hell are those big ships called that the airplanes go off of, Aircraft carrier. I see that from the middle of the pacific, and from that I see a beam of light going from the ship up into outer space, like it is forcing me to look up.  As I look up I notice the clarity, it is so crisp and clear, it is like the moon and the stars are vibrant.  My impression is that they are there in the middle of nowhere as some kind of project to study space.  I also get the impression that they are there sort of secretly because they do not want people to see what they are studying.  And I also just now got an image of like  a flaming red comet, fly through the sky, and the people on the ship are taking all kinds of notes about it.  I am also seeing these little small devices, the size of a blender, being shot up into space and they have some sort of camera viewing on it and it is like their way of watching or seeing what is going on.  Like a periscope but they are able to shoot them up into the sky.  I feel like in this area of wherever they are congregating there has been a lot of UFO activity, and I also almost sense that beneath this aircraft carrier the military suspects that there might be a UFO or something related to a UFO beneath them.  I am seeing them with equipment on this carrier that is trying to analyse the ocean beneath them like they are searching for something.  I am also envisioning, this part of the ocean where they are at being kind of, in my mind, it looks like a rope around it, but I think it is just my way of being shown that they have a perimeter setup around it.  Possibly other countries believe the same thing, but we are guarding it.  Like we have claimed this spot.  Go ahead and start asking me questions 11:40 am
Q-What are the expecting?
A-I am getting an image of the moon, so I feel like they are doing some sort of analysis of the moon.  I cannot tell if it is changes or phases, but it is something with the moon.  Then I keep getting this image of a UFO ship.  So my impression is that they are studying that, there is no schedule for it, they are just their to observe.  But it something with the moon for sure.
Q-Are they concerned?
A-The do seem concerned.  As it played out in my head, the moon is going to go through some change or phase, and when that happens, the water where they are based is going to become volatile so they are very cautious of it.
Q-Can you describe the volatility?
A-I see a ton of waves, huge waves.  I would not say a Tsunami, because were they are they sort of ride the waves, the waves are tall and I see them crashing upon this aircraft carrier.
Q-Could you pinpoint this area of the ocean on Google Earth?
A-Yeah let me try.
Q-Could you focus more on the red comet?
A-It seems so random what did you want me to focus on/
Q-Is it in the past or future?
A-I feel like it is in the future, as the look in the sky they are waiting on that to happen.
Q-What is the comet really?  Rock, Ship, Moon, Planet, or just a plain comet?
A-It looks like a comet, the front looks like a yellow fireball, then the tail behind it looks like red flames off a fire, and I will say it moves fast, it is not slow like how you see a moon in the sky.  It is not so fast that if you blink your eye you miss it, but you can see it move.  It does not appear to be stationary like a start at all.
Q-Will people see it.

A-I am getting 3-1-3, I think that means March 2013.
Q-Will it cause any disruptions?
A-Yes it is going to do something crazy with the water.
Q-Will people die, and if so how many?
A-In my mind I see 1.3, I do not know what specifically that is, I also got an image of people being displaced off of the coastlines.
Q-Will the public know about it's arrival before they see it in the sky?
A-My impression is yes, because I do see people being displaced off the coast, and I feel like that is happening before this event.
Q-Should we warn people of this event?  If so what is the best method to do so?
A-To answer that question,  I HATE evoking fear, and I really do not know.  I really do not know how to answer that question.  I do not want to say YES and have people scared, and I do not want to say NO and then have something happen.
Q-Are there people who would benefit by having this knowledge in order to prepare?
A-Yes, and I think people just need to be aware of earth changes and pay attention to what you see in the sky and pay attention to your intuition.  And if you gut tells you something is not right listen to your gut and NOT the media.
Q-Is there a name for this comet, and does it return on a cycle?
A-I am not getting a genuine name.  As soon as you say comet, then all of the sudden I think about that kids movie Matilda, and that car lot in the movie called Wormwood,  But since I have heard that term Wormwood being associated with a comet I cannot tell if it is a genuine thought, or being influenced by something else.
Q-Anything Else?   A- No that is it.  12:00 PM Link to Audio

Update:  After reviewing Google earth, I did not think there was anything in the area I located but after closer examination I found that there is group of island call the Marshall Islands.  To my surprise this seems to be where the US tested many weapons. Seems like there is a Reagan Test Site, a major missile testing facility operated by the US Army.  I am not saying anything is on the island per say, all my visions showed an aircraft carrier, but it was a strange coincidence that the military has some bases in the area.  I am curious if the sky is extremely clear there, I will have to search for observatories.  I enjoyed doing this reading.


mmkkpro said...

There are many ancient accounts of this planet,nibiru,the destroyer,nemisis,tiamot,red dragon,planet x,the kolbrin ia an intresting text that speaks of this,also the sumarians,ancient chinese,many native cultures all over the world,also the kjv speaks of wormwood,you have to be blind or just so closed minded not to be able to connect the dots with all the excutive orders,DHS ordering 450 million then 750 million rounds of ammunition,bullet proof checkpoint booths,doomsday seed and dna valt,allthedeep underground military bases,the fact that the government not the military spent over a billion dollars on survival foods last year for thier bunkers,the preperation for marshall law,im just a poor fellow doing a lot of reading and fact checking and seems like big brother is preparing for somethong big and dont forget the 30,000 armed drones scheduled to fly in the continental u.s.,but on the other hand who really cares people are more intrested in who kim kardashan is sleeping with than anything else

Authentica said...

Truth is it’s an incoming asteroid. It is projected to hit, most likely in the southern hemisphere around March 2013. Check out the Farsight Institute with Courtney Brown’s amazing scientific remote viewing experiments. They were conducted in 2008 to view June 2013.. Also get onto Clif High his Halfpasthuman website, who came to the same conclusions independently. It is survivable but if you are on a coastline, especially southern hemisphere, you need to be able to get to minimum 500 ft, 1000ft is better above sea level. It won’t be a tsunami per se, it will be a ‘displacement wave’ along with unusual extreme tides. The moon is the indicator so when it starts really going nuts, bug out if at all possible. There will be harmful stuff in the atmosphere so if you can get good shelter and water filters these will be invaluable.