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Can you see if there are any human looking aliens on or around Earth, such as Lyrans or Pleiadians that care about Humanity, or is this wishful thinking? If so, are they preventing nuclear war?

Can you see if there are any human looking aliens on or around Earth, such as Lyrans or Pleiadians that care about Humanity, or is this wishful thinking? If so, are they preventing nuclear war?

11:34 AM - Well the first image I get, I see like aliens sitting on a spaceship and they are looking in this thing that looks like a giant crystal ball.  It looks like they are watching us and watching over our behavior.  It does not look like they are down on the earth surface itself, but they are monitoring us from above.  And these aliens they do not seem as scientific as if they want to see how our bodies work and curious about that, they are more interested in our social behaviors.  I am getting a sense from them, like is did in an earlier reading, like they are like a parent to us.  That they actually do care, but they are not going to interfere as long as we are not hurting our self.  And to kinda define the hurting yourself thing, these small wars and these little battles that we are fighting, they look over that and are concerned, but if it got to where it was some massive earth affecting catastrophe, I feel like they would intervene then.  As they look in their crystal ball and are talking, my impression is that these little battles that are going on seem almost like a test, and they are really paying close attention as to how we handle ourselves.  So to answer the question, yes they are around, they are not on earth, but they are close.  If a major major catastrophe was about to happen I think they would intervene.
Q-When you referred to them talking, was it literal using voice?
A-No they mentally talk to one another, and they use hand gestures from time to time.
Q-Can you describe one of them?
A-Let me look at it close..Ok the one I am seeing has the large dark eyes, has pale-ish skin, like olive color or with a ting of yellow.  Has an oblong head.  Has the three fingers, I think the one I am seeing is what you would call the Greys.  And to be honest,  out off all the times I focused on different things, they seem to be the most civilized and caring toward us.  And out of all the variations of aliens, I think they are the ones that are really looking out for us.
Q-What do they refer to themselves as?
A-I have no idea what this means or translates to, but I saw a word that looked like "Palestine".
Q-Can you spell it?
A-Ok wait, alright I think it was like P A L E S T I N E S, I did not hear it, I just saw that word.
Q-Are we genetically related in regards to your sensing of a parent child relationship?
A-Alright, here is how the story showed in my head: I saw one of the aliens, and I am seeing the double helix of DNA, they are taking one strand of that, mixed it with something else, and then it is like they planted that on earth, to see what would grow, and now they are watching us.
Q-Is part of the DNA theirs, are we related
A-I think yes.
Q-How long do they live?
A-I saw the number 500, maybe 500 years
Q-Why did they not prevent prevent previous nuclear bomb drops such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
A-Because it was NOT whole earth training, it was survivable by the majority.
Q-How do they view the other aliens that you have viewed in your sessions?
A-Um..the ones that look more reptile like, they are um..the more primitive ones, kind of animalistic.   The albino human looking ones on the moon, they don't even really interact.  The ones on the moon have their own agenda and do really interact with anyone else, they are like the loners.  The ones that I view as insects or ants, are probably the closest to the ones that you call Greys...But the ones that you refer to as Greys are probably the higher of the intellectual beings out there.
Q-Do you get anything from the race called Lyrans, L Y R A N S?
A-Alright, the image I get when you say that, looks like the terminator, where they are kind of fleshy looking on the outside, but their insides are wired completely different from a human.  They seem the most dangerous, because they could interact with you and you may or may not know it.  But it almost like they are soul-less and do not have as much regard for human life.  Like I am getting an image of them standing around and dissecting a human just to see how it works type of thing.
Q-Are you saying the Lyrans are cybernetic, or different internally.
A-Just different internally, I do not think they are like a robot.
Q-Give me more on the soullessness.
A-They do not have an emotional connection, they view things and even each other as objects.  They have a loyalty to one another just because of who they are, but they do not experience love or sadness or happiness, they just are.  They exist   Now they do experience curiosity, a desire to learn, understand, but nothing to do with what I call heartfelt emotions.
Q-What about the term Pleiadians, P L E I S A D I A N S, I think these are supposed to be from the constellation Pleiades.
A-To be honest I am feeling a little confuses, because when you said that, I saw these things that I was calling Greys, jump up and down waving their arms like YES, YES, that is us, or YES YES, they are the good guys, I do not know what that meant.
Q-Do these races actually interfere with earth directly, as in causing disasters, weather anomalies?
A-No I feel like they all steer clear of us.  I think each race has their own time when they make it to the surface to explore, or do research, but they leave the planet as a whole alone.
Q-Do any races mean to cause us harm or control us?
A-No, No I do not think so.
Q-Going back to Lyrans, when you said they are fleshy, is their appearance a disguise or did they evolve to look like us.
A-I think they evolved and happen to look like us.
Q-Are any of these races you mentioned, also what some refer to the "Men in Black".
A-Hmm....If any were going to blend it would be the Lyrans.
Q-Do you have anything else, and how did you feel about this reading.
A-I do not have anything else, and I feel pretty good about the reading, and I do not really know anything about all these races so I am curious to see.
Q-I think you picked up on many qualities of various races, but some may be assigned to other in the more mainstream view.  Not that they are right or you are right, but maybe you getting info crossed.  
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Anonymous said...

Could the word they use be Paladins, instead of Palestines?

If so, check out this link:

To public at large, these guys are known only as a secret group (Knight Templar type), but I have had experience with some of them in our day and age, and I can tell you these guys are pretty serious. They look human and live in practically all major cities, but in fact they are not as human as the rest. Their purpose is to maintain order around here and keep certain sensitive secrets from us.
Thir psychic abilities are very advanced also, and they live much longer than humans.
If you want to try to connect to them, try focusing on the Geneva Observatory staff in Switzerland, many of them are Paladins...

Psychic Focus said...

Thank You for your comment, I will have to check that out Paladins. I have no knowledge of the word, but my husband impression is more like holy knights, like in a video game. I will look more into them and maybe focus on the term later.

Anonymous said...

the video game is based on the real characters, but there arent many mentions of them throughout history for obvious reasons...

they do put their name out in the open for fun skae sometimes tho :)

Im not saying ALL these companies are covert ops, but judging by their size, specialties and apparent market share, I strongly doubt their names are based on a video game, if you see what i mean ;)