Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What are the Pyramids in Egypt for?

Mmm..Good Question
Q-While you are on that, how were all the areas within the pyramids lit?  Since they found no smoke, and their was not enough oxygen deep down in order to support fire?
A-Well as cheesy as this sounds, when you were asking about pyramid, when I ask the question "What were they for", my intial picture I get in my mind, I see them not how they are now, but how they used to be when they were flat and shiny, um they were like smooth, not like steps, not like they are now.  That was my first image. And then I got this impression of how hard they are, like just you know, to touch them the stone they were made out of was not anything that was like sandstone, it was made out of what I would equate to like diamonds and then as see them lined up, I am looking at the three that are in Egypt, the middle one, it almost looked like a lighting bolt was coming out of the top into the sky, almost like, like a  lighting rod and a I don't know if that process is being done to extract energy from the atmosphere that way, or if it is actually like.
I cannot tell if it is drawing in energy in through it or if it is opening up like a gateway to communicate with other people because I do believe in the whole alien thing to but just in my initial like looking at it that is what I am seeing.  It looks like a lighting bolt shooting out of the very top of the biggest one...
Q-Whats on the top, whats on the tip, it is gone now, but what does it look like?  What I call the capstone?
A-Yes, that is what I am trying to see...It is clear but I can't tell what it is made out of.  And I think if you got up on it you would find that the top was not the sides are hard and like chiseled perfectly. You know what I mean, perfectly flat, perfectly angled, whatever, but the top, I sense it almost like slightly like a little bit of a dome and it's clear, only just at the top, not like this big huge circle but this most center part I do not think they have it chiseled like perfect pyramid like a jagged point.
Q-What is the capstone made out of
A-It is clear, I want to say like diamonds, some kind of something, but the way that it is cut can be very reflective depending on how certain lights are hitting it.  You know how when you turn my diamond upside down it has all the points, well this one internally has got like different a..things cut within it, like I don't know how you cut inside diamond or whatever you do to make it reflective on the outside, you know what I am saying
Q-There is nothing cut on the inside
A-Then how does mine reflect out.
Q-Internal refection, the internal refraction of light it will reflect off the cut sides
A-Well then that is what it is, with nothing is done to it, I thought something was done to it to make it be or have that property to it...I think it is a diamond on the top honestly.
Q-How do they see inside the pyramid?
A-......I just want to throw something out their did they ever find, ever, a human skeleton deep in there?  Down in the tunnels...I do not think humans were down in those tunnels.
Q-Are you saying like we were told they were burial chambers for dead kings.
A-I think aliens helped us build them..I think the people the people that did the deep heavy work on the internal part..could see in the dark, and their lungs did not require the oxygen capacity that we had, we did the exterior work, but we had help from aliens to build those.  That is why I am asking if the ever find a human skeleton in their.
Q-I am not sure if they did, but there are a lot of carvings and writings on the walls.  All they are saying is that if someone would take a room deep inside like the kinds chamber,  I cannot say for sure what has what, what I was getting at was did they have any form of artificial light with out asking you that to see what you would come up with without..
A-And I got that that was what you were asking but I do not feel that they did.  I don't know why.
Q-Well what was the electric that you saw coming out of the top of pyramid used for?
A-....To be honest I don't, I don't know.  I am not seeing it.   I am seeing it shoot out of the top, I am not seeing what is going to or what is being charged, like I do not know, I don't know....I don't think it did it all the time, but I think when it did it made it this really loud humming noise when it was going on.
Q-Have you ever heard of the Ark of the Covenant?
A-No, what is that?
Q-You know like the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
A-Oh yeah, like Noah's ark?
Q-Noah's Ark was a boat.  The Ark of the Covenant was like the thing Indian Jones was looking for, like some golden thing supposedly.  Think about it. 
A-Yeah I know what you saying now.
Q-Focus on that...What was it?
A-You know the only thing I really know about about a is the pit he dropped in.  I am hearing words but I do not know what it is enough to answer that.  Like you keep telling me to focus on some electronic thing that I do not know what it is, I do not understand it.
Q-That is understandable.

UPDATE Out of curiosity I found some supporting information on this link  I do not know how this stuff comes to me.


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Very interesting.. Some pyramids including one in South America have been recently photographed randomly shooting intense light beams sky-ward. And it was pointed out to me that pyr-amid means 'fire in the middle.' Thank you for sharing your insights with us!