Sunday, July 22, 2012

I want you to focus on a number 222 that I keep seeing this multiple times a day.

A-I get an image of the sun, and greek god with sandles.  Togas.
Q-Can you concentrate on the number 222 in reference to me and why it is important to me?
A-Numbers when I first see them they are all white, white usually like purity or naive, naive in something your trying to find out.  Then I get an image of an eyeball, but only one eyeball and it is really hugh eyeball like maybe you looking over.  Maybe its,  when I see an eyeball like that I think of the all seeing all on top of the pyramid on the paper money.  I just now flashed back to like old times, but it is really sandy where its at and it is hot, theirs something with the sun, the heat, something kinda ancient history feel about it.  Some kinda like naiveness......
I just got an image of three camels walking in a sandy area, but they are headed towards this place that reminds me of the wizard of oz, this green lush city in the middle of no where.
Q-Are there people there, or are they just roaming?
A-I can't tell....Man it is like a community, it is like a coveted community that everybody wants to be a part of but only select members are allowed in, its like the wizard of oz trying to get through the gate, like you go there and there is the dude with the big furry hat, but its not per say that dude, but that feeling like you got to be invited to be in because everybody wants to be a part of it.
Q-Is this in reference to the masons
A-I will say I did not get that vibe, but I did get that All seeing eye so that may mean something different to you than it would normally mean to me.
Q-I am just saying it is more a select group of ancient knowledge vs.
A-I never even thought of that, that is why I am saying it out loud, cause I can say what I interpret and what I say may mean something completely different to you.
Q-Just say what you have and not what it means to you.
A-Inside the city it seems like stuff runs mechanically not computerized it that makes sense, like things run off gears more old time since.  More like how terranova should be written not necessarily how it is written.  Like fans running off gears and belts and shit like that,  Cars run more, not really cars but carts, you know people can push them and pull them, but the way they are mechanically done, its requires little force because the way the gears are.  You know what I mean,  you might have a wheel barrow piled like a normal person would never be able to move it, but the gear ratio, you can do a lot of work with a lot less because they are smart about how they reinvented these old time things, that do require motors and what not.
I don't see anything running off of gasoline, it is green town, green and lush, but like really great....
Q-Is this a place in the future?
A-I feel like it is in the future yes... its like in the middle of this desert.  Fucking Wizard of Oz.
Q-Is there plants?
A-Not in the desert but inside this village yes, it is very green, green grass.
Q-Is this village a modern village, What are the building made out of?
A-Wood, it is like this old time place right in the middle of nothing, but it is almost build in a terrarium, like you know what I mean and all enclosed type thing, like a self-sustaining ecosystem.  I think that is how it able to thrive out in middle of the desert, because whatever moisture whatever it gets it can, it like your living inside this terrarium thing.
Q-Is it on this planet?
Yeah I feel like it is
Q-Where is it located?
A-I feel like the one I am looking at is in Egypt, like where the hell you would have camels and sand.
Q-What kind of people are there?
A-It reminds me of like hearing the story in the bible of the three wise mean on these horses with their big turbans, like that kinda stuff.  It is like something like Egyptian feel or whatever...Or maybe they are experimenting with some kind of city like this and its a....  Maybe the wave of the future, I don't know, but it is highly coveted and people want to be part of it but only a very select few are allowed.
Q-What kind of people are there?
A-you know it is weird it is like American looking people are within this city, but I don't feel like this is happening in America....Like the people on the outskirts are looking in, wanting in, but the people on the camels that are in the desert are wearing their turbans dirt skin, like pubic hair beards, like all those like long scraggly beards, but the people inside of the the city are like.
Q-How is the city protected, or is it?
A-Um its got some weird encapsulated thing that surrounds it that makes it like the terrarium, like whatever the membrain is that holds it in that keeps the moisture recirculating. I mean the outskirts, theirs like a wood barrier around it, but it like whatever this membrane is, it is super like protective,  or something.  it is like in a bubble.  Thas why I said It reminds me of the wizard of oz and like when your looking and see the Emerald city and you see like the bubble in it. That was the first image I got. Like..
Q-So it is not like a glass dome.
A-No it is some weird material that very.
Q-Is it physical or force fields
A-No I think it is physical, I think you could touch it, but it wont hurt you if you do touch but whatever the hell the material is that it is made out of is like really strong, like you are not going to be able to bomb it and break in,  It is impenetrable, you got to be allowed in in order to get in.
Q-Is this within our lifetime?
A-I would say yes, I think the plans are in motion for something to be erected like this now....I am not sure how this would be possible, but, when I look in there the thing that strikes me weird is there is like no animals.  It is all people, tons of vegetation, green grass very lush, but I don't see like cows, chickens, and shit like that running around it like a....
Q-That is not self sustaining then, animals require a lot of
A-No I am saying like we are living off of vegetation and not
Q-I know, I am saying no meat, we don't need to live off of meat.  Sounds like a futurist village where people  become one with nature, I will say that I am very oriented towards having a little community of self sustaining.
A-We could live and not eat meat and have that kind of protein and stuff? Like I see crops, I see trees, I see GREEN grass, it is green.
Q-There soy, do you not think a brontosaurus grew as big as it was by not eating other dinosaurs. I a cow healthy, it does not eat meat.
A-But yeah, I noted that it strikes me as odd.
A-And I feel like we went that way because we didn't want to have to feed the animals to feed us, we would rather just go straight to the source and eat the plants.  Not take the room the space or whatever so we just skipped it but.
Q-Is there families
A-Families? Yeah, it is like a community, it is like a city
Q-Is there roads and streets or is it dirt?
A-It is dirt, it is dirt paths, but lush um.. Like as green as green can be.  Like in the middle of spring when you have your yard fertilized and it is as green as the pinnacle point.  It is like everything is that green.
But everything is so natural can't more organic than that.
Q-Do you think it people living within God's plan at being at one.
A-Yeah, people arre happy, it is like happy.  If feels like some wholesome environment where there's not like crime you dont have.
Q-Are their gadgets, Ipods, Ipads
A-No, theres not like computer, nothing
Q-How do people communicate?
A-They talk.  Hehe...Almost back to old school.  But they know how to use their gears.  I see a lot of things being, a run off a gearing thing, where you have you know what I mean sprockets, and little.
Q-What runs these
A-People, but it takes so much less power because, it is done so much smarter.
Q-So it is like the bicycle, it is very efficient.
A-Yeah that type of stuff, but even more so intricate than that.  The one thing that I saw was like, like the cart or wheelbarrow or whatever.  People hauling shit but it seemed effortless because it was so well designed it didn't create, you know.  You can do so much more work with less if you design it ingenious.
Q-Do you see insects?  Bees to pollinating the crop?  Or is it just blowing around through the enclose membrane, like self pollinating?
Q-Question what type of dress do people where, are they wearing robes or tennis shoes.
They are wearing leather shoes, they dress kinda Amish.  Only women are not wearing big fluffy dresses, I mean like.. You could but, it is not required of the culture.  Like a woman can wear pants.  Leather shoes, leather like purses, leather belts.  Stuff was made durable, made to be, it was like everything was Eco friendly you know what I mean, they a...
Q-So you don't see any plastic?
A-No, and I do not see rubber tires on stuff.  Stuff is made out of wood.  Wood disks are like what the tires are.
Q-Then where do the gears come from?
A-It is like carved out of wood.  But they do have belts on stuff.
Q-Are the belt leather, made out of cloth?  Chain driven, nylon cloth?  Is this a place that we will live?
A-No, I sure would love to,  maybe that is why I am drawn to little house on the prairy.
Q-Is more fulfilling?
A-Like I said people are happy.  Like people are smiling, friendly, neighborly...No fat people.  I am not saying everybody is like buff, but their like healthy you know.
Q-What about disease, do you see a hospital
A-I don't and I don't ever see a doctor?
Q-Do you see schools?...Parks...Police
A-I don't think that city is that sophisticated...I don't see it I don't.
Q-How is it run, is it done by collective, by committee?
Q-Do people stay for fear of banishment if they don't follow rules and then ?
A-I kinda feel like that's what it is, it is so highly coveted to get into this that you don't want to fuck up once your in it.  And people just obey their rules, I don't know how they know, I don't understand, I not saying their is not some sort of  Law enforcement, I don't see it, I don't feel that their is.  I mean I would almost common senses, think like you would have to have some kind of boundaries, but because people just in society are gonna....You gonna always have those people want to push it the limit or steal or whatever, so you have to have the checks and balances, but I don't see or feel how that's worked out
Q-How is the dome or the membrane, does it got a skeleton, or is it all it's own self?
A-It is all it's own self, self supporting.
Q-What's the sky look like, is the membrane clear, the dome
A-Yes, you can see outside.
Q-What does it look like outside?
A-I do see blue skies, it feels sunny to me.  Like the white clouds...Whats weird is that as I feel the sun on my back, and I look straight out, I see a full moon, and I don't ever recall ever seeing the sun and a full moon at the same time, so..
Q-It happens all the time.
A-Really, like the sun beating on you right here, and you are seeing this full moon right here.
Q-I have seen a full moon in daytime all the time, it is white looking in a blue sky.
Q-What does that have to do with the number 222?
A-I am trying to make sense of this
Q-Do not make sense of it, just say it.
A-It is like I saw it on a white mile marker, almost like it is a...When I am like "What is 222, What is 222".
Q-Is it mile marker two hundred and twenty two?
A-Yeah, wonder it there is a highway with that number on it
Q-I am sure there are many highways with that number on it....Is there any other numbers that you see that are significant?
A-There is a white letters..and I think I can see a billboard, but let me.....There is a billboard close to it, it's got a horse on it, it's got some dude sitting on the horse wearing a vest, and it is like advertising some kind of a ranch, so it is somewhere here in the United States cause it is written in English, but I cant tell if the name of a......He is sitting on the horse, he has his arm up like this, lassoing a circle, and it like I can't, it is like a ranch and I cannot read the top word, but it is like, in the spelling of the word, theirs two mountain peaks with white snow on them, but those on are in the letters.  You know how you will take a word and have some type of icon representing the letter.  But it is two mountain tips with white snow on the top is in the first name, and it is some kind of ranch, and then it's got like this dude sitting on a horse with his lasso up...Oh man I wish I could see that word.
Q-Don't see the word, say what is the word, listen for the word, if you have the ability to hear the word, hear the word.
A-..................It's saying like mountain top or mountain peak or like some kind a...I am feeling like this is in the mid-west here (United States).
Q-Is this a place I am supposed to go?
A-I don't know, but then just out of nowhere, I thought of that stupid airport, that Denver airport with that wacka-do horse, that crazy ass horse.  That wasn't the picture I saw, but that, it's bringing me to that.
Q-That is the first thing I thought when you mentioned it, when you said the mountains, I kept thinking Denver, but I didn't want to plant the seed in your head.
A-Hmm, then I got, After I got that, like after I thought that, chills just went up and down my whole body, like it was made to go full circle in my mind to bring me to that..That would explain the eyeball...  What would those lush cities be about, I mean it seems like an awesome place, like it would seem like somewhere if you had the opportunity to go you would go like not even one second, you would be like I am going right now just take everything I have and send me their.  Like you would just seem happy, it the simple life you just...But it seems like something that is just new and starting, because their is no old people their, there is like.. people are working and functional in society younger but you don't see any older people. - (This was a 27 minute session)


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hi, what about 11: 11 what does it mean, why are ppl viewing 11 all the time ?

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just watch a video on youtube about a project called "the Mars One mission" Inhabitants wanted to take part of a project which will take place in 2013...I wonder if this reading has anything to do with that project and only the chosen ones will embark in that journey

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Sorry meant take place in 2022