Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I want to remote view the underground pyramid in Alaska

I see Nome Alaska.  I see an area where the snow is not accumulating in the immediate area around it, When I think of that area I hear a buzzing noise, that reminds me of electric static.  The area smells cleaner, it has a clean smell to it.  When I see the snow not accumulating there it makes me feel like the ground temperature is slightly warmer and they cannot explain it.  I just heard a snapping, popping sound, I see spark of lighting from where the tip would be extending up to space.  I am seeing lightening storms in the immediate area.  I see ropes quarantining it off, like they do not want you in the area in which it is located.  I am still hearing buzzing sound like the land and surrounding area is always making a humming noise.  I just pictured an analog tri-field meter going full scale, and you could prove its electric  or magnetic if you were really there.  That is really all the immediate images that I see.   The biggest thing is I sense that humming noise, like a constant low hum all the time.
Q-Who built this pyramid?
A-All I can see is these super scrawny white people with white loin clothes, that look like linen.  They are like Ethiopian people but white.
Q-When was it built?
A-I saw 17 BC but I do not know if that means anything, it might have been 170 BC, but I think it was 17.
Q-Why was it built?
A-..As soon as you say this, I see a white beam that shoots into outer space, like it is a radio to outer space.   Like it is making a broadcast of something.
Q-Is it always active?
A-It is like it is always turned on, but not always shoved up to full force.  I think the humming noise is kinda like the sound of it charging, I do not know how, I just feel like it is charging up.
Q-What material is it made from?
A-It is made out of rock, but it has a lot irion withing the rock itself, I see it oxidizing and turning orangish.
Q-How was it buried and or why?
A-..I think there was naturally a fault line, or canyon and they built it there, it was already lower than the surface.
Q-Who knows about it today?
A-I got a picture of an Eskimo, so I think people who have a long native tie to that area know about it, only because of folklore, not because they have seen it.
Q-What do the Eskimos feel it purpose is?
A-I actually saw one Eskimos say star beings.  I think it to talk to star beings.
Q-How is it activated?
A-I don't really understand it, but I see these magnets, and they are configure in a tee-pee, and then in the middle there is like a ball of iron that gets super heated and I see it glowing red hot.  And when it glows red hot, it starts to spin as fast you are can imagine, but here is the weird thing, when it starts spinning and glowing red hot, it begins to levitate within this triangle of magnets, and when it get to a certain point it activates and starts.
Q-Who creates the message to be sent?
A-I do not know who it is, I see a guy with these big huge horns on his head, they are like circular ram horns on a headdress.  He is tall fit guy, no facial hair, he is tan like a native american, he is wearing a necklace made of hundreds of animals teeth, all sizes.  He is bare chested, he has red ink around his nipple kind of like a tattoo.  He has a leather fringed skirt on, bare legs, leather moccasins.  Around his ankles it is like really thick and bushy like rabbit fur.  He standing at the base of this pyramid thing, possibly he live near it or in it, I feel it is like a status, like he is highly respected.
Q-Does the government know about this pyramid
A-Absolutely, I completely feel they know about it, I see that roped off thing again, I feel like it is a military area that is blocked off from the people.
Q-Why do they hide it?
A-To keep the resource for themselves.  I see a crazy scientist trying to figure out how to make the damn thing work.  They have no idea how to use it, they want to use it for their own gain, but they cannot figure out how to power it up.
Q-Can it be use for destructive purposes?
A-I do not think so,.. going back on how to fire it it, when I was saying how the government was trying to figure it out, I kinda saw how the old dude with the teeth necklace did it.  It was like they suspended the iron core by some type of fishnet looking thing, they drilled a hole in the middle, they inserted limestone inside the iron core, like limestone rod, they put another chemical that they mix with the limestone, and from there it created this exothermic reaction, it heated up, and heated up and go so fucking hot and by the time it so it that it melted the little net that was holding it up, it had already started the levitating process and could sustain it's own weight, and from their it kept spinning and spinning and spinning, and that is how the teeth necklace dude got it to work.
Q-Where is the Magnet / Iron configuration located?
A-In the base of the pyramid centrally.
Q-How large is this configuration?
A-I am looking at it, just let me look at it,  I would say it would be an equilateral triangle each side 4-5 feet long, the iron core in middle probably has a diameter of about 2 feet.  Image in square 5 feet by 5 feet, with a smaller 1 ft by 1 ft equilateral triangle the center.  Connect the corners with a line,  this would be the view from the top.  It is like a smaller version of the large pyramid structure, but only three sides. A net was placed in the smaller triangular opening of the top and it held the ball.  I think it was a mirror image of the larger outside pyramid, I am a little unsure of the outside if it was 3 or four sides, but i am confident on the inner pyramid having only 3 sides.  I do not even know if iron is magnetic
Q-What was the chemical?
A-Immediately I heard the word obsidian, I see a crunched up power, I think one component was obsidian, but I do not know if anything else was added to it.  It was a power that used, and then I just heard the word conk-shell.
Q-Again, how was the message sent, what form was used?
A-I just see one continuous stream, my impression was that it mean that we wanted to speak with you.  I do not think there is a message being transmitted, it is more like indicator beacon.   I immediately saw the batman symbol over Gotham city.
Q-How the contact us?
A-They come hear?
Q-Who are they?
A-The star people or star beings, or whatever?
Q-Can you describe them or see them?
A-...I think they look like what we call the traditional alien, big round eyes, 7-8 feet tall, they are very light like pale green to white, thin, 3 fingers, I do not see a thumb, They stand upright, I would call them our traditional aliens.
Q-I think those are called greys
A-It was more like light green to me.
Q-How do these aliens communicate?
A-Through thought
Q-How to they travel?
A-..I am just seeing a traditional silver saucer, I do not see anything significant about it.
Q-Where do they come from?
A-The word Neptune just came in my mind, I never would have thought that, It just popped in.
Q-What is their purpose?
A-I see them as an ally.  They have our best interest in mind and want to see us succeed.
Q-Do they abduct people?
A-I do not think so, I don't think they mean to cause us harm.
Q-Do they have souls?
A-I think everything has a universal consciousness consciousness, and that everything melts back into one thing, that is just the impression that I got.
Q-Can you contact them telepathically?
A-I think I could probably meditate if I got in that place, yes.
Q-When was the last time the pyramid was activated?
A-I just saw the number 542, I get the impression 543 A.D....I am kinda done anyway
Q-Is there anything else
A-No that is it.

UPDATE Out of curiosity I Googled "Pyramid Beacon to Space" and the fourth entry had some supporting information.  I did not understand what a Conk-shell would be use for especially in Alaska.  The link says it is made from calcite.  I guess there is a theory that calcite is what used to cover the Egyptian pyramids. http://planetxtownhall.com/index.php?topic=2625.0  Next I need to figure out the reaction between calcite and limestone with iron?  Any science guys out there?


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I don't remember any chemical reaction happen with calcite since it's stable.
Well, when you heat up calcium carbonate with fire you get exothermic energy.

It acts with strong acids, releasing carbon dioxide:
CaCO3(s) + 2 HCl(aq) → CaCl2(aq) + CO2(g) + H2O(l)

It releases carbon dioxide on heating, called a thermal decomposition reaction, or calcination, (to above 840 °C in the case of CaCO3), to form calcium oxide, commonly called quicklime, with reaction enthalpy 178 kJ / mole:
CaCO3(s) → CaO(s) + CO2(g)

Calcium carbonate will react with water that is saturated with carbon dioxide to form the soluble calcium bicarbonate.
CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O → Ca(HCO3)2