Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi I'm located in Cairns in north-eastern Queensland Australia and wondered if you can see how this area will fare during the future earth changes. We live very close to the coast but are planning to relocate higher inland this year. Will our new home be safe from the waters? Thank you, from Renee N. 3rd June 1987.

8:28 PM - I think their move is definitely going to be a smart move, I think they are going to be safe.  I feel like wherever they are at now initially might get hit with either really big waves, possibly titlewaveish, and I think, yeah i definitely think they are going to be safe after they make their move.  I think she sill be happier and more content after they make this move.  I think now they are really worried about it.  I think they are having financial worries about it but after the move all that will be lifted off of them.  I think I see her with a little white dog, and I also see a little girl, whether it is her little girl, or maybe she is going to have a baby, but I see a little girl age about 3-4, so I cannot tell if that is current or that's what to come.  But they are definitely happy, they are at peace, and I will say after all this is done and the waters settle back down.  I sense their area to be really, really hot.  Really hot.  Like I see a lot or really dry clay or dirt with cracks in it.  And their house when they find it, I feel like, the one that will be right for them will have windows on the North and the South sides, because when they open their windows that will be the direction of the breath.  It will not be east and west like it is no.  I feel like North and South is how they are going to want their house lined up.  The majority of windows on North and South sides.  Yeah I see a lot of wind, I fell it is really windy, but that is a good thing.

Q-Is water going to be an issue?
A-I feel like this place that they have or I they are going to find, will have some natural water source, but I feel like I need to say, That even though that good, make sure they know how and properly filter it.  It will be fine, they just need to know how to process it.
Q-What will their old place look like?
A-I think it is going to flood out, the waters will retreat, but when talking North East, specifically near the coast line it definitely is going to flood.
Q-When you stated direction such as North and South, are these the same as today?
A-Yes I am referring to current day North, South, East, West.
Q-Is there anything specifically that they may not have thought about that they should pay attention to in regards to what they will need at their new place?
A-A couple things I got, I got a, when they get to their new place plant drought resistant trees, what those would be I do not know.  The next thing I got is um.. to have really generic seed packets.  I am seeing little envelopes of seeds, like you would get at Walmart, nothing big.  And then, the last thing which seems off the wall, are big sheets of clear plastic tarps.  I actually see them draping a clear plastic tarp over some kind of a porch or what not,  I mean it doesn't have a roof, or maybe they tore it off to make this greenhouse thing that is connected to their house.  I feel like people are underestimating the uses of clear plastic.  And I just got one more thing that popped in my brain.  Alright I see them taking plants that they want to plant in the ground that are not in the greenhouse and what they are doing, they are making a small trench, like a line, then they take like a foot wide sheet of plastic for the length of the trench, and then what they do they poke a small hole about the size of a 50 cent piece, they plant their plant in the middle of that hole and then when they water it it is like the water goes specifically where it needs to go, but the plastic also keep the water from evaporating.  It is kinda like an ingenious way of planting.  Yeah, it is no waste of water, all it goes to the plant and none is wasted where it is not needed.
Q-Anything else?
A-No I do not see anything. 8:49 PM

Updated, my husband found this map based on Gordon Michael Scallion's Future Maps
I am unsure where you live, but if this map is correct it looks like there will be new land very near Australia.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your helpful response... Renee

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I enjoyed doing your reading, I saw some planting methods I would have never imagined. It was actually really smart how they did it.