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Hi can you describe anything about the ancient Land of Mu? Like their lifestyle and healing methods? Also, were they connected to the Indus Valley civilization?

The think that pops in my mind when you say that, it is like I see a vast grassy areas, like some kind of open plain, and in the background I see what at first I thought were pyramids, but possibly a mountain range, but it very precise like pyramids.  I see um, kinda like wheat grass huts, a lot of those, and I see people carrying totem poles.  Within the totem pole there is brown cat's eye like marble and I feel as though they used that for kinda protection.  I see a shaman (like in warcraft videogame) and I think that is how a lot of healing was done through shaman, they were highly respected.  I see the shamans faces painted white, with red designs.  I feel like they ate mostly vegetation, things they were able to gather, and they ate meat for like special occasions, like for a special feast.  They had a high regard for living things...I see hunters in the woods with big long spears, but I feel like it was not that they were hunting animals, it was like they were after another tribe.  Possibly the Indus Valley that you mentioned.
Q-What healing methods did the Shamans use.
A-Um, the one thing I see, they are using and herb concoction and they are inhaling the smoke from it.  Another thing I see is that they have rocks that they place in a circle on a guys chest, and they are like chanting to that.  Also seeing like a thick black tea that they are drinking.  I see this one where they have a tee-pee thing made, there is like 3 guys in it, and the way that it is done, their is black pot in middle of tee-pee, they make some concoction and they seal the tee-pee up.  I cannot tell if they are trying to sweat out or breath what they have in this potion.
Q-Do you see any females, what are their dress, and how are they regarded in society.
A-I am getting this Hawaiian skirt feel, like grass skirts, and um..I think they kept their hair mostly braided, and they had tons of jewelry hanging around their necks and that is what covers their breast up, they are mostly exposed.  I feel like they are regarded as, respected like the mom, nanny figure of society.  Not as high of a regard as men....They have some kind of strange, like a, scarf thing they wrap around their head, not a turban, more like a head wrap type of thing.
Q-Are the people dark skinned, dark haired or are they more variety.
A-More dark native American like.
Q-What happened to their culture?
A-The strange thing was I think that, what I saw in the background originally, I think their may had been a volcano, I think they sensed it was going to go off.   I see it smoking profusely and people running into the woods.  I see people carrying items on their heads as they flee.  Like a portable basket, Moses like basket with their crap in it.
Q-Ultimately what happened to their lands.
A-I think it got destroyed by a volcano.
Q-Do you see any other disasters?
A-I kinda see the earth vibrating, I cannot tell if it was the volcano or in addition to that.
Q-How is this civilization related to the Indus valley?
A-Now that I see everybody fleeing, I think they may have fled and met up with that civilization in the process and they evolved and meshed together.
Q-From your readings, on which continent would you say their ancestors are?
A-The first thing I saw as Northern part of South America, then my mind jumped to Africa, it didn't feel right, and then I snapped back to the South American picture...I am seeing a body of water that looks like the shape of a tulip flower.
Q-What was their writing / communication like?
A-I see them using sticks to write in mud tablets, and they let them dry.  They have form, filled with mud, they let it get to certain consistency to where they can write in it, they write, sit in sun and let it dry like a brick, a 2 ft by 2ft square, like a coach cushion size.  Many straight lines, not pictures.
Q-What about speech?
A-I would call it tribal...
Q-If you were to look at the whole land, what would the landscape look like?
A-Pretty, mountain range in background, some volcanoes, forest off in distance, but where there are no trees, it is dry little grass, but where the trees are it is lush.
Q-Can you describe the weather?
A-Summer all year round, hot, I do not see winters, does not go below 50 degrees.  I can get up to 110 to 120, it is like hot.
Q-Anything else?
A-No that's it.

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