Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello, My name is Nicole, and I have a question about my career. Should I stay and focus on what I am currently doing, or go in a different career path completely? Thank you!

Just going on a first name, not knowing a city or something specific, I don't know if I am in the right vibe when I am getting what I am getting.  But I am picturing a woman and I see her in like a business suit, and she has on a thick gold necklace...And I feel a lot of anxiety for her, and I image that she is in a very fast paced career and that she has a lot of stresses and deadlines etc... I keep.. and then I see her late at night coming home, it is dark, she is kicking off her shoes... She is totally exhausted, she is sitting down drinking a glass of wine.  Then I see her taking like a prescription bottle and she is taking medication from it, so I am feeling anxiety so I feel it is anxiety related.  I may be something else but it is attributed to stress and what is going on in her life.  Then I ask "Should she change jobs"  Then I see the same woman in like a very um, structured but yet laid back, almost I do not know if it working with kids or a social worker.  I might have deadlines but it is not as pressing and their is a lot more human interaction.  I feel like she is happier and she is happier with herself. But the one thing that I notice is that she is not wearing the big thick gold change, so what I am thinking is that this change will lead to less money but more fulfillment, and I also feel like that if she doesn't take an opportunity that presents itself she is going to have regrets, and that later in life she is going want to kick herself for not taking her chance.  I think this is centered around money, but I feel like she is going to fell much more enriched if she takes her chance and does it, and the money won't matter.  She will still be OK and she will not care about the money.

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