Friday, December 18, 2015

Five for Friday #25

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #25, a special holiday double-bonus edition! Lynn and I will be taking the rest of the holidays off for this series, so this one is supersized. Please note that, from now on, Lynn's comments will be in bold. Anyway, here we go.

Image #1: St. Joseph of Copertino Goes WHEEEE
St. Joseph of Copertino (1603–1663), "The Levitating Saint,” apparently defied gravity when he got into a worshipful state, usually when it was most inconvenient for him and the church. It was viewed by countless people. He didn’t intentionally levitate, but did so while in a state of ecstasy. At certain points during masses, Copertino would apparently become so affected that he would enter an altered state of consciousness and begin levitating. He was oblivious to everything around him, though he caused quite a stir. It interfered with his ability to conduct masses! So, did he really levitate? What’s the process going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that he did, but it didn't look like the painting, which is a bit more grandiose. What I see is he's in church, he's feeling spiritual, and when he is in that state, like a meditative state -- praying and meditating are very much alike, it's just putting intent out there -- he elevated his vibration and altered himself such that he could levitate. It wasn't flying, it was more like a few inches off the ground."

Image #2: Apollo 16 Astronaut Goes WHEEEE
This is apparently Astronaut John Young jumping up into the non-air above the lunar surface in another kind of worshipful state. How did the PTW simulate this (as well as the other video of astronauts walking around in lower gravity)? Is there a spring-rig holding him up that’s airbrushed out? Why can’t we see the studio reflected in the astronaut’s visor? And what’s that little dust puff to the upper right of the Lunar Lander (straight up above the flag). Reflection off the studio’s black background? And that’s all fireplace ash, right?

What Lynn Saw
"First off, yes, those are fireplace ashes. And I feel like, off to the side, there's this fan that's keeping the flag moved in the right direction. The spring thing that's helping him "jump" is airbrushed out, it's behind him. That puff is something on the black screen in the studio that they missed cleaning. This is all just studio effects."

"This looks to be an astronaut actor, not a 'real' one. I don't see him as a big actor, but rather a favor to some guy in the know; I see some powerful guy with a son who looks to be less impressive in the dad's eyes (the son is picking up someone's coffee for them and delivering it); the crew behind hiring Kubrick hired this 'son' as a favor to the dad. I don't have a name. My impression is that it isn't anyone we would ever know."

[For those who may have missed it, Lynn verified that this is indeed Kubrick saying he faked the moon landings for the U.S. Govt; Lynn did another reading HERE.]

Image #3: "Cintamani" Stones
So, is there anything significant about these rocks, which are being touted by Cobra on his site?

What Lynn Saw
"I hear that these rocks are not originally from here. They're composed of some kind of iron, not native to Earth. They're some kind of meteorite debris from the tail of a comet that's passed. There's something unique to them."

"All meteorites have a little power, and it feels magnetic in nature. I want to say that this stone can 'pull' negative vibrations from you (almost in a healing type way). The stone itself isn't negative, but it looks to attract negativity. When it's full (and loses its 'power'), it should be buried in the earth."

[Da-da: How do you know when they're full?]
"I get it actually 'feels' heavy when you touch it. It doesn't hurt you, just doesn't feel pleasant."

Image #4: "Goliath" Footprint

Real, or fake? If real, where was this being from?

What Lynn Saw
"When I look at this, I get that it's real. The earth has shifted since this footprint was made. There actually were giants roaming the earth in the old days, but as the earth's gravity changed, their hearts couldn't pump blood as efficiently, as they were just too big; same goes for some plants from that time. These giants eventually couldn't function anymore and they died off. This wasn't THE Goliath that made this print, though. I get that the giants had a population mostly in Europe and England."

Image #5: A Masonic Cap? Really?
Who is this bozo? Is his Masonic cap intentional? How much was this guy paid for this and where is he now?

What Lynn Saw
"This is just some random guy who they asked to talk. He wasn't paid. Someone in the news media gave him this hat to put on, and he did it without thinking. They just handed him the hat and asked if he wouldn't mind putting this on and talking to them. They needed him to be part of the symbolism and agenda and programming. In exchange for him getting his face on the news, he sheepishly agreed to wear the hat. Weird."

Image #6: Black Cube Over Indonesia

This object materialized over Solo, Indonesia last week. Looks kinda like that Black Cube over Texas you did a reading on over the summer, the ET device the PTW were trying to make work. Same thing?  

What Lynn Saw
"This does flash me back to that cube over Texas. Same energy tied to it. Feels like some kind of spy drone with the capability to move in really strange directions. I want to say it came from the Greys (the old fashioned looking ones)."

Image #7: What’s Going on With CERN’s LHC?
The pic is a big-picture diagram of CERN’s Liquid Hadron Collider (LHC). There was allegedly an explosion at the LHC about a month ago. Is this true? What caused it? This thing was really cooking for a while, then just suddenly stopped.

It’s gone ON and OFF repeatedly over the past four or five weeks, and is now in shutdown mode. The dashboard readouts look like this:

Is the LHC down for the count? I’ve read that the ALICE sub-experiment (referenced in the now infamous 2015 Economist Magazine cover as Alice in Wonderland) was supposed to be the main component for the negative entities controlling the cabal. Any truth to that? Was there anything nefarious planned for those various components above?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that there's this time frame and there is a race at CERN to figure things out and get things done. They're working the LHC way too hard and don't know exactly what they're doing, and there's this anxiety and rush about getting things done as fast as possible. They're running it too hard and too much, because of this race they're in, as this whole thing will either get shutdown or something will happen if they can't get it done. I get that there was a complication and that they overdid things and burnt something up, damaging the LHC such that now it won't stay on. They're frantic about this, in overdrive about how to fix it, as something's coming very soon to step in and shut them down permanently, telling them it's not right, it's not safe."

"I feel that there is involvement with something dark here, but I can't get a clear image as to what it is, or what they're trying to do here. It feels dark and it feels wrong and it feels like... I keep hearing something say, "You don't want to go there." They're trying to open something they're not supposed to and it's never going to be allowed. It's almost like we're screwing with Mother Nature and trying to figure all this out, while these these positive ETs are coming to protect us from this action, and so the LHC staff is rushing around like crazy people before the outside intervention arrives. What they're doing feels so dangerous and so volatile and... detrimental to earth, that it has to stop. It just feels wrong. Luckily, they will fail in their attempt."

[Da-da: So, that rocket car, and the ball behind ALICE, on the Economist Magazine cover both mean, "Hurry up. Keep your eyes on the ball." Makes you wonder who's inbound that they're afraid of. ]

Image #8: Comet Catalina Has Two Mommy’s… er, Tails
So… why does this comet have two tails? Is it something to do with our sun’s companion coming into the solar system? Something else? Where is that pesky brown dwarf, anyway? Is it beneficial? What should we call it?

What Lynn Saw
"Hm. I feel like it has to do with the orbit, speed and direction traveling, along with the sun's pressure. It feels natural. The photo makes it look more grandiose than it really is. [The comet's] recently changed direction a bit, but this looks natural. I do see that there is still the sun's sister -- the sister sun -- BEHIND our sun. I want to say it's female, this sister sun. Is it beneficial? It feels neutral. Not bad, just neutral."

Image #9: Giant TV Dinner Advances on Int’l Space Station
NASA predictably shut off all the ISS feeds once this giant TV dinner container appeared over the horizon, obviously full of GMO peas and carrots. So, who’s ship is it? And how many beings are on that ship? It’s a big sucker. What’s it’s place of origin? What’s their mission?

What Lynn Saw
"I feel like this is a ship from one of the groups on the far side of the moon. It feels like a transport ship. There are only about 4 or 5 beings on this ship. I get that many ETs come to earth for resources, and in this case it's for minerals. They want a substance like salt, but very fine. They break down the salt into its components and use it. I see mountains of it in storage. They use it in their facility, but I couldn't understand for what (maybe I'm not supposed to know or share that info)."

Image #10: The Three Wise “Men”
You’ve written about this before, but let’s go a little deeper. The Three Wise “Men” were actually ETs, you’ve said, there to help Brother J. Where did they come from? What was their original form? What was the shape of their ship? And once they arrived at the manger, did they stay in human form the entire time? Where are they now?

What Lynn Saw
"When I tune into this, I get that many ETs came here from the stars in Orion's Belt. These particular ones came from the center star [Alnilam]. Their ship looked like a pointy cigar. They stayed in human form, and stayed here to protect Brother J, "to instill some magic in him," I hear them say, not sure what that means. They looked like what we'd term angels in original form. There was some significance to how the stars were aligned at that time. It felt intentional, purposeful, to direct some light toward the event. These angels went against some of the ET rules to come here and do this. I don't see them here anymore, though; they're elsewhere (I always see Orion's belt)."

"I see Brother J as being from the same place as the wise men, and when he incarnated here it was intentional, but since you lose all your memories, he needed these 'wise men' to sort of guide and protect him."

[And because of this, Da-da puts Xmas lights on his house every year. Hm.]

Well, that was surprising. These never turn out the way Da-da expected. Seems we really do have good things happening and positive beings looking out for us at every turn (you might thank them in your meditations). Can't wait to see what's in store for us in 2016! So, please join us next year for a whole new slew of enlightening Five for Fridays! Happy holidays, everyone.


siketa said...

Happy holidays @ everyone! :)

Robert Schoen said...

Reading about the Cern shutdown, I just have to hope it was done as a protective intervention by a caring race looking out for us as opposed to just being the result of incompetence. I just want to put out the intent, a welcome for even more such benign interventions to break up the destructive forces that push man to war and enslaving or poisoning his brothers. We on this planet want none of this and I have hope that 2016 will mark a time when evil deeds continue to fail and a new enlightenment visits everyone.

John Casey said...

You two have outdone yourselves with this batch! The CRN reading is just plain amazing. Right on!

Unknown said...

Happy holidays you two! With regards to the unwitting fella wearing the hat; this could have been a plant in order to perpetuate the idea that the Masonic order is behind all that is bad & evil. I assure you they are not. One day all will be surprised as to what exactly the purpose of the Order is/was & how it benefited humanity on a whole. God bless you and may your family be safe during this holiday season!

Kirtan Gajjar said...

Who is Brother J and where can I find the link where Lynn does reading on him?

Ryno said...

@Wil Wilkins: Oh, please do share what the "exact" purpose of the Masonic order is! Now is your chance to put an end to all the "incorrect" information that is out there.

Ryno said...

@kirtan gajjar: Brother J is Jesus.

Raymond said...

Happy Holidays to Lynn, Da Da and everyone else !

2. I wonder if someone could channel Kubrick and ask him about the Moon Landings, the pics we have been shown. Perhaps Kubrick and Neil Armstrong ? It'd be interesting to ask them about the Moon Landings, the Dark Side of the Moon and UFO's.

8. Can we see our sister with a telescope, does it have a name ? How can you tell it is a female, from the energy ? If suns/stars have consciousness, can you channel them and ask them questions ? Does NASA and the govt know about this and are not telling us or is it one of those situations. If it is behind the Sun, surely we should be able to see it six months out of the year when the Earth rotates around our Sun.

10. The three wise men are the three stars in Orion's belt are a nice correlation. I never thought about that before, but it made me think about the Great Pyramid being oriented towards Orion as well as the Sphinx. I wonder what Jesus, Mary and Joseph thought when he was being taught all the sacred knowledge and mysteries that separated him from everyone else ? I wonder if his brothers and sisters were jealous ?

Many thanks for the time you give to this blog !

They Live said...

Great readings as always!
Regarding Yeshua (Jesus), when exactly was he born? I've read he was possibly born anywhere between July-September, but definitely not in the winter. Nimrod is said to have been born December 25th and that the Christmas tree honors his memory. Also, the Christmas colors (green and red) are supposedly from the Yule society.

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, Da-da uses the name "Brother J" as it doesn't possess any of the religious overhead associated with the other name -- which isn't the right name, anyway; it was indeed "Yeshua" (accent on the second syllable)... not that it matters much. What really matters is the intent.

lacham said...

I believe the Astronaut was added to the picture - he does not cast a shadow.

Unknown said...

Wishing Every human; animal; and energy Happy Holidays­čśä

Jana said...

Wonderful. So Jesus wasn't a plain human, or he was in form but his soul came from somewhere else.
Years ago a lady told my mom I was from 'the same planet as Jesus'. First I took it as BS, then as a metaphor and when you said he was born in this planet I thought that lady might have been taken too much to drink.
She also said people from 'that' planet used to be very combative and revolutionary against injustices (and oh that I am...).
No need to say I love this reading cause I love kicking tables! :p

John Casey said...

Is there only one CERN? Reading about it reminded me of Carl Sagan's book "Contact." The US builds one device to contact aliens, but it is destroyed by a man with a bomb. Then in a big plot twist, it is revealed that the US actually built a second, identical device in secret, and that is the device used to contact aliens, etc.

Made me wonder whether the PTW might have built a second, secret LHC somewhere for just this eventuality.

Also, wondered how many of the astronauts knew they never actually landed on the moon, or were they all snowed, so to speak, by whatever mix of mind-control tech was used on them. Certainly Ed Mitchell seems to be very close to having something to say on this, but does he know the truth or just suspect it?

Again, fabulous readings. Thanks.

tara said...

happy holidays however you all celebrate.

Raymond said...

@ John Casey.......Buzz Aldrin ( 2nd man on the Moon) was interviewed by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM and he asked Buzz what it felt like to walk on the Moon and how it made him feel. And Buzz said he did not remember the experience. That was an unusual response considering the historical perspective.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to all the good people of this blog and beyond.Thank you Lynn and Da Da for making us "supposed" misfits feel like amazing perceptive beings! We have a place to have a voice and to not feel rejected. Much Love to all!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the comments and kind words.

Happy Holidays to all of you as well! Love and light-

A Man Called Da-da said...

In case no one saw this...

"NASA Contractor Gets Into NASA Airbrush Room"

Anonymous said...

@Da Da. She talks as if we landed on the moon but we have not. Should this make this women not very credible?

PimpMyBrain said...

@hamilton For what i undertand, the Apollo missions didn't land, because they were scared about something(in one of Lynn reading). But former NAZI occult wing has seemed to land and manage with difficulties to put a first contemporary base. So in late 60's, the NASA's civil side seemed to fail and try to hide this at this time (too much propaganda, cold war, need to be first and keep the masse attention, i suppose).

Now the fairy tale's NASA will be surely use as an excuse to reduce the pressure of the incoming disclosure. Like with the potential old "futuristic" hidding NRO stations, which will may be reveal as a "fuse" on the real stuff (NRO station seems 50 years old advanced than the ISS...). The PTW are on moon now, maybe with restrictions as lot of ET's are already a foot on this land. Lynn has spoken about a "portal" in the North Pole which more easier to use to go on the moon, and and condemn the fate of the space shuttles... need to find this links...

NRO station article :

I could be completly wrong ! It is maybe disinfo, but it is the game of seeking the thruth ! :)

Have a nice holidays, happy and wonderful celebrations all ! :))

Rick Guy said...

Lynn, you say "there is this fan that is keeping the flag moved in the right direction" . But actually there is a stick that is keeping it open.
There is no fan at all. Just zoom on the flag you will see the stick. So why did you say so?

Please answer.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Psychic: I do feel and element of air blowing.. I do also see the stick. I think both things combined give this effect and I only dominantly picked up on the artificial air (I could feel and sense it). I also felt it was hot where this was being filmed and the astronauts were sweating profusely inside those suits!

Rick Guy said...

Alright. Thank you for clearing that out.