Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Giant Spheres in the Solar System

[As a continuation of yesterday's reading / entry, I also had this article sent to me. It was so interesting, I thought it deserved it's own entry...]
Q. Does this article look accurate, and what are these giant spheres doing here?
A.   As I looked at this, what David Wilcock states resonates as true. (I mentioned this on a comment earlier today...) What I get is the spheres are the shield surrounding ships that are carrying the necessary material (genetic and physical) to create life within our solar system.  I get an image of a scene on Superman in which everyone was fleeing Krypton to find a survival location- in this case that survivable location is within our own solar system.

When the ETs war occurred thousands of years ago and many ETs left, these Avian species were among them.  I see they went to our sister solar system (where our sister sun resides).  As this sister system approaches ours, it looks to create some kind of hostile environment in that system, causing ET life in that system to leave.  At one time many ETs lived in our system on planets and moons, and earth was viewed as an oasis.  Now that they cannot live in the sister system they are coming back to this system, and want to make earth the oasis that it once was.

The Cabal is scared as this threatens everything they have built over the years.  The Cabal knows they cannot win, and are tying every tactic to spread lower vibrational energy (to keep us down as long as possible).  I see some kind of anxiety and desperation behind this- there is a new flavor of fear constantly- war, terror, ISIS, viruses, Ebola, Flu, false flags, etc... They have to "re-juice" the feelings of fear as soon as one loses it's impact.  I get that they want us to argue among ourselves to distract from the bigger (universal) issues.  For the  Cabal to survive, we must stay suppressed..

Q. Are these ETs hostile?  
A.  No, the Cabal just wants us to think they are.  If we fear them, that helps to strengthen the lower vibrational force.  They feel advanced and vibrationally much higher than humans.  They want to help in creating the energetic shift to upgrade earth to a 4D or 5D planet (which is like their home planet and also unsurvivable to the lower level beings.)

Q.  What will happen to the lower level beings if they can't survive on earth? 
A.  I get a message that they cannot survive on earth, but can survive "in" earth.. They will either burrow deep or be forced to leave.

Q.  How do these Avian ETs relate to the Cat and Dog Humanoid ETs?
A.  I get this "sphere" shielding houses not only Avian ETs, but Cat and Dog Humanoid ETs too.. There has been an enormous unification of forces aligning to help "reset" this solar system.  I get the analogy that earth was like a toy that was played with, and then put aside and forgotten, to later be rediscovered.  Now it needs cleaned and polished to bring it back to its' natural state and true potential. 

We do have the power to regain the planet by elevating our consciousness.  Educate yourself, focus on the unity in the universe and truly listen to your gut.  Realize fear is just fear, and let it go rather than absorb it.

Link to previous reading regarding fireballs and UFOs in the sky:


Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn thank you for these insights! I have a question about an old story which sounds unbelievable somehow, because a UFO was downed with a regular gun!? -->WW1 airforce pilot known as Red Baron shot down UFO.
According to a late statement Mr.Peter Waitzrick, the Red Baron's co-pilot, this happened in the spring of 1917 over Belgium. The Red Baron's actual name (he was a feared German Air Force pilot)is Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen. Mr.Waitzrick describes it this way: " "The Baron immediately opened fire and the thing went down like a rock, shearing off tree limbs as it crashed into the woods." Did it realy happen and are the craft's remains still in place? Thank You! (

siketa said...

Beam me up, Scotty! :)

kirtan gajjar said...
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A Man Called Da-da said...

Awesome. New neighbors!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Folks, a friendly reminder:

Please ask unrelated questions here:

Lynn is too nice to point this out.


A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh. Da-da just realized that these blue-headed bird ETs are not only like the Egyptian god Horus, but also the Hindu and Buddhist Garuda:


OrangeRay3 said...

Powerful stuff here Lynn! As usual, you are spot on:)

With you everyday my friend!!!

shaman Wendi
Gaia Rising Now TV

Ryno said...

@Da-da: And dont forget the Blue Man Group! Wait, nevermind...

I don't know... I'm suspicious of all E.T.'s. I'm not just going to welcome them with open arms. How do we know that another race is not just trying to cozy up to us and "lord" over us and/or take over Earth?

Blimpy Peach said...

Let's just hope they keep the noise down at night :)

Blimpy Peach said...

I can't shake the feeling that it's so much closer to happening then we realise! What will happen to the existing animals on earth? I know cats will be fine, they know WAY too much. But what about animals such as cows and pigs etc, I wouldn't expect that they would be high vibrational beings?

Camryn Villarruel said...

Will humans survive? What about cata, dogs, birds?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@watchand knock: I get it did happen. I also get that many pilots will tell you that UFOs exist (not just this one pilot and this example).

@everyone: Dada did make a good point. I like to stay with the topic when the comments are made because you ask some really great things, and many of those deserve their own reading instead of getting lost in the comments section. If you have a new request, please put it under the Focus Request tab. Thanks. Xoxo

@Dada: Many cultures have their own version of what they feel to be true based on their experience and what they saw. Cool point you brought up.

@OrangeRay3: Xoxo.

@Ryno: I see many good things over time get corrupted, but the thing that feels liberating is that these ETs operate in a much higher vibration, so the lower level stuff we experience now can’t happen in a realm they dominate.

@Blimpy and Camryn: They will actually start o ascend as well. They may be lower than humans, but they can still elevate. The concept of death or elimination or extinction is too low of a vibrational thought for them to process… It is about love, growth, experience… They will rise too.

John Casey said...

Wow, Lyn, this is really thought-provoking, to say the least. I'm having to work hard to wrap my head around it all.


Hannon said...

After ETs integrate with humans, will we be able to access space travel, and colonize uninhabited planets, kind of like old school pioneers, like in the Fire Fly series?

Juli T said...

You don't know how much thinking I'm doing with these readings, my concepts of earth and God are spinning in my head everyday.

(and I can't help but wanting to pet one of those cat and dog ETs :p )

Thanks so much for the reading! And the hope!

Camryn Villarruel said...

Thats good news. I love all critters

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: Eventually yes, but that is far into the future (hundreds of years). I see it starting with other moons first...

John Casey said...

As always, thanks, Lyn, for this. I wonder what we can do, in our everyday lives, to further the efforts of these high-vibe goings on? I assume meditation, of course, but if we were to set intentions for during meditation, I wonder what a helpful intention might be?


YourPsychicFocus said...

@John: Base it on sincerely and gratitude... Focus on what you feel you need to be better (none of us are perfect- maybe you need patience, or calmness, trust, whatever you feel is a weakness- ask for it and work on that). You will be more balanced, feel better, and those feelings will show outward.

Hannon said...

@ Lynn, darn, I wanted to go on a space adventure now. I just read your non-linear time reading, perhaps I can find a way to trip my time loop and go on a space vacation next month :-)

@ Juli, I certainly have been looking at my old pitbull(Lucy) a little differently lately. We've always loved her, but now I wonder who she has been and who she may become. It's also conjured up thoughts of cats I had that have long since past, just kind of wondering where they are now, especially my favorite cat(Minew, but they where all named that or Kitty) :-)

Juli T said...

@Hannon With 2 dogs and 5 cats, I'm certainly already colonized!
We can only hope they give the ETs good references about us. "She's cool, we can let her stay" :p

SkyBlue said...

This is absolutely fascinating but my brain can't absorb it all. I wish I can see the big picture or visualize it.

Regarding animals, does anyone know why dogs have such great senses like smell, hearing and sight? Can they see spirits or have telepathic skills?

Do humanoid dogs possess the same qualities?

Lastly, do mermaids exist? There are some that looked like aliens.

Thank you (^-^)

Juli T said...


I absolutely believe in the sixth sense of animals.
The day after my dad's funeral, one of my cats sat con my chest and spent like 15 minutes chasing with her eyes something behind me (there was just a wall and I assure you i checked all the time for flies or bugs in the wall and there was nothing).
The day we went to pick the stone for his grave, we went to have a coffee, and a bird entered the bar and sat on my shoulder. The waiters went crazy and I told them it's ok, he's not bothering me. After a while he flew away.
Some have told me because my dad knows my relationship with animals that was the better way he found to connect with me in a way I wouldn't be scared and somehow relieve. I don't know.
In my country there's some kind of people, 'low lives', who dress a certain way, act a certain way, not like a gang in the US but something similar. My dog wants to eat them alive, he barks with fury (and he's the most dumby and sweet dog on earth). First I thought he maybe smelled the alcohol in these guys, but not all of them are under the influence, and I've talk to other dog owners and the same happens to them. We concluded that a) our dog are racists or b) they sense something we can't point at, but they feel intimidated by certain people so they bark at them like 'don't you there come near'.

Lynn made a reading about mermaids some time ago. Search on the blog (top right). They exist but they are pretty ugly according to her :)

Hannon said...

@ Juli

Our dog doesn't like scumbags either. She doesn't bark though, she sits there and stares at them and won't take her eyes off them, but if they get close, she tries to attack them. I have to keep her tied, and warn nasty people to stay away, but she's a sweet heart to nice folks. They're a lot smarter than people give them credit for, and have personalities as diverse as people, but I'm guessing I just preached to the quire on that one :-)

I recently in the last couple years, I read an article that escapes me now, that scientist have conducted a study and now believe that dogs may actual think. I almost wet myself laughing, it took them a huge budget and a bunch of sciencey protocols to determine what any normal person can figure out after five minutes with a dog :-)

Lisa said...

Well, I have such a nice mare, I am sure that she will ascend in the future and be a human for example one time. BUT- I am wondering if there will be pets (horses, cats, DOS, birds etc) like today in a 4D and/or 5D world. Or- there are pets but do they look different, i.e. anotherkind of animal species?!
And- I like to do horse riding. Is there something like this also in a 4D/5D world?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lisa: Pets will ascend too! They are just as capable as we are (in some ways they have an advantage because their rational mind isn't as corrupted and they don't have as much programming). :-)