Thursday, March 6, 2014

You are amazing and I thank you for sharing your gift with so many people! I wanted to ask what does it mean when you keep seeing your birthday date i.e. in gas prices, the time on the clock, billboards, etc. I have been seeing mine for sometime now and would like to know the meaning of it. Thank you so much!

2:26 PM
I see it as a meaning that you are on the right path, and you are becoming more in tune spiritually.  I also get that you have been going through some really stressful and trying times.  Even if you try to meditate or be at one with your thoughts, you feel blocked.  It is like you are unable to see the big picture because you are too close to it, and there is also an emotional aspect too.  Since you are blocked and "the little voice in your head" is having a hard time getting through, this is your way of getting a sign. [Due to this being a public blog I do not want to get too personal, but please feel free to schedule a personal email reading if you would like me to read your personal situation]

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Thank you.  It is 2:35 PM.


Anonymous said...

Are all people who are experience this being blocked, or was that specific to the person asking the question? If so, are there ways to remove the blockage?

Psychic Focus said...

(Generally speaking) I don't see that you are blocked to everything, but you may in a situation that is either so stressful or emotional that you can't be objective and process what is in your "greater good." These signs help you to refocus and re-tune into your own self.