Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What's That? A UFO? A Reappearing Ship? [Mini Group Post]

Q. In this short YouTube video, it appears that some kind of portal opens and a ship goes into it. Is this real or fake? If real, who was using the portal? Are they being more obvious as this was over Geneva?
A.  I get that what you are seeing is an anomaly that can happen during certain phases of a CERN operation.  I see this portal opening up, and at the moment it happened scientists at the CERN location saw it, became alarmed and slowed / shut down the operation.

The goal of CERN is not to make a portal, even though they know the possibility of it happening are real.   They actually don't want to open up a gateway (at least yet until they know how to control it better).

I see a ship coming out of a snow capped mountain top and flying near the portal.  Some kind of air, pressure and gravity disruption drew them out to investigate what was happening. I also get the ship  didn't necessarily want to go into the portal, but was sucked into it due to the speed and pressure behind its' creation.  This was even further disturbing to these ETs (they look all white and have a soft glow to them) because the portal closed after they went through it, and they are telling me they had to come the "long way back" to get to their base..

Q. Lynn, what are you thoughts on this?  This shipped supposedly appeared after being missing for 90 years.  Is this story real?
A.  I get this happens more than we know, but most vessels are small and come back unmanned.  The unmanned vessels then sink.  The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place, and when the right things align, can serve as a portal to an alternate reality to a different time and place.  I get it is difficult for people to make it back here once they leave (very hard on organic material of our 3D body), but on VERY rare occasions it is possible.  

[Note:  In the early days of the blog I did a few readings on the Bermuda Triangle.  You may find them of interest.]

Q. Hi, Lynn!  I found some more interesting's subject is: Uknown (Alien?) skulls.
What do you see about them?  Are these stories true? Thanks and best regards,
A. i do get these are real.  Alien skills are difficult to find, and even harder to not have confiscated if you do find one.  Modern science is just now opening up to the concept that other beings had influence on the human evolution.  It is a push that is starting to become more and more accepted and undeniable.

Older generations wanted to believe that evolution alone got us to where we are today, therefore, the concept of ET interference was suppressed.  With relation to religion many concepts of evolution were already challenged, and the paradigm that we created most certainly didn't leave room for ET intervention.  

I see that both the Bulgarian and German skull findings are real.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

Wow. Three for Mercoledi (that's Wednesday in Italian, which has a better rhyme) Lynn, that Cern induced portal video was one of the most amazing I've ever seen. They must have been watching REAL close, because the Vortex closed immediately after it swallowed the ship, as if the energy of the transport created a vacuum that left the sky completely still. I an still in awe of the Norway Spiral that happened the night Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize
I bet those who made the spiral wish now they could take that gesture back! Was that spiral a portal also?

The boat and skull were also impressive. When you talk of suppression of alien skulls, Lloyd Pye, who did amazing research on hominoids and how ridiculous Darwinism was, also was researching and lecturing on the skull of a star child he was given when he prematurely died of cancer. Was he offed?

Raymond G said...

It would be interesting to give one of these to a law enforcement agency that recreates images from skulls to identify them. I doubt if the aliens had brown hair and blue eyes, but who knows what they would come up with ? They are pretty intuitive.

PimpMyBrain said...

Thanks for this Three !

With the LHC, if they didn't want to opena portal...what they tried to do, before to fry their machine and will not succed to ?

Out of the subject, but evereybody in the alternative media world seems to be crazy about the end of february and the month of march... an other "mind busy" thing or something will really happen ? (maybe not so "BIG" as they think or try to put in the mind of people)

Have a nice day ! :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Thanks for the comments. Yes, I did see the spiral as a portal. I'm not sure if they offed Pye (I would need to think on it more), but I did get in my reading that they really tried to suppress this research and prevent the knowledge from getting out there.

@Raymond: That would be interesting. I get they wouldn't really know how to test it and the test would keep erring out or result in inconclusive results.

@PimpMyBrain: Someone else asked this... I get around St Patrick's Day something is outlined to happen. It has a political vibe to it. The media wants to put it in our minds, BUT we also have the power to change it (based on our minds as well).

John Casey said...

So, has the LHC been repaired since they broke it? What are the LHC operators planning to do with it now?


A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, CERN's LHC is still down. I just checked. Looks like they're trying to figure out how to restart it, but it just hiccups and dies. Boo hoo.

siketa said...

Some alternative sites claim that Obama might resign soon due to the resurrection of a New Republic, based on NESARA. St.Patrick's Day falls on 17th of March this year...

Joao Gomes said...

@siketa. And vernal equinox falls on March 20...

They Live said...

My birthday falls on St. Patrick's Day :-D

They Live said...

I love how the CERN portal couldn't stop the E.T.s from coming back lolol great job guys

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments. I do see we need to be cautious and really push the positive intent around mid March. (Happy early Birthday, They Live!!)

They Live said...

@Psychic Focus Awww, many thanks so much ♡♥♡♥<----just in case they don't show, those are hearts :-)

Isabelle Leb said...

Lynn, Mehran Keshe has been predicting huge earthquakes
and tsunamis of 2-300 meters. He has been mentioning
this as imminent in his last few workshops and does
mention it again today in this workshop, beginning at
approx. MINUTE 2:33:00.

Do you see anything to substantiate his predictions?

Thank you so much!

5th International Seekers Workshop Feb 16, 2016