Friday, January 22, 2016

Five for Friday #27

by Lynn & Da-da (A Man Called)
Hi all, and welcome to an odd Five for Friday. Let's get to it.

Image #1: If a Bent-tree Makes a Right Turn in a Forest...
This distinguished gent (Dennis Downes, in the color pic) has hypothesized that Native Americans bent trees to mark various trails and paths... which seems reasonable. Is this indeed true, or are these examples of the natural result of a tree injury? If it’s deliberate, how long have people been doing this? And while we’re on the subject… who created the first tree on earth?

What Lynn Saw
"I see that, after a young tree is wet, I see Native people's folding and bracing and tying it to make this U-shape. Later (a year?), they untie it and the tree will want to grow upward. So, it's definitely intentional. This kind of bent tree marks boundaries, as well as a serving as a navigation system. Looks like they've only been doing this for 300-400 years, so not that long. It's more of a North American thing."

"First-tree-on-earth-wise, I hear that the seeds were created elsewhere, but the tree was grown here. The seeds were genetically designed offworld. [No, not by Monsanto.] The seeds literally rained down from the atmosphere, all over the planet, from a comet or somesuch delivery system, simply to see which ones would grow here. Some were duds, but some took. They gave every tree an opportunity to grow in every environment, but only some worked. Some worked in multiple places."

"This gremlin-y ET tree creator I'm seeing looks to be the source of this avalanche of tree seeds, but he doesn't want me to know exactly what, how, or why. He was a genius geneticist, but he won't tell me the intricacies of the actual tree creation."

[When did this mass tree-seeding occur? Did that gremlin ET seed other worlds?]

"It was millions and millions of years ago. I cannot get an exact number, but it was before the Dog, Cat and Reptilian ETs even came together here and had the big battle. He seeded other worlds too, but earth was one of the most successful. There are others that worked, but I get earth has one of the biggest varieties of trees and plants. I don't know how many, but I see one standing out and the whole planet has huge plants (the leaves are gigantic) and feels tropical everywhere, not just at an equator. It seems to have to do with the way the planets rotate and also their level of gravity."

Image #2: Sky Phenomena #1
This light phenomena was snapped in Kattua, Finland. Is it the reflection of Kattua streetlights, or is something else going on?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that it's a projection -- from above. This is similar to a crop circle, but you're seeing it in the sky. I get it's some kind of hologram effect from a ship that's out there, above this image, projecting it. I feel like it was some kind of symbol of peace or protection. (At least that is the emotion I get when I tune into it). It was like a 'crop circle in the sky' (the phrase I got). I get this image is of peace and comfort as if they're saying "We're protecting you. We're keeping you safe," as this ET group helped the residents of Kattua avoid some catastrophe. [We keep seeing this.] Yes, they came and warded something off, then let thepeople below know that everything will be ok."

[What did the ETs ward off? Some natural earth event? What do these ETs look like?]

"I can't see these ETs, just hear and understand that they were here to protect, and now things are ok. They sort of showed me a message but won't show themselves up close. It feels like a natural event was warded off, and it was coming from inside the earth (is there a volcano or something there?) If not, maybe an earthquake."

Image #3: Sky Phenomena #2
More strange sky phenomena going on here, this time in Michigan and Hawaii. (I’ll let you guess which one is Michigan.) Anyway, anything unusual going on in either pic? The Hawaiian one (bottom right) looks like the camera may have shifted in the person’s hands?

What Lynn Saw
"I see the first one as 'X Marks the Spot,' but... what is it marking? There's some kind of energetic portal or feeling special to this area that's actually being marked. It's pointing exactly where that spot is. If you could find that exact spot on the ground, you would feel tingling, kinda like a Van de Graaff generator, but good. There's something unique to the ground there. It's indicating a highly energetic area. The bottom right sunset pic... feels different. It's fake.

Image #3 BONUS (on the left):  Dada didn't even know about this.  A friend of mine posted this on social media, the same evening as I did the rough draft reading for Dada.  This photo gave me the same feel, but I didn't say anything to her.  She later privately send me a message and asked if I got anything strange from the photo because ever since she saw it (and her son was in the car at the time too) her son said he didn't feel right.  I shared this reading with her (told her it was coming out Friday), and found the synchronicity amazing!!

Image #4: Giant in the Clouds?
A jet passenger snapped what looks to be a giant walking across the clouds/marine layer…. but Da-da’s guessing this is just a cloud, or a fake?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that there are two pics being overlaid here. One is a pic of some guy walking across the desert, like a stock photo you could find with google. Some dude walking in the desert. Then they put this cloud effect to it to create a photoshoppy thing." [As Galaxar said: "Lame."]

Image #5: The Thing That Fell From the Sky
What do you get off this thing?

What Lynn Saw
"This is a weird one, and kind of creepy to tell you the truth. I think what he saw and what he found were two different things. When I look at this, I get it's fossilized, or... it became fossilized when it passed through something? It was somehow brought here by an ET, but it's *really* dark and *really* negative. It has a ton of negative energy tied to it, this YUCK creepy feeling. At one point it was LIVING and has since been fossilized and preserved.

[Da-da then provided this link on the object.]

"Ok, so the ET connection makes sense. It had a really negative feel to it. I saw it as something living that was fossilized or something like that, but now I understand it's metal (maybe molded from a living thing, or transformed in some process??). I see an ET (sort of a taller grey, but with reptile looking skin) having a battle with some sort of sea monster, and this was a tentacle that was torn away in the fight. I'm still confused how I see it has a living force tied to it while it's metal, so perhaps it passed through some energy field? This is a bit confusing in my mind (and it's really negativity oriented). If I were that guy in the article I would NOT want to be around this thing."

Darn, that's the end. Join us Friday after next for episode #28.


Robert Schoen said...

I love the idea of a tree seeder. My belated thanks to him or her. The two sky projections: the crop circle-like sky hologram looked very benign, wonder if it was a star map? Yesterday morning I woke up early to see the planet alignment like a long line arc across the southern sky and it was amazing.

About that lighted up beam on the horizon, the first thing I saw it was in the form of a cross or crucifix, the most common Christian symbol on the planet, so its form seems intentional for that reason. Maybe that last item, the fossilized pod was sent with the opposite intent of the tree seeder, seeding something bad on the planet?

They Live said...

Does the gremlin-y E.T. have anything to do with the story of Johnny Appleseed?
Nice readings as always!

Smiling Winds said...

Lynn, what do you make of this?

Joao Gomes said...

Missouri back in 1885: coal miners find burried city 360 below the ground with giant human skeleton. Lynn, what do you make of this? THANKS!

Joao Gomes said...

The United Arab Emirates among which Quatar are contracting scientists (meteorologists) to turn theyr countries less arid ( --> What method do you get would be most effective?? (In the mid 20th. century Wilhelm Reich made it rain locally with his Orgone energy Cloudbuster Rain machine, for example. -->What's your take on that? Thank You!

Ryno said...

@Smiling Winds: Thanks for that link. Nice to see even more confirmation of what I have expected about "channeling." It's just another type of religion created be them with the intent to capture the minds of free thinkers.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Interesting. Are sightings of those pillars more prevalent at sunrise, or sunset, or both?

23 tulips said...

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for these readings as always!

Sorry if this is OT, but I am wondering if you can take another look at the so-called "Planet X" which has been cropping up in the news lately ( Andromeda Contactee, Alex Collier, in a recent interview had some interesting things to say about it, even going so far as to say it would affect the weather this March and cause the jet stream to touch the surface of the earth! For those who are interested, here is the interview from Jan. 10th w/Alex on Open Your Mind Radio:

Thanks again!

Joao Gomes said...

Hi @23tulips! Don't worry about being on topic or off topic, this does not really matter! Once you live in the first world this will be overseen ;)

Raymond G said...

Picture number 5 : I don't think you can get DNA results from fossils. I think you need a tissue sample, but it would be interesting for someone to try. I wonder what kind of results you would get ? Thanks for the time you give to this blog Lynn !

Flood said...

The tree-seeding stuff is super duper interesting. If I am correct, the Appalachian mountains of North Americas have more varieties of hardwood and softwood trees than any other temperate forest in the world.

I never fanthomed the idea that every single variety of tree on earth came from another planet!!

People just don't plant fruit tress and nut trees on their property anymore like they used to, or worse they cut them down, which I find a little sad. You can still observe many old pear, apple, persimmon, walnut, and pecan trees on old farms and in people's yards, but what's left now from the old days are very old trees that don't bear much anymore. No one seems to care about planting any new ones.

I have seen many trees that curve or twist like that along the banks of creeks or rivers. I think sometimes they do it naturally to get at the open spot in the canopy to get more sunlight. I'm sure native peoples grew them that way as well though to mark areas.

Flood said...

The symbols in the sky remind me of the symbols on the stargate in StarGate SG-1, and that alien artifact definetly looks wicked, like something out of the Alien or Predator films...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: I'm not exactly sure about the metallic thing being the opposite of the seeder, but it felt like some fossilized darker being. It was very dark and bad energy.

@They Live: I did get a connection to Johnny Appleseed with this.

@Smiling Winds: To be honest I had very mixed feelings with this. There was something a little off to me.... I would not to take more time to figure it out.. I do think caution needs to be taken during channeling, and there are a lot of people in high places that don't want it done.

@Joao: I do feel we used to live among giants and other beasts, so I don't find that story too shocking.

@Dada: I want to say both. It has to do with a sun/moon transition...??

@23 Tulips: I do need to do an update on this. I think many folks are interested in what is going on.

@Flood: Thanks so much for the comments. I do agree that some trees naturally grow that way, but there are distinct ones that were intentionally done for specific markers on the land.