Friday, November 6, 2015

Five for Friday #22

Hi all, and welcome to Five Photos for Friday #22, where learning is what's for dinner. Let's get started.

Image #1: Your Basic Kentucky Trail-Cam ET Transport Orb
Submitted for your approval, an odd white orb captured by a trail-cam in Kentucky -- which is RIFE with trail-cam orbs these days. So, what’s going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that what you're seeing is a being being teleported down here. There's a ship above this. This portal thing opens up and during this transfer, the beings convert their physical presence to energy, then back to physical form again. Sometimes it stays as an orb. So, it's just your basic beam-down. The beings are positive "white-looking greys"; I can't get a name, as I can't get my mind around how they pronounce things. A lot of the names are simply unpronounceable with human apparatus."

"It was the woodsy part that was the attraction; they weren't going to KY for the bourbon, but rather the seclusion of the woodsy area. Provides a lot of cover for when they feel 'vulnerable.' I get when they are transporting to the ground, they can sometimes feel weak; they aren't afraid of humans, but rather other ETs and attacks."

Image #2: How Many Ancient Egyptians Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?
These are bas relief tomb carvings inside the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, that allegedly show an Ancient Egyptian light bulb. Is that indeed what this is showing?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes, I do see this as a light bulb! They had two ways of getting power: 1. the pyramid, used as a kind of battery, and 2. power from waterways. The Ancient Egyptians really had it going as a civilization."

"Timewise, I looked at a list of Pharaohs to see where I was being pulled, and I would have to say these were from Pharoah Unas' time [end of Fifth Dynasty, about 2350 BC]. And yes, I feel like there are still fragments, but you would have to go deep in the pyramids to see them, the rest in the open are gone. They used the light for defense (not midnight tic tac toe, LOL); rather than burning torches and depending on fire, they could use the light to see and keep guard. I also get that there was something about using oxygen to burn fire in the pyramids that was not good and they needed an alternate light source to go inside the tombs." [Hm. A lighted pyramid complex 6000 years ago would've scared the crap out of the locals.]

Image #3: The Floating Magic Mountain From Timeline X
This is a recent pic from Brazil of a floaty magic-mountain UFO thing with a white inverted pyramid tucked underneath. Happens all the time. Not sure if it’s a UFO or yet another glimpse into an alternate timeline. So, what’s going on here?

What Lynn Saw
"I want to say that this is a glimpse into another timeline, but that upside-down white pyramid thing is throwing me. What I'm getting is that there's a cave system beneath the top of this mountain, in this timeline we're seeing. They'd use this cave system for healing. It was a very special place, specifically for healing. It's a sacred spot. So, when this peak manifested, this very significant portion beneath the peak showed up as well. These are timelines that are occurring NOW in a different reality (if a different timeline would have followed). I do see that mountain in our timeline BUT I get it has been leveled off and something built on it. I feel like it's in the middle east somewhere (that is where it keeps showing me on a map, but I can't fix on a spot). And yes, the pyramid is beneath it."

Image #4: The Giant Petroglyph of Peru
Here we have an ancient petroglyph of what looks like some kind of plant in Peru, nearly 600 feet tall and visible 12 miles out to sea. Who made it and why? How long ago?

What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing the number 1000, so I'm guessing this is a thousand years old, or is from 1000 A.D. It was done as some kind of protection. The people there believed that putting this there would keep them safe and protected. They were fighting with issues of disease and starvation, and thought some heavenly being was plaguing them. Most of them eventually died out. The figure is symbolic of a mind-body-soul thing, with the limbs as hands to stop the illness/sickness from permeating their civilization. Sadly, it didn't work."

"They really weren't being plagued by an evil being, but they thought they were. They had a lot of what felt like bad luck. They were stricken with disease and also a shortage of food. They were trying to ward off "evil spirits." I could not get what the object stood for (kind of drove me nuts trying to figure it out), but the plant idea makes sense (I would be curious to know what herbs are native to that area). It felt like it was a symbol for a living life force (I kept trying to think of animal), but a living plant does resonate."

Image #5: The One About the Cave in the Inner Earth
This is an image that Cobra included in one of his recent posts about an advanced civilization located in the hollow earth. He didn't come right out and say this image is from such a civilization, but... is this an image from such? Or is this just a hotel somewhere? [Da-da doesn't mean to cast aspersions, he's just curious about where this is.]

What Lynn Saw
"I don't see this as being the hollow earth at all. This is some kind of water park or spa somewhere. I don't have any visual from the hollow earth that looks like this. I keep hearing the term "hot springs" where this place is located."

"Cobra and Corey Goode feel like they are just credible enough to get attention, but incorporate some disinfo in their work to serve as a distraction. They make people think, and get those feelings of truth, but then follow up with something totally false. I feel like they are in bed with some pretty scary people who have forcefully guided them to reveal this type of info."

Well, so much for pathos. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #23, where more mysteries will be tossed down the Waterslide of Truth.


They Live said...

Wonderful reading as always! The orb in the first reading seems like these white looking Grey's (a white looking grey lol a joke about colors there) are more spirits than anything.
In random mystery topics, in the latest episode of Supernatural Lizzie Borden was the theme, did she really kill here parents?
I always appreciate your time!

They Live said...

Please disregard my last question, I searched your blog and saw you gave an answer about Lizzie awhile ago lol Many thanks again!

PimpMyBrain said...

Thank you lynn for this fantastic five !

The white greys seems to wandering a lot everywhere ! If they are not afraid with humans, i totaly zggree they need to be carefull with other hostiles ETs around.

For the Disinfo with Cobra an CG. You say "Forcefully", that means "threatened" ? Or miss leading by their sources ? For Cobra is by this gremlin's kind of ET ? For CG, this scary people are this "SSP Alliance" which is totaly not what they suppose to be ? (still in the dark side) and use this "full disclosure" story to make our global consciousness to make their own agenda ? (hippy love everybody) And what is the real involvement of the "Blue Avian" ? Real high density ETs or pure imagination for this agenda ?

I know, lot of questions which demands its own reading on this two people. Disinfo war is high at moment... and will play a lot with the hope and generosity of lot of people in the "truth".. hard time for our inner work !

Love and light !

Anonymous said...

Makes it hard to follow this game with so many disinfo agents around. Sometimes I'm shocked into disbelief. After hundreds of thousands of years of mental slavery will we be free? The future has never been so uncertain

Ryno said...

The more things change the more things stay the same. Old religions and myths may be become less and less popular now but "they" always have something to replace it with. "New Age" Religion with their concepts like "love & light" and constant waiting and hoping for the ascension/harvest; Channelings from E.T. Savior races like "Space Jesus" and the Ashtar Command, Mainstream "whistleblowers" like Wilcock Goode, and Cobra making stuff up. (That reminds me, I should totally go buy some "Sphere Being Alliance" merchandise from their website.) Home Sapiens were "created" to be gullible and we still don't disappoint.

Let us change this. Is humanity ready to stop being dependent and do the hard work OURSELVES or are we a race destined to be controlled, manipulated and deceived and ultimately merge into transhumanism?

Here is something interesting to think about I feel. How would we, as in the human race, react if one day we woke up and all of our controllers were gone? No top of the pyramid, no elite, no Illuminati, etc. We would truly be on our own for once. Would we "save" or destroy ourselves?

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, we now have very powerful cavalry back-up in all our spiritual pursuits. This planet is officially on the galactic map. Da-da knows this from first-hand experience, which Lynn will vouch for. Da-da for one can hardly believe the things that are happening.

Oh, and note that there really ARE sphere beings, though their ships are much bigger than Wilcock et al have said (4X the size of Jupiter). Not that they need ships. Not sure about the blue avian thing; haven't come into contact with one of those. Lots of others, though.

Rest assured that the Powers That Were (PTW) are indeed just that. They are now The Bumble with all its teeth pulled... and they don't know what to do with themselves. It's all up to you, now, so relax and settle into your new status. And prepare to be amazed.

davidaarong said...

Thank you Lynn.

Just curious, do you have an example of where Corey Goode is providing true information that is followed up with dis-information?

Ryno said...

@A Man Called Da-da: I would like to ask you some questions if I may. Can you explain who is a part of this cavalry? Also, regarding "sphere beings," how are you so confident that they really exist? Lastly, why do you think they are now the "powers that were?" Thanks for your response.

Oh and I too am expecting that humanity is going to soon be amazed alright. That is exactly the next part of the plan.

joy said...

thanks, Lynn. Wonderful readings.
I get the same vibes as yours when I tune in to Cobra.

CartalkByJJ said...

Agree. When I tune into the Cobra website... I get that same vibration too...some feel good... And some information feel really off and scattered.

Charlotte Bailey said...

I would love to think of the cabal as tptw, but until we have skies free of chemtrails, they are still an "are" to me. I'm hopeful to think that they'll be powerless and accountable for the damage they've done real soon.
Lynn and Da-Da, I bet a lot of us would love to hear information on the blue avians; do they really exist, are they benevolent, are they really communicating with Good? I for one will not willingly step foot on any craft that appears to help take mankind to safety. I'd rather not end up on someone's dinner plate or with a chain around my neck!
Cory Good seems sincere. I'm wondering if he honestly believes what he's saying, but is just in the unfortunate situation of having a bunch of false implanted memories.
Many thanks to Lynn for shining a light on many hidden things. It really helps in so many ways!

Raymond G said...

Nice pics, it is a lot of fun to see these when you do them.

I wonder how they made those 'lightbulbs'? It makes sense because there is no evidence of smoke residue that would be left from candles or torches. It's amazing they were ahead of us in so many ways and backwards in as many others.

I was hoping the last photo was aliens because they look like they are living pretty good.
I was ready to get kidnapped if that is what I had to look forward

Juli T said...

I remember some of us said some time ago that Cobra had a creepy feeling. Bingo.

PimpMyBrain said...

Lynn did a reading on Cobra :

She felt a sincere people trying to share knowledges and hope for the best futur of earth. But their source of information seems to be corrupted or inconsistent (deliberately missleading ?), and i just ask if it was the same case with Corey Goode. For sure, do not shoot the messenger too hastily, without to know if he is manipulated or totaly aware of what he does.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the positive and thought provoking comments. I really appreciate the energy put into the comments, and many of you were able to answer one another. I enjoy these Friday Fives with Dada, and it is interesting to see how it all comes together. Love and light-

Juli T said...

@Pimp Lynn is always very careful with her words because judging people is not her style, much less 'colleagues'. Now she saw this and shared it. To me it's pretty clear what she said.
I remember some of us saying we didn't like Cobra's vibe. We don't know who is behind that name so we can't point the finger, there's no messenger to shoot. We don't like "it", what comes from "it", that whole package. It could be a variety of reasons.
I didn't know that other guy. But anyway, I don't like people who's in bed with scary people.
Personally, that's exactly how I felt about Cobra's site, scary, harsh. I don't believe a message from 'the light' should feel like that, like I don't believe God is mean and you have to be fearful of it.
In the end they're just people, they can be liable of any human weakness. We're eager of knowledge and we embrace these messengers cause we can't see for ourselves so we forget it's just people.
I think it's a good reminder for all of us to keep searching inside ourselves for that truth and not resting in the messengers.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Ryno. Suffice to say that I am a direct witness to some of this activity; no hearsay here. As for the spheres, Lynn has confirmed this on a few occasions (as have others), and we have satellite photo evidence, as well. Without the sphere beings, the extra energy streaming into our system would've been a lot more intense -- and I'm guessing potentially dangerous, as evidenced by the 200,000 antelope that were killed in Khazakhstan. And I call them the "Powers That Were" (PTW) because they are no longer in charge of this planet, they only think they are. What Cobra rightly calls the "Light Forces" are indeed keeping us safe, at least en masse -- and some of us, personally. They're also to be termed the PTW as millions of us are developing abilities that cannot be controlled or metered, which has been their biggest fear fora long time. Now it's too late. The genie's out of the bottle. Any perceived need for "leaders" will be eradicated very soon, by the actions of the "leaders" themselves. We're not a tenth as dumb as they think we are.

Now, I'm curious. You wrote...

"Oh and I too am expecting that humanity is going to soon be amazed alright. That is exactly the next part of the plan."

...what does this mean, exactly? How do *you* know what's part of the plan? And who's plan are you talking about?

PimpMyBrain said...

@ Da-da Maybe he talks about the project blue beam , but it is only what i am thinking.

A Man Called Da-da said...

I'm not trying to be antagonistic. I'm just curious. Tone can come off as aggressive when you're being direct.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw, you saw the actions of the cavalry over LA on Saturday. That was indeed a missile, just not a US one. According to Lynn it was also LIVE. Many thanks to our special friends for saving our bacon yet again.

Ryno said...

@A Man Called Da-da: If you were referring to me as being aggressive in the above post, I apologize. That wasn't my intent.

It would be interesting to compare our understanding of the past and up to the present. You are more positive than me while I have become skeptical over the years. Heck, maybe what I have researched is mainly disinfo with a purpose to make people that way, can't rule anything out if you choose to go down this path. Anyway, I don't believe the "Powers" have lost control of this planet. Have their numbers been reduced? Yes, human (if you can still call them that) numbers I believe.

Here’s a quick summary of what I believe will be the next steps of their plan but their plans are always changing. Some members of the illuminati will be sacrificed and a lot of their heinous crimes will be revealed in the media. I believe we are beginning to see this now. Humanity will be disgusted and shocked about what has happened and thankful to the new “heroes” bringing the truth to light. These new heroes will become the next “Powers.” Incredible new technologies will also soon be “discovered” and released that will amaze the human mind. In the background, our true history will continue to be destroyed and scrubbed in wars like with “ISIS.” Isis, dang they are clever.

Back to technology; my, how much we are addicted. How naked we feel when we are not “plugged in” though at least we did reject Google Glass. This natural hologram on Gaia is not enough for our mind so they will create another, one that is virtual. They are not after your body, they are after your mind. You don’t need a physical body to nano travel and use avatars.

Another note and this is my opinion here and that is I don’t really like the term or get to excited by “light.” Lucifer was the light bearer. Light can be manipulated just like with the tunnel of light. I think malevolent beings can manipulate feelings of “love and light.” Light which I usually specifically attribute to “visible light” is such a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum but only what we can perceive with our 10% brain. What is done in the light or by the name of the light is meant to be obvious and seen which set ups the potential for deception. What is done in the dark or the other 96% of the universe is what I am really interested in.

@PimpMyBrain: I think “Project Blue Beam” is pretty much obsolete.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh, no. I was referring to my own language in posts!

And when I refer to light, I refer to the opposite of darkness: Source-light.

wendy tascione said...

@pimpmy u feel that new age info is meant to coax us into creating a new earth for malevolent reasons. I feel there will be two harvests one for lower vibrating humans and the new earth for higher vibrating? Just a guess. But I'm wondering if u feel the same?

PimpMyBrain said...

@wendy and Ryno First, Hello both !

Yes, this project Blue beam seems quite off for me in this time, even if the tech is ready, the last series of events , factions war and my general feeling of change about all of this, put this type of agenda very unsuccesfull. Too flashy and impossible now with the inside figthing.

About this "haverst" thing of good and bad people separatley, i am not really in this point. I really start my spiritual journey at January of this year. I am French and Charlie Hebdo False flag was my catalyst for this beginning. I was always on the track of "conspiracy theories", but had never really looking futher in the ETs thing. With this video :

IT seems very scary video and maybe hoax, but who cares ? It just put in my mind the idea , if we are under a certain control of a "negative ETs", there is no way any "positive ETS" will stay without doing something. Seems very naive thought, but was the fioul of my research. I discovery a lot of theorie, positives so-called groups. I felt for every ones at time, but somthing push me always to let them down and looking for more. Learn to accept cheated, understand why it was feeling wrong, forgive myself to do mistake and go foward, was hard at first.

This is my own experience, like everybody will make its own. But i realized than for each things I trusted at time, was my own decision and if i felt for , i am the only to blame myself for this. I am not here to be the lawyer of the manipulated messagers or manipulators, they will deal with their own actions/mistakes. So, when I realize i follow a bad way (the Blue Avians for my last experience), i don't put a lot of frustration, as my first, on the messenger and myself. All go more smoothly, lesson is learn, go to the next. Seems naive but feel so much peacefull and rewarding.

Like everybody will deal with his own "demons", i will not use the term "harvest", i really don't like it (maybe he has a good meaning in english). I prefer to say we all go to our "journey of realization".

Thank to everybody here to teach me a lot with your own reflections/argumentations/personal experiences. And personnal thanks to Lynn for giving me the hints i needed to follow my own path ! ;)

Have a nice day everyone !

Ryno said...

@PimpMyBrain: Hello to you as well! I enjoy reading others stories on how they got interested in searching beyond the mainstream so thanks for sharing.

Your intuition seems pretty good for starting your journey relatively recently but like you have realized, trust your gut more than anything! Believing something then finding evidence that contradicts or discredits something you previously thought or believed is all part of this game. Be prepared to find many dead ends, I certainly have!

I agree with you about the term, "harvest." Of all the terms so-called "enlightened" E.T.'s could use to describe an "ascension" event, they choose harvest. No thanks, I am not a crop to be gathered. I'm a sovereign being exploring and creating in this universe.

I will have to check out that video you posted later. I quickly viewed and read some of the words and it caught my interest.