Monday, November 16, 2015

Earth's Last War

Q. Sites which expose climate manipulation (geoengineering of the weather) are in agreement that we are reaching a cataclysmic apogee by midcentury. We are losing trees, species of animals and insects, and general populace health at alarming rates (MIT predicts in 10 years one out of every two children, given our alarming statistical trend, will be autistic). Groups investigating weather manipulation reference aluminum/chemical spraying and ionospheric heaters as creating a synergistic toxicity in humans and the environment. The equation is not linear but rather an alarming blow to the earth's food chain, biosphere, and climate cycles. I have read all your comments/readings on chemtrails and weather warfare. Is this Earth's last war? Are we a dying planet?
A.  If earth were to stay on it's current path, it would eventually self cleanse and life would need to start all over again (not from a basic organism, but from the perspective of some animals and many humans).  I get that Darwin's theory of "The Survival of the Fittest" will prove to be true.  

There is a long road (hundreds of years) before it could get to that point, and the decline of natural quality of life will be apparent before we get there.  I see a time coming when it will be hard to obtain organic food (what you get won't really be organic, and GMOs will soon take over).  Humans will be more and more toxic from elements (like fluoride) in the water, fake (GMO) food, air we breathe (due to toxins), immunizations and pharmaceuticals that are being pushed on us from every angle.  Human genetic codes are being polluted with these toxins, therefore causing birth defects and increased rates of diseases and cancers.  

We (as humans) are also doing things that are not in our true nature like working in stressful environments, in cubicles 60 hours a week.  It keeps you disconnected with the earth, and difficult to feel and stay grounded.   It is distracting, and I get that the brain waves being used during this type of work are very different from the brain waves you experience during a meditative, centering type exercise.

I get that just like Rome fell and Chinese dynasties met their demise, humans (as a group) too will eventually fail.  I get that humans have existed and been wiped before, with some of the stronger surviving to rebuild the race.  The earth has gone through a purge cycle before.  There are thousands of years between these cycles, but they are inevitable if humans go down this destructive path. 

The positive news in this is that there are ETs out there that want to help us.  We just need to let them in an allow it.  I get that as humans we are the closest we have been to evolving our consciousness which would stop this timeline and start to reverse (heal!) the damage that has been done.  The Reptilian rule (cabal) would be forced to leave or submit, and the higher level beings could begin to focus on the greater good.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- Lynn


Lakshmi said...

Lynn, Thanks.
I like what you said about....."letting them help"....I also agree.
Also the bad-guys will be pushed out of the picture.....if we can visualize a lovely place (earth).
PS For those that heard of "loosh" collecting. Robert Monroe's book "Far Journey" chapter10,11...are interesting. It seems like "Creator" made earth an experimental set-up for loosh-creation (love creation)...But crude-loosh can be had from terror and death. It seems that the bad-guys decided to "cash-in" (hijack) on the they could play "creator". It now seems that this unwelcomed intervention must be cleared out....and the extra-ordinary-loosh-maker-human...allowed to grow. Just some deep thinking.

EA RW said...

"I get that humans have existed and been wiped before, with some of the stronger surviving to rebuild the race."

Wow, Jordan maxwell was talking about the same thing... And even the rabbi's know litterally what is written in the ancient hebrew. Just stunning.

Lynn, do you still see people massivly quitting their jobs?

wendy tascione said...

Barbara Marciniak says we are the 7th version of humanity about to morph into the 8th....(..7th son of the 7th son). Her channeling sync with Lynn's.

CartalkByJJ said...

I don't know what's more depressing... That humans are a cancer on this planet or that it takes Extra Terrestrials to have to come in and save it/us.

They Live said...

Humans have been manipulated by low vibrational beings for a long time now. Humans were in sync with Earth until certain unwanted interventions occurred. The idea that humans are a "cancer" to the planet comes from the misanthropic entities who assisted us towards a path of destruction. That path will change shortly.

The enlightened one said...

Restoring all the damage that has been made to Earth will take some advanced technology indeed, or millions of years through natural processes.

I know that there are beings out there that do want to help. We just have to take the first step ourselves.

John Casey said...

Thanks Lynn:

How could we best allow positive ETs in?


The enlightened one said...

@John Casey
I think this analogy may explain what we are dealing with.
Have you ever watched ghost investigation shows? Many times the people living in the haunted house will feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in certain rooms, as though they weren't allowed to go there. It may be e.g. a previos house owner or dweller who haunts the place, and doesn't want other people around. And the living people end up avoiding the haunted rooms.

Even with living people, I think you can many times feel instinctively whether they allow other people into their personal space or not.

The allowing or dis-allowing of ET:s to Earth is similar, I think.

Robert Schoen said...

I think one must always concentrate on the world he or she is creating around themselves, and strive to do good and bring a positivity to that world. There will always be reports or war and disasters and other horrible things and the only thing we as individuals can do is to tend and shape our own corner of existence, which is how we will ultimately perceive the whole world and make it at least our own reality.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Very good points!

Someone asked how to allow them in, and really the best way is to be open to the idea. Allow your subconscious to be accepting. You can do this with a little saying you create, idea you have, or thought before approaching meditation. Don't have fear, but rather acceptance.

Vegan Ricky said...

@Psychic Focus

I'd like to add that it also helps to project unconditional love, respect and support. I have removed all preconceived notions about them and set forth the intention to grow spiritually with their assistance (if they so choose to respond).

A Man Called Da-da said...

We sincerely hope this finds you, and finds you well:

This is what you've been waiting for.

joy said...

I disagree with your assessment that "Humans are cancer to Earth"
That is far from truth.

The negative ETs ,the dracos ,the reptilians and assorted minor nasty ETs we have just talked about in the previous article have planned to and now are ready to openly claim the real estate called Earth. They are the real cancer of this Earth.

They are terraforming(geoengineering) the face of the planet to suit their physiology...thru chemtrails, HAARP extreme drought,fracking,global warming . They want to eventually come out in the open, make the USA their administrative hub.(the statue of Baphomet in the open is to make us get used to their physical persence )

The cabal is their "tool" to accomplish the establishment of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Every criminal,evil thing you see being done by humans...these ETs are behind it.They told us WHAT they will do to us thru their Georgia Guidestones.

so, the same timeframe that they are terraforming, they have started in killing off at least 90% of human population, and those allowed to live will be packed in megacities.UN2030.

They own the UN , the USA, EU, and all other countries, They are called THE EMPIRE OF EVIL. They started depopulation in the USA with legalized abortions. About 53 million babies, to date,... have been aborted since the Roe Vs Wade in the 70s when this all started. The reptilians are behind this...they eat humans. They drink human blood. They have no respect for us and treats us worse than cattles. All these non-human behaviors being displayed by humans,...are nothing but a result of mind-manipulations and possessions of these monsters. Our freewill have been held hostage for many many eons of time.

The refugee invasions of EU, and now the USA was planned by these ETs thru their cabal. Did anyone hear what Soetero said yesterday...? He does not care about winning the war on ISIS. He's under a spell....! Poor guy.

These negative ETS are the power behind the cabal, the Illuminati.
They told us their motto: 'ORDER OUT OF CHAOS"
This means, they will create as much chaos thru displacement of refugees, increase the violence like that one in Paris, and keep the population drunk in high fear so that they will ask their govt to save them. In return, the cabal govt will take all their remaining freedoms and shackle them, and take them to FEMA camps for their own good. then, these hidious monsters will come out and rule the world.

This is what humankind is facing at the moment.

I warned you, you'll call me demented when I tell you this.
LOL. too late.

Joao Gomes said...

Hello all !

Cobra- Earth-Power-Meditation next saturday Nov. 21.

We will be doing this meditation on Saturday, November 21th at 9:12 pm Central European Time (CET). This equals 10:12 pm EET in Cairo, 8:12 pm GMT in London, 3:12 pm EST in New York, 2:12 pm CST in Chicago, 1:12 pm MST in Denver and 12:12 pm PST in Los Angeles, and 4:12 am CST on Sunday, November 22nd in Taipei.


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process towards the Disclosure and the Event.

3. Visualize a beam of Light emanating from your Soul Star chakra (8 inches / 20 centimeters above your head) into the Soul Star chakras of everybody meditating.

AS said...

Hello All - If many of you are disturbed by this information, remember that Earth is not our real home. We have the Other Side to look forward to, a place of peace where we are ensconced within Universal Love and all our loved ones. There is no negativity. A good majority of us are on Earth, (sometimes known as the insane asylum of the universe) and came here to assist on raising the energy of Earth during these tumultuous times, as well as work on our own raising of consciousness within our Selves. The situation we are living in is only temporary. Eventually we move on and go Home. Recognizing this gives me only more energy and drive to accomplish the task I signed up for. Take this knowledge if it helps you and press forward with your own Soul and Earth Work. It is no easy task! Remember our loved ones are watching on the Other Side rooting for us and eagerly anticipating the day we return Home.

Peace and Light!

They Live said...

Their plans have been known for sometime now and knowing is more than half the battle. I hereby declare all of the plans of the draconians/repitilians and those working along with them null and void and for their eviction from Earth to be effective immediately. I declare they be sent back to God's true love and light where they will make amends.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@EA RW: When things get bad, I see humans going back to their roots (and that isn’t sitting in a cubicle all day)…

@They Live: I agree.. Low vibrational beings have been influencing humans for a long time. That shift will eventually change, and we will sync back with Mother Gaia.