Sunday, November 15, 2015


Q. Lynn, can you do an update on Disclosure and what the current time frame is? I remember you mentioning previously that you saw it still within this year? If not, why? And when do you see it now? What can we do to help it happen?  Thanks!!! :)
A. Disclosure is slowly happening now, but it is coming from the people rather than from the media or some kind of authority source.  ETs are showing themselves more and more, and people are documenting and sharing their knowledge and evidence.  UFOs are seen all over the world, and ETs are cloaking themselves less and less.  Before the day of technology it was more of a he said / she said situation, but now there is undeniable proof to those that open themselves up to their subconscious to validate the truth.

I get that some countries have implied that there is an existence of ETs, more in a way of subtly mentioning it in news stories, etc. (talking about the news event as if disclosure has already occurred and leaving people wondering and pondering what was just said).

I see that throughout the remainder of 2015 the presence of UFOs will be more and more as a way to let governments know they aren't going away.  I also see the media releasing TV shows and movies that work to desensitize the fact they these beings are there (with a real push behind them).  Some governments will make the announcement by the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016, while other will let the new trickle down to the people through alternative means.

What can we do to speed it up?  Meditate or think to yourself about these beings.  They are high level beings, and by subconsciously allowing them to know they are welcome, they will continue to show themselves. They will get more and more daring and the ultimate disclosure will happen from them... 

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-


Vegan Ricky said...

The way I see it is that "disclosure" is being carried out in a masked format, through Hollywood-esq content and similar outlets. The film, Men in Black, is a good example. The weapons revealed in that film are very real and in existence. There is also something about the newspaper that has merit. If someone here can explain the importance of the newspaper, I'd love to read your insights.

I have also noticed that quite a bit of factual information is being allowed via Youtube videos and interviews to an extent. How long that will continue is a good question. I do not foresee an official announcement being broadcasted by Government spokespersons or anything in that nature. The best you will get is the occasional mentioning of alien contact/involvement through an obscure interview or source. If 100% full disclosure were to occur by a "reputable source" then it would open up a can of worms on so many levels that nobody in the establishment desires to deal with.

Vegan Ricky said...

I forgot to mention this as an example of an "obscure source" for factual information. :)

joy said...

I DO NOT believe that your US govt will EVER want to disclose. Satan's best defense is to convince everyone that he does not exist. NON DISCLOURE does that.
See, if I tell my friends about them, they'll think I'm demented.

The bureaucrats, starting with Eisenhower, are in cahoots with these malevolent aliens, these draco-reptilians,the annunakis and their minions... in abducting, killing, raping,eating, drinking our bloods, pedophiling, mutilating and experimenting on us humans, for many decades. exchange for some advanced ET war armaments.
So many hundreds of thousands of missing women and children, in the USA alone, every year. We are the best game for hunting,in the galaxy. You think they will give us up that easily..........?
I know they are still around, doing their nefarious deeds on unsuspecting humans. Still going,.. nothing, no one to stop them. These negative ETs are now
behind this world wide havoc of chemtrailing, radioactive poisoning, poisoning of our food, continuous wars,weather manipulations,new exotic diseases, feminizing our men, ...every dysfunction you see are caused by these monsters in the shadow. This is the reason we can never have peace. We can't remove our shackles until we know and see that they are there in place.
My question is, (because I don't have the answer) .....even if the whole world knows of this,what can we do to get rid of them..? We can't see them, they are the best blackmagicians in the Universe, they are intellectually and physically superior to us. They know how to possess our minds.
What can we really do...?

wendy tascione said...

Joy...on point!

Lisa said...

There are good and bad aliens, IMO.

So, I guess that there is a war going on between the good and bad aliens about Earth?! And lets hope that the good ones will win...

They Live said...

@Joy, Much truth with what you wrote. Thankfully in this world of balance, there are beings who are the complete opposite to that. Using our intuition to figure out which one is who is best during this stage. Especially in our everyday lives as they already walk amongst us and have been for a long time now. I've met a couple of them, I'm sure I've encounterted more than that in my lifetime and didn't even realize it like many humans.
One deception some will pull is claiming to be from distance galaxies, etc., when in fact they are from/have been here on Earth for ages, most living in Hollow Earth as Lynn has written about.

They Live said...

Also, I feel any being standing alongside a power that were official is no good. Those who are hard to get close to and are highly idolized, i.e. celebrities, are highly controlled by these low vibrational entities, products of them or these entities themselves including but not limited to: members of the police and military force, of course members of the government, lawyers, judges, doctors, the list goes on.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Vegan Ricky: I agree with much of what you say.. Thanks for the comment.

@Joy: As we learn and accept the truth, we can become strong enough to overpower them. We need to elevate the collective consciousness, and then we will become stronger.

@They Live: Good points…

Lakshmi said...

To all. I want to share a technique of global communications. We need to use our heart-chakra to contact 7 billion people. When you feel connected (brotherhood and love).....send the message you wish to all humanity.

Note: only loving thoughts will be forwarded and have an effect. Negative or harmful thoughts are difficult to took 1000s of years to take control of the media, religions, and schools. The bad-guys were going against the tide (of good) it takes them years (eons). But we (the indigenous loving human) can make very-rapid changes by using "heart communication" to humans, angels, UFO-friends, god...etc to "demand" positive change.

To demand that the oppressive bad-guy-alien forces (and cabal forces)....leave us alone...and that they get out of the leaving humans to a creative happy future (in a post-disclosure period).
YOU can ask for good-alien intervention (if you want)....since they do exist (like a protective force).....and can only help if asked...otherwise they must respect our "imagining that they don't exist".
Thanks Lynn for your great clarity.

EA RW said...

Lynn, can you make a connection to greenish lights in the sky. About the same size of a star in the night sky. I tend to see them once in a while. Sometimes it's like they fading in and out.

Either my eyes are seeing it correctly or I'm hallucinating.

Vegan Ricky said...

Lynn, thanks again for the reading. My "negative" ET friends have ceased checking up on me (early in the mornings) after sending a request. Now I am wondering if that was a mistake, that is, if there was more they could done for me. I suppose I could simply send out another request when ready. I don't believe they are all that bad to be perfectly honest!!!

They Live said...

@Lynn Many thanks :-) ♥

The enlightened one said...

@Vegan Ricky How did you notice they were checking up on you, and why was it uncomfortable?

Vegan Ricky said...

@The enlightened one

The very first thought that comes to mind is intuition. Level of intuitive sense varies from person to person, depending on their level of development (I suppose). Also, the more contact and/or paranormal experiences that occur, the more one gets a feel of what's going on and learns to read energy and differentiate frequencies, to identify one ET from another, another person from an ET, a demonic manifestation from a "negative" ET, etc... I have learned that different races of ETs carry with them different energetic vibes.

Each type of ET carries their own vibe and I have developing my ability to differentiate between different races, as I have been in contact with different ones, by their energetic frequency I perceive from them. For the most part, when I've been pulled out of my body by someone else and no distinguishable vibe is detected, then I have concluded that it is in fact my higher self doing the initiation. When I detect someone else in the room, separate from myself, then I know it's not part of me, but rather, a separate entity altogether.

In waking state, I will be typing on my computer and will start to get the feel that I am being watched. I stop and "tune into" this feeling, that is, I clear my thoughts and listen or focus on this feeling (like tuning into an FM frequency and clearing the static so I can hear the song better). I am not doing it with my hands or my ears, I am doing it with my mind or aura. ?

When I tune into the oncoming energy, I then get a sense of the vibe of the sender. In reference to the ETs described here, they emit a very menacing, hateful, and sharp vibe. Not exactly the most pleasant individual to be in the presence of (making the human extremely uncomfortable). As Lynn has described to me, this particular ET(s) [it is in fact only one (of their race/type) I've had direct contact with] uses the television screen as means of a conduit into this dimension and when I got the feeling of being watched, I also heard the electrical discharge/spark come from the TV and knew I was being *monitored*.

On a few occasions, the same "spark" would wake me up in the middle of the night (more early morning before my work shift) and see how I am doing. I received feedback that he/they were simply checking on me and maybe measuring my reaction to their presence in some way. There is more to the contact than what I am describing in this message as there was a very personal, one-to-one encounter with work done, but I will refrain from sharing that information and simply describe the follow-up process that you inquired about. Because I don't particularly enjoy being awaken 3:00 in the morning, I sent out the request that they not visit me at that time.

Anybody know why the ETS love to visit us in the middle of the night?

The enlightened one said...

@Vegan Ricky. That sounds quite weird indeed. Do you have any idea what makes TV sets so suitable a conduit for them into our reality?

You say they are menacing and hateful, still they respect your wish to be left alone. That sounds contradicting, but perhaps they have no choice but to obey your will?

Vegan Ricky said...

@The enlightened one
If you are asking if there is something inside the makeup of the television that allows ETs to enter our reality, then I honestly do not know. The only information Lynn has conveyed to me, which does make a lot of sense, is that the TV allows them to expend least amount of effort/energy to channel their consciousness to my room. The notion that this may not be a coincidence is certainly worth investigating!

It is certainly possible to emit a menacing energy, yet not behave as such. My one-on-one encounter gave me the impression that he was "demonic" in nature, but had no intention of posing harm to me. I use the term demonic not because this individual was a demon (or from Hell), but that his energy makeup is composed that of a lower energy, versus a higher angelic type.

After this contact, I do feel really good and feel I have had an upgrade in psi abilities. Emotional blocks have been cleared. All is going well. :)

The enlightened one said...

@Vegan Ricky
another reason to watch less television I guess, lol.
It seems television is about more than just propaganda, if Lynn's information is accurate.

"one-on-one encounter"... are you saying you had visual short range contact with an alien being?

The enlightened one said...

@Vegan Ricky
By the way, why are these ET:s visiting you anyway?
Do you think they are just curious, or do you think they are trying to help you somehow? Also, isn't it giving you second thoughts, receiving help from what you perceive as low vibrational beings? That maybe their intentions are not what they seem?

Vegan Ricky said...

@The enlightened one

This concept is certainly worth investigating. It seems pretty obvious to me that the technology our society has acquired is not of this planet and for lack of better words, artificial (was the crystal technology utilized by the Atlantean civilization more of an organic, Earth-based source?). Who knows how it is being manipulated (by those on the other side) and for what reasons. It would not surprise me one bit if the television (or computer) were used for reasons other than what we've been brought up to believe!

To make it clear, the extraterrestrials will never say "Hello. The reason I am visiting you is because... I am currently conducting "this" procedure on your heart center. This process will allow you/us to... etc..." For me, it simply has not gone that route, which is why I sought out this blog for a second opinion by those with more experience. All contact I have with the Greys have involved them coming into my reality to do a job and ask questions later, with the only problem being they have long gone by the time I start asking! It's been interesting to say the very least, despite those contacts being extremely frightening. It does appear, after all that I have a broken finger that has been "fixed." I just noticed it this year, so it may have occurred during a recent visit. I have zero recollection of breaking my finger, though wouldn't surprise me if it did occur during a horrifying visitation.

Lynn pretty much hit the nail on the head when she picked up that the reason why they are visiting me is because... I sent out the signal! I seem to have a very strong signal and upon coming across an illustration of an extraterrestrial via the Internet, I sensed on a subconscious level something about it was true-- and tuned into that particular race. [look at photo, feel the photo, bring the entity into you, ask "I'd like to meet you."] I do admit that I sensed immediately that they were of a lower density type - not really sure how else to describe that. I have come across audio material over the years of contactees and psychics who avoid all ETs of lower densities and only wish to interact with higher-level light beings, that is those without agendas and secrecy. I feel that on a subconscious level, I sought those who could help my spiritual development the most at this stage of the process, and it so happened to be a ET of a darker variety.

So, your concern has merit. All I can say is that I contacted them first and they simply responded by looking into signal sent and found something there worth getting involved with. The face to face, short range contact was absolutely terrifying at the time, but they unblocked me and I've since felt a whole lot lighter and more "free." My personal issues stemmed from childhood trauma no longer phase me.

joy said...

Re: Positive ETs, Allow them to help us.

About 20 years ago, when I was in a state of prolonged depression, a dynamic ET duo visited me in my sleep. I slowly woke up as they were ending a surgical procedure in my brain. Then, they moved on my line of vision and I saw that they were Reptilians. Tall, muscular tailed humanoids.Gorgeous scintillating rainbow like scales.
They were wearing surgeons lab coats. They were talking in a guttural language, perhaps harsh german. But dang, I understood what they were saying.! Yep,...they were matter-of-fact discussing the new wirings and the balancing of my brain endocrine hormones.
They were just yapping there while I slowly woke up fully, then they disappeared from my vision.
For about 3 weeks after that, whenever I feel down getting ready to be depressed, I could hear a great growling coming from my chest and throat that says "STOP THAT".
After a few more weeks.......I was cured. Hehhh............!

Now, this is weird because I don't believe what I found out. They might have left some packets of information in my brain that slowly unwound as the days went on...and this information is what I'll relate.Nothing more.

I got that at least one of these reptilian surgeon guys is my incarnational self.
And that the ETs out there are pretty much our incarnational selves, and are now converging here as our support team. They said that we are ETs and angelic mix and that most of us have commands of mighty space ships that are now circling this solar system.
That we ARE incarnated in all all SOURCE systems,in all Parallel universes, in all Alternate universes, in the Void, in all dimensions.
That we have incarnated on both sides of the fence, as good and as bad guys...but that we are eventually THE ONES ending this play.
Nice story.
That in the multidimensional reality, this Earth drama is all done, and we already ascended this Universe. Whew...........! That another Game is afoot..!

I am aware that I DON"T send any conscious signal,but I have had furious fights with humongous military type reptiles in the astral plane and in this plane.
It now seems I as SOUL am contacting them. I as SOUL have motives and activities my human personality is not aware of. I was born devoid of fear. I understand fear but I do not suffer it, so I have no problem trashing any violent reptile that comes my way.

Thank you, Lynn. Thanks to all of you guys..!

Vegan Ricky said...

Thank you for sharing, joy. Fascinating!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and insight. We help each other so much through sharing experiences. Love and light-

SgtOli said...

You know that a predator will carefully choose its Victims. I believe that most negative beings choose us as Victims when we fear, as fear shrinks our auras and lowers our vibrational frequency. This allows any entity the ability to pierce our psychie field and begin psychic attacks of all sorts. Our job is to become knowledgeable about all aspects of metaphysics and to raise our vibrational frequency not only through meditation, but also projecting psychic contortion waves of a higher caliber (love, sympathy, benevolence, etc), visualizing positive end results, and plain and simply taking a psychic stand....YOU SHALL NOT PASS! We should do daily meditations as a group ata certain time and with certain focus in order to begin creating a group psychic field that can grow and radiate unto others.