Friday, June 26, 2015

ETs and the Human Connection

Q. Can you do a reading on Sheldan Nidle? He claims to have been visited by the good aliens in his youth and taken aboard their ships. Eventually he became uncomfortable with the alien visits and asked them to stop which they did. Later in life the visits resumed and now he puts out a weekly newsletter in which he says many outlandish things which never seem to happen or as he claims "get delayed". Is there any truth to any of his messages?
A.  I see many layers of earth coexisting at the same time.  Humans live in one vibration, and many ETs can alter their vibration to a higher state allowing them to live in a different layer. I see that many advanced ETs can manipulate their vibration and chose which "layer" they want to reside in during a specific moment of time.  I get he is able to "see" these ETs that are visiting him in these other layers.  I see he has spiritually travelled (liek astral projection) to these ET ships as well.  

Regarding his information... I get he is seeing things that are occurring on a different time line, so what appears to not happen or get delayed is really just the real events as they unfold on this current timeline.  There are many similar events that do happen accurately, but also some big changes too. 

Q. Have you ever heard of the Boriska Boy? He is a Russian child that was interviewed several years ago at the age of 10 and he said that he had lived a previous life on Mars. He said that Mars died and Martians came to Earth to colonize it. He said that many people still live there underground. His remarks were too profound for a young child. But he received too much publicity and his parents divorced and his mother prohibited further interviews.

Were his remarks legitimate? Was he really recalling a previous life on Mars and making accurate remarks of future events? Or, were those ideas planted there from tv, movies and other influences in his life?
A. I do see him as relaying accurate information.  I see Mars was once inhabited and the environment became too hostile for the Martians to survive so they came to earth and were one of the groups of ETs that began to colonize earth.  The Martians that stayed on Mars were forced underground.  He is remembering past history and a past life. 

Q. Can Aliens steal our souls slowly by implanting Alien Implants on us?  This website claims it has happened to many people around the world. How true is this?
A. I don't see it as stealing your soul, but rather controlling you.  You still own your soul, but they can manipulate your actions, control your thoughts and essentially spy on you from the inside.  They do this to study humans and understand us.  The ETs that participate in this also have this feeling of superiority over humans. I also don't see this as a practice that is currently being done (something feels archaic about it) and I get that more "mental" control is happening now because our vibrations have been lowered to a point that they can tap in.  I also get that most ETs are the "good guys" and fight against these types of practices.  Ultimately, if you maintain a higher vibration you can mentally fight off any kind of foreign attack on your mind.

Q. You often mention alien races and some of the good ones seem to be looking out of us and sometimes making contact. How would one go about inviting contact with an alien? What can I do to invite them to interact with me?
A. I get to work on keeping your vibration high, stay in a state of protection (especially before meditating) and begin putting intent out to meet one as long as the experience is done in your greater good.  When the time is right it will happen.  It could be a physical or spiritual experience.

Q. What is that flying in the air? Cheers!!!

A.  I do see this as real!  I get that it would be hard to find this again (they are slowly pulling this feed from the internet.  I also hear the phrase that this is "subtle disclosure.

Q. Dr Malanga, a hypnotherapist from Italy has been working with abductees for 20 years. He clams to have discovered a false memory some ETs leave in peoples minds about their abduction in order to hide an even deeper issue. He claims that certain abductions are done in order to use humans as a living hard drive of sorts that stores the consciousness of ETs that are trying to cheat their own death, and they need to use certain humans because all beings have a spirit but not all have their own individual light matrix, and the alien spirit trying to cheat the system so to speak and seek immortality in this plane needs a "light" source to energize from or feed off, or they'll die. He said they use us this way, until they are able to construct a new body for themselves and coax a soul into it for their consciousness to keep living past their time. He also teaches people to raise their own consciousness to take back their lives and fend them off. Does any of this ring true? It doesn't seem to be themed all that differently from our own so called elites planning the same activities with computer stored consciousness. Here's a link to an article on it, it contains links to his website(s), and a youtube video lecture he gave on the topic in Italian but subtitled in English: 

A.  It does resonate with me that lower vibrational beings (ET and human) tend to focus on immortality because even though they understand the concept of reincarnation, they have a feelings that part of their self dies when the physical body dies.  The vibration that they reside in doesn't allow them to realize that your soul incarnates in it's entirety into a new physical being based on what life lesson you are needing to continue your path of growth and expansion through experience.  They get stuck in this narrow mentality (and lose the focus of growing and switch to maintaining and sustaining in their current reality.  They are in a very "self" centric mode of thinking).  

Raising your vibration does enable you to fight this off.  As humans we have the capability to fight off all of these mental (and in some cases physical) attacks to our being.  They may be drawn to your vibration, but also scared of it at the same time.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


They Live said...

Great reading as always! The reading regarding those wanting to cheat death make me think of the various clones in Hollywood, the government and the general public running around. They inhabit these GMO or robotic bodies and take on the persona of the original person in public.
This sadly has been going on for way toooo long. I pray it will stop soon so these souls will finally go back to the source and stop being so selfish and most importantly stop being murders, as they tend to kill the original person.

Robert Schoen said...

I'll bet a lot of Lynn's followers might be Pleiadian or from some other system and not even know it.

I was very interested in Lynn's comments about higher vibrations and layers of earth, and remember how she said the coming earth changes with Niburu and the red comet will only affect some of the people. This makes me think your vibration or approach to life determines how you see and experience things. In New Orleans, we were blessed when Katrina happened in the way everything seemed to work out for the better while neighbors of ours felt it was the worst experience of their life. Is this an example of how the same event can exist on two different dimensional levels or layers?

siketa said...

Lynn, what do you see will happen to Greece and Euro?

Baku Matsumoto said...


i believe Lynn already answered....Greek will manage the problem within Euro zone...lf my memories are correct.

Raymond G said...

Lynn, Your replies are always interesting. The Boriska boy story is fascinating even though I have only seen one interview with him. I think you have said that you don't conduct research prior to a Reading. But if we ask you a question, would it be useful to send you a link to a photo related to the question ? You often have pics related to your replies and it might save you time. Just an idea.

Many Thanks for your time.

Mark Noeth said...

Interesting read as always. The aliens trying to cheat the system is brilliant on their part. Raising the vibration pattern would be the key to protecting ones self. A huge percentage of our over populated Earth won't. So evidently these beings will get to pick and choose who they use for the time being.

Have a good day...

Anonymous said...

Lynn, Are shows like Hanger1, Ancient Aliens etc.and other UFO shows (History Channel) examples of supple disclosure or is this manipulated. I can't imagine this kind of disclosure would be allowed on such a broad level but at the same time I feel these are truths. Well known truths.

Juli T said...

Yes! I saw that UFO on the news here. That's a very respected (if not the most) media news channel, not a tabloid kind of thing, and it was live and people saw it and told them and so they put it on again because at the moment they didn't realize it (the reporters are giving the back to the window). But it was a funny thing that day, we forgot about it the next and now I'm thinking why?

About 10 years ago, CCTV cameras taped a woman floating on the vault of our national bank by night, nobody was supposed to be there of course, and less a floating lady.
It made the news the next day, and we never heard about it again. It's being 10 years believe me, I'm trying to get that video somewhere, or at least a mention in the newspapers archives (I remember watching it on the news and reading about it the next day), but it DISAPPEARED. Last time I tried was a week ago and there's nothing there.
It wasn't a shadow, or a light, or a hard to see shape, it was a woman head to toe, only a little blurry.
From time to time I even talk to people and they don't even remember the event! Disinformation works great here too.

They Live said...

The weaklings that be need to give it up already. People know what's going on and for those that don't the truth will be unveiled. I know they will use trickery and deceit til the very end, but their techniques have already gotten old. Just hoping more people will wake up to it sooner.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: It is exactly like that. Much of our reality is how we perceive it, and we can change our perceptions.

@Raymond: Yes, you can do that. My process is that I cut and paste the question into a rough draft. When I scan my drafts I will see a word or something pop out, and I go from there. I read the question and just start answering. When I am all the way done with the reading/typing if there is a link included I make sure it still works, and then I pick a few random images online to add before I publish it. I am happy to use whatever is sent to me..

@Diane: I feel Ancient Aliens resonates as true and shares many insights (I’ve seen a few). This is subtle disclosure and also a way to desensitize us to prepare our conscious minds for the truth.

@Juli: Thanks for the comment. Interesting!

@They Live: I see many people seeking out truth, and we are moving in the right direction (even though it may be slow)..

Compassion Spread said...

I wonder if the attunement that many energy workers do is a part of a soul /mind/ energy control system. Many years ago somebody made attunement on me which I couldn't resist b/c I knew that person wanted to make some money, and I wasn't comfortable to refuse or say 'no' to that. However I was terrified all those 20-25 minutes I was on the table. She commented during the session that they change completely my 4th, 6th, and 7th chakras!!!, replaced me the energy structure of my whole right leg from waist to tow, and did some other adjustments. All my life was destroyed from about the time that session took place, and I always have strange feeling and sometimes pain on my leg while I had never had any problems before. Years after, I call this session as 'I sold my soul'. That's exactly like it feels for me now, and I constantly blame myself for allowing that experience to happen b/c of trying to be too good and trustable to others. The main concern is that we really don't know if it really for good or for bad for us overall. I think, that energy healer was sure she tried to do a good thing for me even I didn't ask and didn't need it. She thought I might not know my 'problems', but THEY SEE, and KNOW, and FIX them. When I realized that all my life problems have started directly after that experience, I was thinking may be I should try to reverse it back somehow, but immediately blame myself again for what may be disrespect to 'light beings' who might really wanted to 'help' me. I'm thinking now that attunements (may be, again, just in some cases) are a pure mind /soul/energy control, and the energy workers just might not realize it. What do you, Lynn, think about it?

Juli T said...

@Compassion Spread I'm sorry for that. For my experience, I can only tell you people with that kind of abilities can use it for good or bad reasons and/or means. I've met several with a special 'connection' (like Lynn's or less) but in the end we're all human beings, we (or they) decide how to use those abilities. Trust yourself and don't give anyone power over you :)

Alex said...


Regarding the alien implants, are you saying that website claiming thousands of people worldwide are affected by the alien implants are fake?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@compassion Spread: I think everyone is different, and the intent of the person receiving the attunement is just as important as the person giving it. Seeking out an energy worker to learn from isn't a decision to be made lightly. I understand that you can't reverse what was done, but you can reclaim yourself. Focus on elevating your vibration and focus on reclaiming all that is you (I would actually incorporate a mantra to the effect of I am reclaiming all that was, is and will be me to the greater good of myself.). Say it over and over and believe it when you speak or think it. I am so sorry this experience happened to you. With some work I see to being "you" again.

@Alex: I do see some people have experienced this (a true implant), and others may think they have an implant, but it is more of a mind control (or subconscious memory of an encounter). I do not think that mass amounts of people have lied, it is just hard to really remember what exactly happened during encounters that have a traumatic feel and the memories (when put together) leave that impression..