Friday, May 8, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #9

Hi all, and welcome to entertaining and enlightening Five for Friday #9. Buckle up: this one is even more mind-boggling than usual!

Image #1:  Giant Stone Spheres of Champ Island
Backstory: Who made these giant stone spheres found on Champ Island in the center of an area that belongs to Russia called Franz Josef Land? How were they made? Are they related to other spheres found elsewhere on earth?

What Lynn Saw
 "I first get the image of a bowling ball rolling toward bowling pins. Then I see Indiana Jones in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' These balls were part of a defense mechanism in certain locations that would loose these balls. I see a makeshift wooden system made from logs that handled these. They could then be retrieved and re-used. They're made out of a softer sandstone or rock that's more easily shaped, made by the native people who lived there, and used for defense."

Image #2:  The Great Attractor
Backstory: There's something massive on the other side of our Milky Way galaxy called "The Great Attractor" that we can’t see, pulling on every object around us within hundreds of millions of light years. The Milky Way is hurtling towards this unseen object at 14 million miles an hour! So, WHAT is the Great Attractor, and how long will it take us to get to it? What will happen once we get there?

What Lynn Saw
 "First thing I see is a watch face. As I look at The Great Attractor, I see it somehow alters time for us. We experience time faster as we're pulled toward it. Quartz crystal timepieces and atomic clocks will be less reliable than mechanical watches as we near this thing; the crystal is sensitive to the gravitational pull and will vibrate faster. Anyway, as I tune into this Great Attractor, I want to call it The Mouth of Space. It's pulling everything toward it. It's taking it all in. Once things get to it, things are 'recycled' and put into this alternate space; you'll go through this enormous transformation, like a new space has been created on the other side, but there's this calm and serene feel to it. You take this enormous ride through it then on the other side... nothing. Time feels different. Things speed up as you approach it, but once you go through it, time stands still."

Image #3: The Hand Print of Padma Sambhava
Backstory: This is reportedly the hand print of the Second Buddha, Padma Sambhava, made on the bare rock just as he achieved the "lightbody state" and ascended. Is it? If so, can you explain how this happened?

What Lynn Saw
 "I get that he was half-human, half-ET. When he died, and his spirit left his physical body, there was this reaction that happened, the energy that was within him, pure energetic form, he immediately ramped to his potential vibration, and there was some chemical reaction in the form of heat; if a human resides at say vibration-level 2 or 3, and can meditate up to say 4 or 5, he immediately went from 5 to 9, creating this intense thermodynamic reaction, a discharge of heat. His hand MELTED THE ROCK as he touched it and ascended. Wow. The light was beyond intense. People would've been able to see the light from all over. He left with a flash, literally." Padma Sambhava was indeed six fingered, due to the hybrid of ET DNA.

Image #4: Was Harry Houdini... a Spy??
Backstory: Was Harry Houdini an intelligence agent? For the US, or for a different country? Was he using his tour schedule to spy on various people/things?

What Lynn Saw
 "He was not an intelligence agent, but he worked for one. He would sometimes share info in exchange for money. I keep hearing 'whodunnit, Harry Houdini whodunnit.' Ah, looks like Houdini was murdered for this spying activity! Hmm. Who killed him... he was selling intel to [what would become] the CIA [then the OSS], but in the process he saw internal dirty dealings going on (and I don't know what it was, but the emotion tied to it was repulsive). When he brought it up or talked to the wrong person about it -- THAT is what got him murdered [by the OSS]." [FYI, he was murdered on Halloween, the biggest cabal human sacrifice date] "...but [his death] was tied to his findings -- he learned too much."

Image #5: The Dragon Man Skeleton
Backstory: Some think this is the skeleton of a dragon, or a half-man/half-dragon. What was it really?

What Lynn Saw
 "I see this more like a real live reptilian ET that was captured and burned in order to kill it. That is really quite amazing that it was found, and so intact. I see an image of a tribe taking the skeleton and dismembering it and placing it around their village to ward off other "reptilians" or their energy. I can't get a clear date on how old it is." [Wow. Look at the bone architecture. Those things are strong, and heavily armored.]

And that's it. Join us Friday after next for episode #10! In the meantime, never underestimate the power of angry villagers.


Bee E-lightened said...


They Live said...

Excellent work as always! When I saw that last picture I just knew it was a reptilian, or a politician. Same thing ha!

Jacob Hollar said...

There's someone really intelligent who helps with or runs the topics. Entertaining and creative as always.

Unknown said...

Hii! I am sort of a new reader of your blog, which is really amazing! Always great posts!

I would like to show you a picture I've recently viewed, it seems like a really weird beast that does not resemble one animal only.

Oddly, it was found by locals in Brazil (northeast area), one place not interesting at all. It is said it's body was exposed for a couple of days and then just vanished and not body knows how it came to be there in first place, nor what happened to it.

So, I was wondering if you could see what that thing is, and if it real, who are the responsible for that.

Thank you!

nc_hpoa said...

Loved this "FPFF" post as always! @A Man Called Da-da Can you please share the link where you found the Dragon Man/Reptilian pic. I've googled a bunch and can't find anything with that picture. I'd like to read more on it. Thanks!

Alex said...


I'm confused on your post of the 'Buddha palm'. Could you do a detailed reading on vibration levels?

What is the highest vibration level that can be achieved? How did he get from level 5 to 9? What vibration level do the average human have?

Ryno said...

I tried google-mapping Champ Island and I don't think people really want us seeing it from above. Zooming in it makes the islands look like an Atari game. Maybe its just my computer and others can get more detail?

Regarding the great attractor, I find it a little interesting that it seems like everyone is thinking that time seems to be going by fast. Good thing I have a mechanical watch (though time really doesn't really exist as we know it). When things get sucked in do they get sent to a different universe or still in the same one?

That Reptilian ET is cool. I want to know more about it. Where is that skeleton from? Was it a Reptoid from Earth (genetic experiment from ET visitors and dinosaurs), an Orion Reptilian, or something else?

EA RW said...

Any better quality pictures of that skeleton. Really amazing stuff.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Alas, Da-da can't remember where he saw the reptilian skeleton pics. He'll keep looking. Google intentionally suppresses certain material. And thanks as always for all the nice comments.

John Casey said...

A simply marvelous batch, as always. I was especially taken by the Padma Sambhava photo. It's such a simple but such a powerful image of rising above constraints. And I hope Dada can find a location for the repto-skeleton. A DNA study on those bones is one I would like to see!

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

Raymond G said...

Lynn, Very Interesting.

The Great Attractor you mentioned...would that be a black hole ? There is suppose to be one in the center of our Galaxy and time would stand still if you entered.....especially if it killed What exactly happens when you enter a black hole ? Do you see everything that has ever happened on Earth and other planets? Do you reach consciousness with God ?

Some say you would be stretched apart. Somehow I don't believe that.

Have you ever considered what would happen ?

mobius CDXX said...

Yea what do you see taking place entering a black hole. That always has my mind rambling too. Always think that nothing else will be found. Theres stuff all over this planet! No wonder "the others" call us a "living library" lol!

Hannon said...

I right clicked on the image of the Reptilian and google searched the image itself, but I'm afraid Da-da is correct about somebody not wanting this seen. The only thing that shows up, is this Pinterest page(which is cool on its own): and the pic itself links back to a dead link here:

As far as I can tell, this blog post is the most comprehensive bit out on this pic now.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you everyone for all the comments!!

@unknown: I will save this and look at it for a future reading. Thanks so much for submitting this.

@Alex: I will plan on a separate reading for this. I think it would be really interesting (and I would like to see this a little clearer).

@Raymond: It is like a black hole, but the difference is the black hole seems like nothingness, where this was a path to somewhere else. If you do a search on the blog for black hole, some stuff should pop up. If not, let me know and I will seek it out.

@Dada: Thanks so much for all your work on this. You always find amazing pics! I am blessed that you reached out to me for these Friday segments- so much fun!!

Michael Smith said...

Your take on this

Hannon said...

I found the blog entry about the Reptilian that Pinterest contained the link from on's way back machine, but the read more link's content wasn't cached, and the original pic is only displayed as a link with no cached photo. It says that the skeleton was found in Tokyo, but not much else. Here's the link to the page: I'm hoping this will jog Da-da's memory, because I desperately want to know more about it.

Robert Schoen said...

That dragon skeleton reminds me of some Chinese imagery of demons. Could these depictions have been actual creatures?

Also the melted rock handprint. Did they use high vibration to melt the stone at Maachu Picchu on the walls that fit perfectly tight together but the outer walls bulge like marshmellows?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Go @Hannon! Yes, that's why Da-da couldn't place it: the link and site have been extinguished. Interesting.

Anyway, a WhoForted colleague of Da-da wrote about this last November. Da-da recalls seeing the image, then seeing Chris write about it. Anyway, check this out -- esp the comments section:

ken said...

You can still find them here:

Hannon said...

@ Da-da

If we have a physical specimen, we can read the code, if we can do that, then we can cross reference it with humanity's gnome, then find the bits that shouldn't be here, then start to weed it out of our gene pool, and live happily ever after :-)

Anyways, this pic definitely reached out and grabbed my attention more than usual(they all do), but this leaves a bread crumb trail that can be followed at our current abilities, provided the will was there. I'm starting to get that Reptile hunt itch after seeing this reading, but in reality I'm scared silly, yet in the dualistic nature of myself, the crazy braze part tells me if villagers can kill one, my 12 gage will make a mess of our over lords, but I'm going to quit while I'm ahead and breathing :-)

Hannon said...

@ Ken

Thanks! Now we have a date, or at least one provided by google translate(370x BC) :-)

Still, not much considering the size of this issue, we maybe on to something big here!

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello everyone! Great thread! I am so happy we are able to come together and share ideas.

@Robert: I see demons as being a type of reptilian, but that term "demons" I don't like. It gives them assumed power that they really don't have (because we are ultimately stronger than them). Calling them that is like casting a spell on their subconscious saying they do have power and they only have what we let them have.

Many of the monolithic and amazing structures did use an element of vibration to assemble.

siketa said...

Lynn, do you see something important happening between September 22nd and September 28th this year?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh, so THAT'S why you don't like the term demons. Makes perfect sense.