Monday, April 20, 2015

Russia, Ukraine and Chinese Economy

Q. What are your thoughts on this article. Apparently Obama is sending tanks to the Ukraine?
A.  I do see the US aligning and preparing for some kind of attack. I get this impression that there is a sequence of events lined up (I see an image of dominoes aligned and ready to fall), and a trigger event will happen that will give the US/Ukraine permission to attack Russia.  I get the US doesn't want to appear to make the first move, and would rather attack on a defensive appearance (I hear something about that is how they want their "PR" image).  

When I tune in a little deeper it looks like a false flag is being set up, and at the moment it occurs Russia will be blamed.  The US troops will be already aligned in the Ukraine (and also in key locations in the Midwest due to Operation Jade Helm) because as soon as the "blame game" starts Russia will want to attack (and the US and Ukraine need to be ready).  

The US appears to be unsure if Russia attack the Ukraine, US or both first, so a defensive plan is being set up. 

(Previous reading on Operation Jade Helm linked here.)

Q. Do you see SCALAR weapons being used in the US, Ukraine or Russia?
A.  I see that both Russia and the US have the capability of SCALAR weaponry.  I don't see it as being effective enough (or have the ability to control it well enough) to be able to use it in a tactical situation.  I also get that the US would be willing to experiment with it, but they are unsure if it would "backfire" on them and end up disabling their own equipment.  I also get that many tests have been done with it, and it works in a very unreliable way- as if they waves come out in a full radius (like an unpredictable bomb) versus a straight line or directional (which is the goal)...?

Q.  Can you see what will happen to Moldova?
A.  Moldova feels safe.  I see troops and a lot of movement, but it doesn't have a hostile feel to it.  I don't see war activity.  Moldova feels far enough away that it won't get involved.

Q. Hi Lynn, JJ here. It seems to me that China is undergoing a major downturn economically... overabundance of property, too much debts/mortgages given out that maybe bad... Do you still see us investing in China currency (as you've read before) or will we need to pull out of our investments and businesses in that country? This must be good for the United States and other countries who don't rely much on China to keep it's exports and businesses sustained.  More on the "China Crisis" here:

A. I see China being calculated in their business decisions.  I am going into this question with the intent of seeing what the wealthy investors are doing.  It looks like they are doing this tactic where they buy up what they can (especially over seas), pay the minimum payments (but consistently pay and have good credit) and are intentionally diversifying themselves very thin.  The goal looks to be to have claim on a lot of properties.  When the dollar fails, and the value of gold and gold backed currency kicks in (which they will control), they can easily pay their debt (because they will be in control of the money, and their money has a lot of value).. I don't see China being in a bad economic position.

And that's all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Hannon said...

Do you see the false flag they're setting up to blame on Russia working? I know they still give the orders, but in the past nobody would question such a thing, now it's the first thing folks look for, and to be honest, a war on that level takes a major effort from the people backing it and I don't see them having the clout they once did to drive WW2 scale operations. I'm having a hard time imagining them draft a bunch of decadent Americans who don't want to have anything to do with the system and pushing them up against of much harder and more motivated bunch of Russians, who actually believe in what they're doing. They couldn't even drum up enough support to openly invade Syria, let alone a Nation that can fight back, that even has nuclear missiles. Does this look like pie in the sky from a dying monster, or can they actually pull this off?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Could this also be a global, surgical operation where those final elements of the cabal are excised? WWIII will not be allowed to happen.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn!!

Is it true that Chinese government is secretly encouraging the wealthy people to buy properties abroad???

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: I see the start of the war happening, but I truly don't see it being pulled off the way they envision. I see what feels like sacrifices being done on the US people to get people reacting on emotion instead of logic, but that is short lived.

@Dada: It does look like a final attempt, but doesn't feel like it gets played out effectively.

@Baku: Yes, I see that as true.

Robert Schoen said...

Will these events finally provoke Putin (or his double) to give that speech where the truth spills out like a bowl of soup?
Lynn, do you get that most of the world sees our government for what it is, or if people elsewhere are as oblivious to the truth as they are here?

Raymond G said...

What is the U.S. trying to prove ?
The Ukraine and Russia have a mutual history going back hundreds of years even if it has not been friendly.
What goes on between them is none of our business.

What makes the U.S. think that Russia would not be agitated if we assaulted them on their own border? If Russia or Cuba assaulted us on our own territory, what do you think our response would be ?

The U.S.S.R. / Russia lost 25M people in WW2 and half of them were civilians. Anyone who thinks that they are going to assault Russia on their own land and not get a response in a bad way is crazy. What is Obama thinking?

siketa said...

Do you really think Obama has the power? ;)

John Casey said...

I second the comment about Putin. It's hard to imagine how delaying whatever revelation he was going to make is good for anyone. Of course, I have no idea what sort of calculations go into the decision to disclose, but it sure seems like a good time to open up the taps before the false flag strikes again.
Maybe the meditation will help let some of the stress out of the system.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Robert: I see that many people dislike our government and fully understand things we have done. I also get that other countries have worn very tired of this and are wanting a way to break free. I see Putin spilling out truth, but the media here will block it.

@Raymond: The US has to make sure that the world doesn’t convert to a gold based currency. There is an underlying talk of a conversion happening, and the US is prolonging it for as long as possible. Yes, Russia is agitated, but the US doesn’t have “permission” to do anything, so they need to invent a reason- Putin will attack, the US knows it and is preparing..

@siketa: Obama doesn’t really have the power, it comes from a higher power, but he is going against the system (some) now that his time is about over.

Jerry Watson said...

Any thoughts on the greek situation? According to several sources it looks like the Greek government may default around May 9th, which could cause havoc in international stock markets. Turmoil in the markets would in turn create the ideal conditions for a US/ Ukraine false flag attack against Russia (as a diversion?)

Frank Hardie said...

I see the u.s.constantly baiting the trap for Putin, but Putin plays chess, and obama plays marbles. actually, I don't think obama runs the show... he just reads the script handed to him. I read this on ... Wow, 150 tons of USD, or the making of the next coup, or the next false flag to set up Russia??? Do you see Trouble???

Hannon said...

Let's not forget that us Americans are victims too, and it's not what we have done, it's what Z.O.G. has done, and I can't help but think they're in bed with the Chinese leadership, ready to set up their new empire as they let the old one crumble, as they've done through out history. Parasites always kill a host, while their eggs hatch in a new one. I know pulling this thorn out is going to hurt, I'm as ready for it as I'll ever be(not really but it's coming anyways), I just hope this will the last time it has to get done.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Jerry: I do see this false flag soon, but I see it closer to June/July.... Greece will have some problems, but I get they will pull through this.

@Frank: That was well said. I see Putin being very calculated in what he does. It is as if he has studied the tactics used in this passive aggressive warfare and knows what to expect.

@Hannon: I think many are hopeful this is about done as well so we can move on to our next reality..

Alex said...


Pray tell why are Americans victims too?

Haven't the Americans been living a good life for decades and other countries have to suffer due to their manipulation of the American dollar and military interference?

You should work in Asia and try to make a living there. Asians work much harder with much less money than Americans.

Ma'at said...


There are no victims from a Higher Self point of view. Everything is choice from there.

From an Ego Centric point of view, Americans haven't been victims vis a vis their standard of living. But from an educational and disclosure point of view, we have been told since the carpet baggers of the 1870's to "Trust us. We're from the government and are here to help." We did, because we believed our form of government prevented governmental fraud and mendacity. Our standard of living was like an expensive Persian rug covering a rotten wooden floor. No one felt the need to look under it, no matter what the smell or the creepy things coming out from under it. As long as there was stability, order, and a rising standard of living, we thought things were okay. China figured that out 5000 years ago.

But eventually, the floor caves in.

Hannon said...

@ Alex

We've been purposely deindustrialized, we have no wealth or production of wealth, or anything for that matter. Our food, water and environment is intentional poisoned, to the point our IQs are falling, our fertility is falling and we are sick and unhealthy. The population has been vandalized and we're not all wealthy as it may seem, as soon as the dollar goes you'll see a different story, about one third of the entire country is only able to even eat artificial poisoned food because the welfare system provides it, but they'll be starving soon.

We're not all as lazy as folks think, I spent my day carrying stone(slate) up five stories to work on a roof and I'm willing to pit myself against an Asian, but I'm kind of built like a Neanderthal so I'd have a natural advantage :-)

There is a lot of lazy people here, but the folks who aren't are still kind of pushed into the welfare system, and a lot of people here do work their butts off but earn less than cost of survival. As bad as it sounds, we kind of need something to happen in order to clean out the dead wood(an expression here) or to at least motivate them out of total decadence, and kind of ground them in reality.

Mark Noeth said...

This Ukraine thing is getting nuts. I still think Putin just wanted the city he took. I believe it to be a sea port of some kind. I don't think he has any interest in the rest of the country.
The sanctions put on Russia over this Ukraine thing has really hurt them economically and if their was military action against Russia. They might shut the gas off to Europe. That would make for a cold winter.
China has close ties with Russia as well. That is why nobody bothers Syria. Russia and China both have ground troops in Syria. I think if anything happened China might side with Russia.
I know you have talked about the plane that went missing last year quite a bit. You thought they needed a cargo plane. Did you ever consider the people that took the plane wanted what was on the plane? Some type of cargo or technology that was from the U.S. and headed to another country. In my opinion the brief case or black bag was more important then you might have realized.