Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GoodETxSG, David Wilcock and the future "Event"

Q. Hi Lynn! First of all, thanks for your wonderful work! I was wondering if you could make a reading on GoodETxSG. This guy is an "insider" who had begun working with David Wilcock this year, but some friends of mine did a research on him and he seems to be releasing some intel on some forums for 2+ years.  Now is leaking some info here: He has also created another website here: 
A.  [I did go to these websites and spent a few minutes "feeling" his energy before tuning into this reading.]  As I connect to him, his messages for the most part resonate with me.  I get that he has knowledge due to life experience, and also knowledge due to his spiritual connection with the "oneness."  The words clairvoyance (he just sees things like a waking daydream) and claircognizance (he knows things) combined with his life experiences with ET life provides him with a lot of insight.  

I see he relays his messages, but not with a purpose to instill fear, but rather spread truth and help people to realize truth leads to empowerment.  With a level of increased consciousness, we can rise and at that moment join with a higher ET force.  There is also the underlying message that there are ETs out there to help us, we just have to be open to their help and be willing to work with them is they are willing to put forth their effort.  For us to regain earth we have to be willing to work toward freeing ourselves too, and freedom cannot be bestowed upon us. (Then I get that you can set up a country with democracy, but if the people don't want it and aren't willing to fight or put forth effort to maintain it, a true democracy will not be realized- Freedom from control of the cabal works the same way)

I see we are headed toward freedom from the cabal, but in order for us to accomplish that goal we must raise the overall consciousness and be worthy and accepting of these positive ET forces.  I also get that we have a lot of work to do, but it is achievable.  The cabal is scared and clinging on to what they can- spreading fear and trying to keep the vibrations lowered.  But, the truth is we are slowly rejecting these lower vibrations (I see the power that be in a real panic and at points of desperation- I hear that false items are in place trying to keep us in this illusion.  The illusion is that they are in control, but in reality we are, but we put false intimidation upon ourselves.) and the shift is happening now... 

The split...
To further expand upon this, I see two splits happening with this shift.  I have been asked about something referred to by many people as the "Event."  I see as consciousness rises, and people evolve they will graduate into a higher dimension during their next incarnation.  There is a divide in dimensions in which those that have elevated themselves will be able to experience life in a 4D or 5D experience during their next physical incarnation.  They may choose to come back in the 3D world, but they are open to learning additional life lessons and grow through experience in a higher dimension. Until now the majority of people have been blocked from advancing by getting caught up in incarnation cycles, but by regaining our power, many opportunities open up- and the cycle can be broken.

Those that aren't capable or chose to reside in the lower vibrations will be stuck in the 3D loop.  They won't be able to advance until they are capable of maintaining a consistent frequency.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

I have also included links to previous David Wilcock readings:


a2k said...

Hello PF, I have studied a lot in ascension and did my work. But contrary to what you have said, I studied that this time, mother earth/Gaia will no longer sustain her 3D matrix & 3D matrix will be no longer here on earth to experience duality. Those who will not be able to ascend to higher dimensions will have to log into some other 3D matrix. I sometimes wonder, will there be some major cataclysm in 3D before final transmutation? Also I read that We all will have to burst into our lightbody directly from this 3D body, similarly gaia's 3D body will also burst into higher 5D lightbody after all the transmuations are over. What's your take here?

Duda said...

Thanks a lot for the reading, Lynn!!!

I have the same feeling about GoodETxSG but I really liked to hear your opinion.

Love and Light.

The beginning is near!

Alpha X said...

I had never heard of claircognizance until you mentioned it here. After going to the website that you linked to about it, I am almost positive that I'm claircognizant. My parents and other adults would often talk about my seemingly weird understanding of things as a child ("being an old soul") and even now I always know things that I've never personally had any exposure to and don't know where that knowledge came from. It's nice to be able to put a name to it.

I'm guessing that clairsentience would be what I've always just called empathy, having no better term, so being an empath would be the same as being clairsentient.

Of the four metaphysical senses mentioned on that site, the only one that I don't or only rarely experience would be clairvoyance which is something that you're very good at and the one that fascinates me the most.

Craig said...

About the dimensional division, are you talking about what people call the "New Earth"? If so I've always wondered how that would play out. I know you have mentioned it before as more like an energetic situation, not like the earth would turn into a 4D of 5D earth for some.

If one could raise their vibratory rate on 3D earth right now and hold it, would they likely not experience any traumatic events, or be somewhat protected from that? Or would this at least lessen the events impact for the world? How would that work?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I see it splitting to two versions of earth. There is one 3D earth, that is physical. People that have not evolved will be stuck in a loop of incarnations here on this 3D earth. Then I see a higher level of earth emerging- what is unclear to me is if that layer exists on top of this 3D layer (beings reside in a different vibration), or if it is in a different location (like a sister earth)- I need to meditate more on this to get some clarity. Regardless, I see two version of earth co-existing. One is 3D and one is 4D/5D.

I am also happy to hear that you found a connection to some of the “clairs.” It helps to learn about yourself and you travel your life path.

@Craig: I see the 4D and 5D beings protected from the 3D world… In some ways they helps to guide the 3D beings (as long as it is not to their detriment).

Blimpy Peach said...

I'm a believer in soul groups, if you incarnate into the 4d/5d world you would then leave behind your soul group if they haven't made the transition from 3d? Or would you all make a transition together when everyone is ready (assuming that soul groups are real!)

a2k said...

I think what you saw is absolutely right.As of present both 3D & 5D earth are coexisting. It has been 3 years from now, the new earth (5D) is created. Regarding location, the new earth is higher expression of our same 3D mother earth. Since, this new earth, is in 5th dimension, it resonates beyond the confines of time & space. I believe that the most important task to the Galactic community, after landing on earth, would be to prepare humanity for the final transmutation be it by taking us to the inner earth or light chamber/ light city. But I believe once the intensity of energy falling on earth exceeds a certain limit, we will have to burst into light-body together with mother earth and this 3D world will no longer be available. Those who will fail in raising their consciousness like dark ones, will be killed during the bursting of earth as major cataclysm will prevail at that time. Once killed in 3D, they will be born in some other 3D planet in similar circumstances where they can evolve once again but they will have to wait for one more cycle for ascending into 5D.

John Casey said...

Dear Lyn. As always, thanks for your work. You mentioned that the PTB are scared and desperate. How does that play out in the real world? I would expect desperate people to turn on each other with gangland-style murders or to take hostages. Is that going on?

PimpMyBrain said...

@ John : Trying to put Russia, iran, USA to Third world war with Ukraine and Yemen false flags events. trying to put the most of people in terrible debts while they(federal reserve) are loosing war against BRICS. Continue to thread the world with the fake ISIS terrorist movement by using it when one of their old followers don't want to stay with them anymore. That is quite desperate to use free violence in any situation they can't control.

peterpan said...

good to hear in general about what you confer about cobra and goodetxsg. however your take on the event seems different than what most in tell has been revealing for the most part. also different than what some of my "teachers" have been expressing. we do not have other incarnations to work towards the event or ascension. this is it. this one. 2017 is all we have. (probably 2016)

McCroft said...

Your'e bang on the buck there will be a split but first everyone will get induced with a huge energy beam from our Sun in order to activate their DNA more and in order to make a conscious choice which path to take.

The inner work still has to be done at it will NOT be easy. Families and friends will choose differently meaning some will graduate now and follow that path and others will be stuck in fears and same ol same

When the individual choice is done we still have to built the new it will not be done for us but we will have assistance!!

TY for sharing your reading!


McCroft said...

It's not the Galactic communities or anyone else task to land and prepare us for light-chambers for a final transmutation!!! Why can't people let go of this notion? We will be given one chance by infusing energies from our Sun to raise to the occasion, this will effect our DNA and lift the veil so we humans can choose between the old way of doing things and the new, individually. This means that family and friends might choose differently than you and me. Be prepared cause the battle for humanity has merely begun.

We will not be placed on some airy fairy 5D planet we have to do this transition by our actions and by ourselves. Will we have assistance yes but we are in no way ready for contact at this stage and will probably not be for several years.

I don't want to sound harsh but this is our task. Why are people so eager to give their powers away to alleged ET's? There will be major changes on earth and only the influx from the Sun that is connected with other Suns will keep our balances if we choose to.

No resistance movement, white hats or what not will do this.. for us.. but us! Those choosing the old ways will have it their way and the ones choosing something different will split.. I don't believe in a major cataclysm there is far to much at stake then to wipe out large chunks of the planet with life.

PimpMyBrain said...

@Mc croft: Like you say about a certain event with a "beam/flashes of light" coming from the sun or the galatic center sun (even both ?) in an unpredicted moment and pierce everybody on Earth. Everybody starts to be very happy, crying of joy and stand together and all governments disapper.

I wasn't dreaming or meditating this myself, but since i crosed this in the website of GoodETxSG/Corey, in one of his Remote Wieving on this subject, i keep falling on this topic everywhere i go on the net....

So Lynn, have you already done something about it or that will interest you to "Focus" on this event ?

As always ! Thanks for the time youtake to do all of this focus for free ! Hope your weather is nice as mine and take the opportunity to recharge yourself !
Love and light !

McCroft said...

Well I think people will be happy and have a sense of relief since the veil is then gone but there are still fears running deep within humanity that needs to be dealt with hence people making different choices.. first you have to unify with yourself then your unify with others and lastly you take actions and do the changes you want to see.. and by that your will live and BE FREE.. with RESPONSIBILITY. <3

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you everyone for taking time to leave comments and share info- I will need to come back to this thread and address some of the individual points. :-)

Scattelinha said...

it happens now in this incarnation, everything else is only a non existent future thought concept, there ate multiple earths on every frequency density, xour souls are reverse engineering this, your species now undergoes the manifestation of the, energetically, already finalized consciousness transformation. humans have to choose which path they go, those who are still aligned to third density lessons are transfered to another third density realm after the actual incarnation. in THIS timeline of earth the third density ceases to exist. the law of karma also has ceased to exist. the actusl incarnation is the last chance to undergo karmic lessons on THIS earth. also be aware of your universe being a prgrammed artificial consciousness simulation that what you refer to be souls use for spiritual growth. your universe is a artificially produced superhologram that teceives the information from the true counterpart which is located on the other side of the black hole in the middle of the torus structure