Friday, April 10, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #7

Hi all, and welcome to a relatively quick and startling Five for Friday #7. Can't believe we're at #7 already. Anyway, get ready. Every time Da-da does these with Lynn, he learns something amazing, if not mind-boggling. This instalment is no different.

Image #1: North Sea Viking Rock
Backstory: Not sure where this is. Honestly, Da-da has no idea why he saved this, other than wondering where it is and if it was an ancient sculpture. Any idea where and how old?

What Lynn Saw
"I immediately got the images of Vikings. They used this as a landmark for navigation. It used to have a head or a face carved on the top. It's from 400-600 AD, and is located in the North Sea." [Bet that face is somewhere around there in about 7 meters of water.]

Image #2: The Wreck of the... WHAA?
Backstory: There are several Titanic conspiracy theories, but the most intriguing is that the Titanic was actually her sister ship, the Olympic! (Here's a good link, and a nuts-n-bolts one.) The Olympic had been damaged in a collision with a Royal Navy ship, and was not all that seaworthy, so the story goes that her nameplate and sundry were switched with that of the Titanic, berthed right next to her, and then purposely swung against an iceberg against her weak spot. This would serve to: 1. Get rid of the damaged ship; 2. Collect on the (suddenly increased) insurance policy, and; 3. Get rid of high-profile passengers who were opposed to the installation of the Federal Reserve System, invited on board for free to discuss the matter. Yup. And J.P. Morgan, contracted to build the Titanic and head of the White Star Line, was scheduled to be on said maiden voyage, but canceled at the very last minute -- and had all his art removed from the holds -- while three of the richest men in the world, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, and John Jacob Astor, were given free tickets and took the ride. These three men were the strongest opponents of the Federal Reserve, and they all died. So... true or false?

What Lynn Saw
 "It's true! [Wow.] I'd never thought of this before. I get the phrase, 'It was the ultimate dupery of that time.' It was entirely orchestrated. Certain people make a ton of money from devastation and loss of life. But some of the people they wanted not to make it off the ship actually did, and they were really mad." [Perhaps it's time to revisit the wreck on the bottom of the Atlantic... which should now be considered a crime scene.]

Image #3: I Saw Something Fairy in the Woodshed
Backstory: Ok, this is allegedly a photo of a fairy, though Da-da suspects it’s an insect, or a photoshop job. Real or fake or bug? Or perhaps a real fake bug.

What Lynn Saw
 "I get that this is a photoshop job, not real. A real fairy is too intense, you'd never get one on film."

Image #4: The Game Rocks of Scotland
Backstory: These carved balls have been found all over Scotland. Are they from a game? Were they projectiles? Are they demonstrating some form of molecular theory? Or were they hidden Easter candy that kids failed to find and have turned to stone?

What Lynn Saw
 "They were projectiles AND part of a game. Giant people, at least 7 feet tall and enormous, are throwing these balls at each other, trying to hit and hurt each other. It looks to be a malicious form of dodgeball, like shotput, dodgeball and tennis all in one, designed to cause harm to the other person. Your goal was to disable your opponents, and it would go one for an hour or more." No wonder the giants died out.

Image #5: The Mars Monolith
Backstory: This is a monolith photographed on Mars (there are others on Phobos, and throughout the solar system). Are these commemorative structures, with Martian writing on them? If so, what do they commemorate? Or just markers? Plain ol’ perfectly shaped rocks?

What Lynn Saw
"These function as some kind of antenna. They serve for navigational purposes, to access various portals."

And that's it. Da-da's still reeling about the Titan... er, Olympic. Hopefully your version of the world is still intact. Join us Friday after next for episode #8!


Bee E-lightened said...

Titantic....hmmmm...the intrigue!!

RFK Pope said...

The Titanic/Federal Reserve reading was very interesting, particularly that three of the richest men in the world at that time and who all died on the Titanic, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, and John Jacob Astor were all Jewish.

This brings to mind the saying, "Not all Jews are Zionists...but all Zionist are Jews".

Lynn, would you consider this proof that the Powers-that-Be are actually a sub-group (ET ?) that hides within the Jewish race? Or perhaps there was difference of opinion within this group regarding the Federal Reserve?

Hannon said...

In typical "elite" fashion, they draw up long term plans ahead of time, them tell us what they're going to do before they do it. Here's the story of the Titanic before it happens, in a novel format:,_or_the_Wreck_of_the_Titan

@ RFK Pope, we definitely have a Jewish Mafia problem, but I just want to put my analogy out there before someone thinks just being Jewish is enough for me to out right bash them. The comparison I make is: Just because I don't want to live next door to Nicky Santoro, doesn't mean I hate Italians. It also needs to be said that, the traitors within our various groups, are the only thing that gives them any power, so our Jewish Mafia problem is really an every stinking sell out problem. We all know what Cicero said about enemies from within, even Wotan warns of enemies in the drinking hall :-)

Robert Schoen said...

Titanic/Olymipic switch, Fed Reserve Amazing! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

I've read that the Titanic and Olympic were identical except for on the Olympic the deck top level was all open with even slats while this feature was only open the back half of the top level on the Titanic. This could easily be checked in the underwater photos as a confirmation.

When such an event like this or the Kennedy Assassination happens it must resonate in the collective consciousness as some big fraud. Is the unresolved nature of their hidden story the reason these events keep their fascination over such long periods?

Ma'at said...

I knew of all the story around Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, and John Jacob Astor, but I'd never heard of the Olympic/Titanic switch.

I do not think the latter is true. Just doesn't ring right to me. That would have been too hard to fabricate back in those times.

The Titanic story is a lot like 911. There is a lot of true stuff hidden in the intentional bullshit, which said bullshit is planted to discredit the truth when they are told as part of the same story.


A Man Called Da-da said...

@Ma'at -- Da-da has read everything Lynn's ever written. So far, she's not been wrong about anything regarding the past, though Da-da still has a problem with the hollow earth thing. Anything with Nazis and Doug McClure in it...

Compassion Spread said...

Titanic reading is really WOW! Never could even imagine that, like so many other mass killings in the history of humanity! Lynn and Da-Da, what an enlightening jobs you do by opening the history secrets - priceless! Thank you!

What group of ETs or spiritual/genetic ancestors were Vikings associated with? What kind of genetic transformation happened when brutal Vikings 'became' very peaceful Scandinavians?
I think it might be interesting to do a separate reading on connections of different kinds of ancient cultures back (to ETs or spiritual groups) and forth (to different modern cultures)- kind of three-generational group/ cultural/ spiritual genealogy.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@RFK: The powers that be are a subgroup of the Reptilian ETs and they hide in many places. It is true that some of them are Jewish, but they are not limited by a religion- there are some that call themselves Christian amongst other faiths.

@Hannon: Thank you for sharing info! I also like your analogy. I too see that many of the powers that be were emerged from the Jewish faith (and then spread out as “soldiers” were needed), BUT I do not see being Jewish meaning you agree with the actions of those few that happen to share the same faith. There are beautiful people out there of all belief systems.

@Robert: Yes, because deep down we know something to be true and it conflicts with our conscious mind. We are at some kind of spiritual turmoil and it won’t let the subjects rest.

@Dada: The hollow earth thing was hard for me too. I first tackled this topic when I was very new to doing my blog. I remember the question sat in my queue for a few days because something about it seemed so conflicting every time I would start to do it. Like my rational mind was arguing with my subconscious mind. My conscious mind didn’t believe it could be true, and it would stop the flow of thoughts from my subconscious. My husband was fascinated with the theory, and he was really wanting to see what I would get on it, and I told him how I found it difficult because of this conflict. He told me to trust myself, take a few deep breaths, quiet the “noise” as I described it and see what I got. I put myself in a mini meditation and just went for it, and I was completely shocked at how fluid it flowed, and what I was able to see.. I still surprise myself at times, but I also look at each finding like a little gift of something I never explored before.

@Compassion: You raise good questions. I think I would need to do a separate reading to address all that. I will save this. Thank you.

Hannon said...


I don't know for sure what happened, but the Vikings were the good guys from my personal view point. We have to remember that the Church merged with empire, and it wasn't exactly old ladies sitting in Churches back then, to me the Vikings were the last of true organic European culture, using small unit tactics to fight off a pretty ugly and brutal Leviathan. To me, Charlemagne was a proto-Stalin. We lost our tribal heritage, herbal knowledge, history, mediation practices and shamanism, among many other things that were destroyed. I personally love the old Roman, Greek, Germanic, Slavic and Celtic myths and legends, they give me a feeling that I've never gotten from reading the Bible, which can be seen in my Wotan references here in the comments :-)

Hannon said...

@ Lynn

Another important thing to note is, the mind control that works in the other direction. It's easy for me to point my finger at the Jewish Mafia as I like to say, but average everyday Jewish people are raised to believe that they could be rounded up and exterminated at any moment. For them to live with that burden, is just as bad and unfair for me to toil under banksters. This is another reason why unwinding the WW2 story is important, I imagine it would be a great relief for everyday regular Jews to wake one morning, and realize nobody wants to put them in gas chambers.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@CompassionSpread -- All the Scandinavians Da-da's met (they're part of his family) are very nice... but also very *focused.* That inner-Vikingness is always there in the background. They're quietly fierce. They expect to win. They're also a bit bull-headed. Da-da sees that in his own children, which is weird because Da-da has NONE OF THAT. Da-da's more like SpongeBob. Or maybe Patrick.

John Casey said...

Another great set of readings. Thanks! I'm always struck by what great stories these would be for movies, meaning the Titanic.
Dada, is there any sense of how large these stones are?

John Casey said...

Sorry, one more comment. Lyn, do you see the Federal Reserve unraveling or being shut down? I don't wish ill on Mr. Bernanke or Ms. Yellen, but I'd guess there's plenty of indictment-worthy activity there, more so than usual in the last 10 years.

Juli T said...

...And of course we have the great Spielberg to be sure we don't raise any questions about the official stories (does he work with the Powers or is he just stupid and money friendly?)

About the faeries, you said they were to intense to catch them on film. What do you mean with 'intense'? Something to do with the light? Can they be seen with the naked eye?


A Man Called Da-da said...

Ok, Da-da did a quick post about the stones, showing more images (OW), along with a size comparison.

To giants, Da-da is guessing these would've been the size of golfballs or smaller. Lynn, do you see the spectators laughing and having a good time?? Jeez.

Funniest -- or most ironic -- is the modern usage today of the "Sconestone," which you'll see.

Hannon said...

@ Juli T

In regards to Spielberg, here is a documentary that I'm pretty sure will answer your question about him:

IMO, Hollywood is the powers that shouldn't be. Most folks I know, have movies shape their world view more than anything. I remember how sad I was when I saw Schindler's List and how disturbed I was after reading the Anne Frank book, I was so angry at the Nazis and so proud of my country for destroying Germany, but now I'm disappointed with myself for being such a sucker and it took me some time to get over the guilt of actually supporting their war campaigns. 911 changed everything for me, and many others, I think they grossly miss calculated and over reached big time. Then they really started hitting hard with the white guilt and white privilege stuff, that drew me to the voices who spoke against it, where I found a different story to WW2. Once that happened to me, nothing is beyond the bounds of questioning, where I continue to find lie after lie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great reading!
Just find out the giant rock in the first picture is located in Cape Wrath in Northern Scotland. The rock itself is called Stack Clò Kearvaig, also known as The Cathedral because it has two spire-like sandstone pinnacles projecting upwards.

RFK Pope said...

@honsum - Good job finding that. Some adventurous divers should head to Scotland stat to get photos of the statue's face...

Robert Schoen said...

Does this now mean that forever on Celine Dion's "Heart will be Still sailing on" the Olympic instead of the Titanic?

A Man Called Da-da said...

@honsum ~ THANK YOU. That missing fact has been bugging Da-da for years.

@RFKPope ~ VERY adventurous divers. Yikes.

Juli T said...

Thanks Hannon! I'll check that documentary! ;)

We all were raised to believe what we are told it doesn't make you a sucker, the good thing is now we are aware enough to question what we hear (in my case, I don't believe anything that happens with a plane crash).

Can you brief me on that 'white guilt'? I guess I know what you mean but I'm not familiar with that concept.


YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you for all the comments everyone! There was some great discussion here! L&L-Lynn