Monday, March 16, 2015

What is Going on with Putin

Q. Lynn, Do you have any insight as to what is happening with Putin?  Some say there has been a coup, some say he is ill.  The flag has not been flown on the Kremlin and they are setting up bleachers outside the Kremlin walls for an audience of several hundred.  Many Thanks!
A. When I first tune into Putin, I get this image of someone retreating, but they aren't giving up, they are regrouping to come back stronger. They are using the excuse of him being ill as an excuse for this massive planning.  He is determining how to execute what he wants to do and sorting out details.  I also get that the Kremlin is being reinforced in some way ( either by more guards or physically being reinforced).  Putin feels he will have no problem making his public announcement, however, living to tell about it is something he is questioning (I get an image of the CIA taking him out before a speech can even be completed, this could be literal, symbolic or a vision of a false flag - ????)

(As a side note, I keep getting references to Putin seeking out a body double to relay this message.. As if he is using some of this time to shape or mold this "person.."  I could not make complete sense of it, but it appears that there are two Putin's, but they won't be seen together after he comes out of "hibernation")

The overall feeling is energetically low, and I see some kind of shock factor tied to it.  I get an image of people gasping in disbelief... 

Q. I then ask, What is this about?  911 truths, ET disclosure, plans to attack, demands?
A. I then get, it is a little of all the above- I hear the phrase that the "the truth comes out like a bowl of soup."  all mixed together, and emphasizing several things rather than one thing.  It is easy to discount one thing, but to discount several (when the subconscious minds of many know things to be true) is much more difficult.

I get that Putin has wanted to announce these truths for a while now.  He realizes that alliances are being formed against him and he wants the world to know what is really going on out there. Russia has been the "bad guy" for a long time, and every country has their faults and has done immoral things that they justified for one reason or another.  I also see him choosing his words carefully (so precise!)- for example, he won't say that the US orchestrated 911 (he isn't blaming or attacking), but rather phrase it in a way to say "We all love our own country, and that love sometimes forces sacrifice for the whole such as the US involvement in 911...etc."  I get Putin is very loyal to Russia, and he knows that if this causes his demise (or his doubles??), and least the name of his country will be cleared.

I am left with hearing that Putin's plan is a whistle blowers paradise and a dis-info agent's nightmare.  The truth will be accepted by Russia, but the media will contort it as the message is virally spread to other parts of the world.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Hannon said...

I've been excited about this all week! It's got me on the edge of my seat, I hope it all works out well for him and us. Putin is the kind of dark hero that legends and myths are written about, and while I don't worship the guy, I'm always afraid something will happen to him, leaving a major gap in the fight against the cabal. In many ways, our fates seem tied to his and how well he is able to subvert plans for large regional wars. Out of every person who holds political power on this planet, he appears to wield it more responsibly than the rest. When Lynn uses the term "so precise" I agree, but it's more than that, he always leaves wiggle room for his opponents to back off while saving face with one hand, and offers some kind of uneasy peace and deals with the other. He makes it easy for them to back off, and I may get flamed a little for this, but I don't think we've had some one this brilliant running a country since Hitler.

a2k said...

Hey this was really synchronous! I was watching TV set, and news was being aired of mystery behind Putin's absence. I wondered for a while, may be I can ask this one on your blog, but will you answer?

Now regarding putin, I always have a gut feeling that something more is there in him rather than a national leader. I don't know why!

Now this time I am wondering, what exactly is in the mind of Putin. Will this be message to humanity,in brief, in direction of the upcoming changes. Will he inform the world of the new financial institutions like BRICS bank with new international payment system? or will he try something to bring down last cabals in US/Europe?

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!

AS said...

Very very interesting. I've always thought that disclosure would come through the U.S., now it appears it will be coming via a back door (a different country)...genius!! Regarding Hitler, I've always thought there was much more to the guy that history has made him out. He had very serious faults yes, but somehow I'd always thought in the back of my mind that we weren't being told the entire truth about him (history is written by the victors). As I write this I'm thinking....The Truth Will Set Us Free.

siketa said...

New Cassiopaean transcript...,37637.msg560387.html#msg560387

Robert Schoen said...

I just bookmarked English to get the real story when it comes out. We are inside the unfolding, and I can only hope for the best and that this revelation will not provoke a financial collapse that hurts people on the bottom. Putin just highlights the passive acquiescence of our own feckless leader to his government's secret villainy.

mariemccahery said...

Putin and President Xi are very interesting men and both are not afraid of taking on the billionaires and making sure they do not influence politics for their own ends (unlike in Ukraine). They are both true patriots with the interests of their country and their population most in mind, but they also think of how international finance is damaging the whole world and not just themselves, so are intent on setting up an alternative financial architecture. This would also benefit the western population, but since people listen to mainstream media rather than read Putin's speeches themselves, they do not realise how very sensible he sounds and how afraid the western powers are of him.
China prefers to stay in the background and let Putin do the talking, but they are right behind him.
We are lucky that two such large countries are presently ruled by such men. It's such a pity the west has no match for them at the moment. Whereas Putin always leaves room for manoevre and face-saving, our politicians are as unstatesmanlike as it is possible to be. They are so obviously only working for the interests of international finance and not their own population, it's truly painful to listen to them and is becoming downright embarrassing. What will history think of us?

Hannon said...

@ mariemccahery

I don't get a good feeling from the Chinese leadership, it feels like they are just trying to detach from the cabal, so they can run their own version of it. Kind of like the NWO laid an egg their just to rehatch the same scam, but with different branding. I've seen to much of David Rockefeller openly admitting the deindustrialization of the west in order to transfer their power base there, and we saw it all happen one piece at a time. He even openly admits it in his own book. When I start to see the known bad guys openly pee in China's cheerios the way they do in Russia's, maybe I'll have second thoughts, but we bend over backwards for them at every corner, while we are openly trying to provoke Russia. I know it's mostly my opinion, but it just doesn't feel right to me.

John Casey said...

As always, Lyn. Thanks. I agree that Putin seems by far the most rational player on the world stage. The body double angle is disturbing. I don't doubt the US would squash him like a bug given the opportunity, but it makes me nauseated to think he'd have to go to those lengths to protect himself. What is a body double? A literal clone? I know Putin plays politics like a chess player, so I wonder if the Kremlin activity is a diversion.

Ma'at said...

"Apocalypse" in Greek means "the revealing". I hope so. I'm so tired of the lies it's literally making me ill. I have no illusions about Putin's purity. He's in it to protect Russia, not for Truth's sake. But whatever, if Truth will out, bring it.

If he can delay any war against Iran, too, that would be a big bonus. There is stuff hidden there that's been kept for 2000 years. ISIS, the Israeli State Intelligence Service, will take care of itself. We all but know for sure who funds, trains and supplies it.

If Putin can put a big bleeding gash in the West's suspension of disbelief, maybe we'll start believing how evil the Zionists and their supporters are.

Namaste' and stay safe. Keep up the good work.

razi09 said...

How will truth come out in the U.S. with the mainstream media we have? Too many still see them as the final answer. It's reaching those people that matter, not the like minded over and over. Where is the breakthrough, the hole in our media?

Blimpy Peach said...

@hannon I completely agree with all of your comments. I too have felt that Putin is like the dark knight and I don't get great feelings about the chinese government either, there is definitely another selfish agenda going on for them not in the greater good for the people! I feel that Putin is a very very clever man (unlike several of our leaders in australia who are the laughing stock of the world-a constant source of entertainment for the rest of the world!) and I really hope that no harm comes his way.

I too have been on the edge of my seat waiting to see what is going to happen. I want disclosure so badly as I think it's holding so many people back from being able to lead open life without the threats of being harmed or being demoralised for their beliefs.

The mainstream media is driving me nuts and the way they have general population twisted around their finger. I just hope that they get caught out sooner rather than later but sadly too many people don't have a reason to question what they are being led to believe (or aren't switching onto the fact that it's possible that the media can lie)

mariemccahery said...

I can understand how you feel that because China is not being so badly treated by the west it could mean that they are all in cahoots. But the oriental mind is very different from the western mind, something I can attest to as I was married to a Japanese for 20 years. Both China and Japan are very adept at making out they are following US demands, the Japanese generally don't say "No",they say "Yes,but". Both countries achieved spectacular growth using a completely different banking philosophy to the western (from teachings of a great economist,Osamu Shimomura) but western banking still oblivious. Japan is always downplaying its GDP and double counting its debt,completely opposite to what the US does, but it keeps the US off its back. The US just can't comprehend this downplaying. The orient is not into blowing its own trumpet and plays a very long game...It's so different from the western, and particularly the American mindset.

Hannon said...

@ mariemccahery

The Asians sure are mysterious, very hard for me to read, unlike Putin. When I see or hear Putin, it feels like he's in the room with me, I can feel his energy. He's definitely a natural leader, if I ever had to march off into danger, I would feel confident under his command.

I hope the Asians are setting themselves up for independence, but I'm even suspicious of Japan. During the 70s, 80s and 90s there was a lot of tech passed off from DARPA to companies like Sony and unveiled as new inventions. It's like they were attempting to use Japan to deindustrialize us before they switched over to their new darling China. It does look like Japan is trying to wiggle out from under them, but like I said, I just don't read them well. However, I do get a warm feeling about Japan, like I want to hug the whole country. When I think of China, I feel like I need to leave the room because the thought just polluted it or something, and I'm not thinking of the people, all I see is Kissinger, Rockefeller and Mao holding hands :-)

Hannon said...

@ Blimpy Peach

Our political hacks here in the USA, are just terrible as yours, probably even worse.

Someday, we'll have a proper human environment! We just need to keep nudging the culture around ourselves in our own personal spheres of influence, it took thousands of years to get where we are, and I'm seeing it unwind in my short life time. We'll get there :-)

Raymond G said...

This was an interesting read. Thanks for your time.

razi09 said...

The Putin comments are most interesting. I know I, (and many others), have been trying to interpret him since his very first appearance to us years ago.

Lynn, why wouldn't ET's protect Putin, also forwarding their goal, by either threatening tbp behind the scenes or making an undeniable presence to the world?

Thank you!

Juli T said...

This is so exciting!!!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: I agree and when I was doing this reading I felt this sense of a very methodical plan…

@a2k: When I asked what this was going to be about, the reference I got in my mind was that it was going to be like a bowl of soup (he will cover many thing all at once). I look for this to be a very powerful moment.

@A S: You may be interested in previous readings I did on Hitler. There is A LOT we were not told, and yes he did have faults, but he wasn’t the man we were taught either.

@Robert and mariemcherry: Thank you for the comments. Those were very well said. The west is just sitting back, and it makes us much more on the defense..

@John: I didn’t see it as a clone, but more like a body double.. This “disappearance” thing is just a distraction while he gets himself (and body double) ready…

@Ma’at: I see Putin bringing a lot to light.

@razi09: Putin will be painted as a “bad guy” and we will only get partial truths. I would suggest searching online, and as Robert suggested above, he bookmarked English to listen to alternate new sources. The US will never hear complete truth through mainstream news outlets- it is too censored.

ET protection… I get they subtly are guiding him and using their abilities to create the inspiration behind his actions..

@Everyone: Thank you so much for all the comments! I enjoy coming together and learning from each other!

Dante said...

What will Americans generally think of their own government after the Putin announcement? Will there be protests or will the media downplay and twist what Putin will say?

Watchand Knock said...

@All! This note corroborates what Lynn is foretelling us here: "Putin Considering Releasing Shocking Intel Requested by "VeteransToday"

Hannon said...

@ Dante

There will not be protest on any real scale, just some people doing internet comments, some flyers, graffiti and maybe some stickers. The only protest we are allowed to see, are the ones that TPTB organize and spend millions of dollars busing in special PAID protesters for and paying for their lodging/food, like Ferguson. They only grow these things when it suits tension or their agenda. If there is any organic movement, the intent of a protest is to draw attention to the issue, but the system uses the media to subvert the message, and places agents in the crowd, with slogans like "we hate fags", "God hates fags" or "we hate niggers" and then they show their own agents on the news as if that's what the movement is about. If the subversion fails, they've been caught more than once using police dressed as protesters to attack the other police, then use it as an excuse to violently break them up.

The voting is rigged, the courts are rigged and the media is controlled, which leaves us with two options, wait for this beast to bleed out and go totally bankrupt or a violent over throw. They are hoping we attempt to use violence, so we lose the moral high ground, and they already have deals signed to bring in foreign troops to quell a rebellion. The best coarse of action I can see, is to keep trying to wake folks up around me, and become as prepared as possible for an economic break down, and I don't just mean stocking up on beans and bullets, but mentally and spiritually as well.

RFK Pope said...

@Hannon - I am African-American and I do not want to read your racial slurs on Lynn's beautiful blog. Our comments should reflect the same respect Lynn shows in her posts and asks of her readers.

mariemccahery said...

@RFK Pope – I don't get your comment. Hannon was trying to warn us about how TPTB use emotionally laden words to divert us away from what is really happening in a protest. It is so much better to be forewarned before falling into this trap!!
@Hannon – in reference to Japan in WW2, the Japanese were big followers of C.H. Douglas and his ideas of social credit in the 1930's. Of course, this idea of citizens being paid a dividend depended on currency being issued by the government debt-free rather than allowing the banks to produce money from thin air at interest. This accounted for the economic miracle of Japan in the 1930's, for very similar reasons as the economic miracle of Germany. Both taking place whilst the west was suffering from the Great Depression. The Japanese weren't joking about their idea of a "Co-Prosperity Sphere" and Manchuria was one of the most prosperous places on earth, better than Korea, Taiwan and even Japan itself. Like Germany, massive infrastructure built by government-issued, debt-free money. The US started sanctions and blockades against Japan and literally forced the Japanese into war to defend their prosperity.
It very much seems that World War 2 was fought purely to destroy any country whose government dared to create its own money and achieve prosperity. It was purely to defend the banks very lucrative trade of creating money out of nothing at interest.
After the war, the Japanese kept control of bank lending, through the Ministry of Finance, making sure it was always aimed at productive sources, rather than consumers, house-buyers or the finance sector. This led to sustained growth and has been the model used most successfully by East Asia, including China, since and with great success.
Unfortunately, the Bank of Japan was taken over by neoliberals and banklending switched to property and finance, causing a bubble and the inevitable crash in the late 1980's, but Abe, Aso and Kuroda seem to understand the situation and are doing what they can. All these countries are aware that they need to be very vigilant against the shadow banking sector.
There is a great documentary on YouTube called "Princes of the Yen" based on a book by the very interesting economist Richard Werner, which explains all this very well. I love the way he says (in other talks) that mainstream economics is an ideology not based on empirical data at all, and many of its nostrums are completely wrong (especially austerity).
BTW, I've seen on the internet that the Putin who appeared recently is a double and does not match previous photos! Lynn??

Raymond G said...

Around Christmas, Putin was seen looking pale. I wonder if he had an operation that took several days of recovery time and then reappeared looking fresh ? IF he had heart surgery he might have scars. I wonder if we will see any more photos of him without his shirt off. He likes to do that...

But that would not explain why the flag was not flying over the Kremlin. I can't imagine a scenario when the flag would not fly over the White House or Capitol Building.

I see an alliance between China and Russia and Muslim extremists against the West, specifically the U.S. It seems to be lining up that way. I think that Russia and China (and others ) are tired of the U.S meddling in so many foreign affairs.

If you have time, read this book/report that was published in 1999 by two Colonels in the Chinese Army. ... Unrestricted Warfare. can't believe how prophetic it was. It sounds like it was written yesterday. I was impressed with the familiarity they had with American culture and weapons systems.


Hannon said...

@ RFK Pope

I meant no disrespect, it's just what takes place, I wasn't calling anybody anything. And this is how the subversion works, they steer emotions into hyper racial over sensitivity in the hopes that we'll keep our mouths shut and let ourselves be over run. If we can't have a discussion like adults, then we're already defeated. Here's an example:

@ mariemccahery

I should've figured as much about Japan, it seems to be a global pattern with WW2 as a peak. I always knew something was off, when they get on TV and say they attacked us(USA) for no reason, then the next show is about the "Flying Tigers" fighting the Japanese before Pearl Harbor. I'd like to see more Japanese WW2 revisionism, it would make it a lot easier to disconnect the movement from White Supremacy in the general public's eyes. Racism is the only thing they have to defend the false narrative, but mix Asians into it and the White Power card will be been disarmed.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: Most of what we see is induced propaganda- we just have to separate ourselves from it and realize what is true and what is illusion.

@RFK: I am so sorry that was offensive- I really don’t think that was his intent (I can’t speak from him, but I feel he was talking from a passionate place and using words to describe activity he foresees).

@mariem: I see a lot of truth in what you describe. A lot of “dirtiness” was associated to WWII and the truth is hidden from the people.

I did see Putin as training a double- something big is happening and this is insurance for his survival.

@Raymond: Thanks for the info..

@Hannon and mariem: Not sure what you can find to support this, but I see the US provoking (almost forcing) Japan into the war, and we knew they were headed for Pearl Harbor—the area was already set up with “junk” ships that weren’t being used..??

Compassion Spread said...

First you noted that "The overall feeling is energetically low", then your description of this Putin's idea looked as a heroism not only for Russia but for the whole world transformation. I just ask if you could please clarify why it felts as a low energy to you? This upcoming Putin's announcement looks as a good thing for uplifting world's energy. Why it feels low?

tTruth Seeker said...

Today I heard that Canada is on defcon alert and they are engaging hostile actors ( a military term outsiders wanting to cause trouble).
Now this comes a short time after the alleged UFO shoot down or crash in Minatoba Canada.Is there a link?
If this is true about the defcon alert who are we engaging, is it a human element or something else?

tTruth Seeker said...

Forgot to say, people are hinting that the hostile actors are Russian. I find this highly unlikely. I`m waiting to hear more news about this Defcon alert.

John Casey said...

RT is reporting unusual aurora borealis activity in Russia. Significant?

For support of the US role in provoking Pearl Harbor attack, I recommend "Day of Deceit" by Paul Stinnet []. He was a US pilot in the Pacfic theater and the book is an amazing example of the kind of investigative reporting that our MSM media cannot or will not pursue. He somehow got lots and lots of documents out of the Navy archives, the central one is a smoking-gun document that shows the US had broken the radio code of the Imperial Navy of Japan well before the attack. The document even has hand-written marginalia by a US commander ordering the document to be destroyed and a fake document, without the code-breaking info, be put in its place But he also explains how, even without that document, there are numerous other documents that show it was US policy at every level to provoke the attack.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Compassion: I see it coming across and resonating a low vibration in terms of a mass reaction (I should have worded that better). In the end the results/news is long sought out, but it will be a paradigm shift of sorts.

@tTruth: I get that there is a lot of ET activity occurring now, and the rumors are tied to that. I can't see the Russian connection though.

@John: Thanks so much for the info! The aurora borealis is tied to earth wobble, pulls on the magnetosphere and the reaction of light passing into our atmosphere while all of this is occuring. We have a lot going on right now...

Rainbow Warrior said...

Wow! Lynn, this ties in exactly to what you've seen with Putin - this is a newly released video by former Canadian acting PM and Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, exposing the Cabal, calling for New Energy, & ET Disclosure (just to name a few). Talk about a soup bowl of revelations!