Friday, March 6, 2015

Pedophiles and Helping These Kids Get Home

Even though this is rather dark and disturbing... this is a serious topic that can use our positive energy.. I would also suggest that anyone that proceeds into this protect yourself with some cleansing breaths and positive intent... Having said that...
Q. Hi Lynn, Could you look into another pedophile horror story? Alisa and Gabriel are brother and sister. Alisa is 9 and her brother Gabriel is 8. They are the children of an English father and Russian mother and have lived in the Hampstead area of London for most of their lives. Recently some recordings on video of interviews with Alisa and Gabriel landed on the net. The kids described in great detail the abuse their father lead them into – a pedophile ring – which included their father, other children and their parents, teachers at their school, authorities and others, violence and sacrificing and eating of babies who were bought into the country by members of the ring. The kids spoke in a very descriptive, open, and frank manner about their abuse. It is heart wrenching listening to them. Many of the videos have been taken off the net now. The children have been taken into care. The mother is desperate to re-unite with them and her parents want to take the family back to Russia for a new beginning.  The following are some interviews with active links (for now)... 
Then, Anonymous exposed all the details of sexual abuse in Christ Church school, including names, email and addresses; 

(If anyone wants to help these kids get back with their Mother I found a link where you can sign a petition at: - )
These are the questions I have for Lynn: How many pedophiles are there out there? We rarely used to hear about them, but it seems now they are out there in droves. Are they ‘just reptilians’? Are they low energy beings that keep coming back? Some type of Vampire? Do they ever ‘die’ forever? Do they leave kids behind with this stuff in their DNA? And really how come they can take over a whole area in England including a school, the teachers, the fathers, the Powers that Be, etc. Seems to be that they are covered and protected by the govt and police force – (because they participate too)? Cheers 
A.  The best we to approach this is to digest the situation and break down the question... I will first look at how many groups we are talking about, and where they are.. I get this behavior happens everywhere (all over the world)- it always has, and always will.  As I try to see How or better yet, Why, it is coming to me that before there were true civilizations or societies our primal brain didn't have rules on sex or treatment of kids.  As societies were created, those rules were created too in order for us to live together in a safe and cohesive environment.  Before these rules, in a more ancient time, if you wanted sex, you had it- there were age (or gender, racial, etc) restrictions.  People operated in survival, reproductive and basic instinct mode.  Then I see a neanderthal man saying "food- eat" in the most basic of primal thoughts.  From our current perspective we see this type of life ranging from simple and unrestrictive, to quite barbaric depending on the group of people and event being witnessed. It was a different time, and a different way of thinking.  

These people that participate in this lifestyle now are "stuck" in that mental thinking of an ancient time.  There is a reptilian piece of their brain activated that is applying ideas of a virtually prehistoric time into todays' society.  It is further compounded by the amount of money made because people that participate will pay enormous amounts of money.  They feel shame in this practice, but there is some psychological piece of their minds that won't let them stop. Then I hear this analogy that these people have the "minds of cavemen, living in a current time."  They have never evolved (mentally or spiritually) and still run on this "reptilian" mind.  I also get that if you did an MRI on these people you would see their thought patterns reside mainly in their reptilian brain at the base of the head...??

They aren't true reptilians, but are controlled by the reptilian part of their brain.  Their actions and their lower vibrations do aid and represent the "true ET reptilians."  These actions and ways of thinking (lower vibrations) support and help the Reptilian agenda..

I get they are able to thrive in England because the monarchy provides huge clientele..??  They feel protected and insulated there. There is a sense of being protected and insulated there. I get that many people are bribed to turn away and there is an element of secrecy.  

I also see that these lower level beings keep reincarnating in a cycle- they don't ascend.  It looks like a loop of tormentor and victim over and over.  BUT, once earth is able to shift to a higher frequency (higher dimension), these beings will no longer be able to survive.  I get an image of them holding the sides of their heads yelling as if the vibration hurts them and they can't stand it. They are driven underground or away when this happens.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please send thoughts of love to these victims...  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

This is truly the worst of the worse of inhumanity. Lynn, as someone who has just come to discover your blog, I feel the truth in your readings and thank you for all the good work you are doing. It occurs to me that your readership would be a fantastic group to channel collective heart energy towards the protection and assistance of such children, and perhaps to work to heal the many other horrible situations your readers bring up.

I accidentally found your blog while googling about the Boston marathon bombing, and your reading of that event was amazing and feels spot on! I feel one of the main reasons such despicable acts occur is that most people can't even conceive they are possible and would never let their minds go to such a dark place, giving the perps free range knowing their acts will go unbelieved and unchallenged.

But if those of us who are aware could collectively channel love to these dark regions, I'm certain it would have a powerful effect. Imagine how many people's consciousness would wake up if the Boston jury could be touched to recognize the truth and found Dzhokhar innocent. There could unfortunately be no such dramatic confirmation of collective love directed to child abuse victims but I'm certain it could only have a positive effect. I will be sending a healing love energy out to all child abuse victims and abusers today and would welcome anyone else to join me.

A Man Called Da-da said...

What's the reptilian-brain reaction to infusions of love? Does it repel them? Do they find it comforting? Have to say, even the worst criminal is your spiritual brother -- though they're path will be muuuuch longer. Da-da is sweeping that path right now, watch your step.

Anonymous said...

This is the most aweful, horrifying, tragic and unimaginable story. For me it was truly was one of the hardest things I have ever read. I'm in utter shock about this horrific tragedy that goes on all over the world!! As I read this story and looked at the links I felt so much pain and pain in my heart. I'm sending as much love to these innocent victims (children and babies). I very much appreciate doing this reading as I can only imagine how hard it was. I'm also the mother of two small children and I can't even imagine if this had happened to my kids!! Thanks for doing this reading to let us know the ugly truth.

Robert: I can only say that Lynn's blog is the very best!!! I have never found anyone with the kind of gift that Lynn so willingly shares with us all! When I'm reading one of her posts I just know and feel that the truth is always given to us.

Much love & respect....

A Man Called Da-da said...

The details link (leaked by Anonymous) is about the worst thing Da-da's ever read. On that note, this is important:

March 17th, 2015 is a global Inner Reset meditation day.

Da-da encourages all to participate. (However, the brother who wrote this is slightly mistaken when he says that we owe God nothing; Source is Love, and has no concept of "owe." All expressions of love are maximal. We are an extension of Source. Basically, We are Source, as well.)

Anyway, March 17th is about forgiveness (which means, "to overlook"). To quote the link:

"Forgiveness of all debts, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It means forgiveness to yourself and others. It will consequentially mean financial debt forgiveness when a critical mass of people realizes that we owe banksters nothing."

Forgiveness is the most important thing you can do on this planet, as it heals *your* mind. Once such forgiveness leaks into the abuse cycle, one party typically disengages... and then there's no more cycle.

It's easy to be disgusted and angry about what's been done, and it's very difficult to forgive such actions -- but it must be done, because you are forgiving YOURSELF.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Robert: I am actually getting ready to organize an “meditation” or silent moment in which we focus collectively on positive thought and intent. I wanted to do it during the spring equinox 3/20/15 at 6:45 EST. There is also a new moon and solar eclipse event on that day.. It feels energetically powerful.

@Da-da: I get they feel that vibration, but it is confusing and uncomfortable because that is not their “home base” vibration.

@kelly: This was a difficult read, but felt important (I kept receiving messages from various sources, and I knew that on some level people needed to hear about this and offer positive energy to move us in the direction of helping these kids).

Thank you for the kind words. I do appreciate it. Xoxo

@Da-da: Thanks for mentioning this. You are very right. When you hold onto anger, it holds you down- it doesn’t hold the other person down. It is hard to release, but is so empowering (and spiritually uplifting) when you are able to accomplish it.

Bee E-lightened said...

Another insighful reading. Lynn is it 6.45 am or pm?!

Juli T said...


Lynn, don't you think these things are done with a satanic purpose, to feed some kind of evil (intentionally, not just like the reptilians feed from this energy, but something more intentional?).

Could we all meditate on something when you do a reading like this? Maybe some phrase or pray or specific meditation or visualization you can tell us so we all tune in the same energy to help? Maybe it's better if we all focus on the same thing.


Baku Matsumoto said...

Lynn, there is an Adult Women traficking for sex work, by taking advante of drug. This crime ring is doing this under the name of legitimate business in Europe & USA......correct??

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Bee: 6:45 PM EST. I will put up a posting on the blog as well. :-)

@Juli: I like the idea of a group focal point. I will think on it (something significant that resonates with many people).

Regarding this reading, it feels so low level and primal. It has to do with absorbing their energy, preserving (or something feeling of taking in) youth and some instances are sacrificial. There is also an entitlement mentality. It has a different feel than devil worshipping, because the thoughts and intent are so different.

@Buku: Yes. I see this in more places than just Europe and USA... When I view this I see the more powerful (reptilian rooted) people at the top of the organization, and people on the front lines are working for those people.

Watchand Knock said...

Although entering a more pictoresque realm, this story refers to a pig which certainly showed a need for spiritual rescue (or maybe a safe haven for physical integrity?). This pig escaped a pig farm nearby a chinese temple a went to the entrance of it, where it kneeled down and remained in this position for several hours, not paying attention to all the (hungry?) people around himself!

Camryn Villarruel said...

The abuse described is so horrific it borders in the unbelievable. Lets send positive energy and radiant light to all the abused children

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn

here is a link to the previously suppressed video of the kids confessing to it being a hoax and being coached by the mother's boyfriend. Thoughts?

samferina said...

I'm so glad u did a reading on this! I didn't know that someone already asked dealing with this subject. It's been everywhere on the net so I'm wondering if you think this case will be the stand out of bringing light to satanic rituals to all the major new stations and media?(CNN, Nancy Grace Dr. Phil)to name a few do you see it actually opening up a Avenue for this topic instead of it getting swept under the rug again? Also why do many people choose to ignore or not believe that this stuff really happens to kids?

samferina said...

Sorry one more question but I'm just confused on the whole "baby eating" thing.This is not he first time I heard of it. Other abuse survivors have spoke about that so why? what's the point of doing that? What does it mean or symbolize? It's just utterly disgusting and mind blowing to me. Thanks

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Sheena: When you see something conflicting many times we have to ask what is true. There are people out there hired to "dis inform" us when the truth is discovered. I get what you heard was just the spreading of false info. I see this really does happen..

@Samferina: People don't want to believe that it happens b/c once you go down the path of believing, you can't ignore it (subconsciously). If you think it is made up, you can go about your life (it is a mental preservation thing)..

Why with the babies- I see they do it to absorb the youth or absorb the essence.. seems kind of like a ritual surrounding that idea.

samferina said...

Thanks Lynn for answering but do you see this case bringing light to the mainstream media as in a serious topic like people covering it on CNN or foxnews? I asked this earlier didn't know if you might have missed it or not :)

Lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

Yes, you're right about the difficulty about ignoring it. Ever since I came to know about this Ninth Satanic Circle, it has stayed at the back of my mind. What I find it hard to stomach are the names of some of them!

And now this pedophiles horrors in Hamstead London, where I visited once, hit me like a lighting bolt that such a picturesque high-end neighborhood could hide such
heinous humanity crimes especially when young innocents lives are involved.

You mentioned about sending thoughts of love to the victims. How do we do that? Mentally or verbally? How to send mentally if we don't know their faces? What can we say in our prayers to help them?

And what do you mean by protect ourselves with cleansing breaths?

I'm new in all these practices and thanks to your blog, I'm slowly opening up.

Thank you.

Lilian said...

One more thing, pls -

I was told that if we do a good deed, the merits will be gone/lost if we don't dedicate it to sentients.

What is your take on that?

Thanks again

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Samferina: I do see this going public (eventually). I feel like more people will come forward, and when they can't deny there is an issue, it will be brought to light. I also get that somehow the current queen won't be the queen at the time this happens (like something is protecting her and when she passes will be when this cycle stops).

@Lilian: If you sent positive mental thoughts (like a prayer) toward these kids, it sends positive energy. Every thought we have is pushed by energy behind it- and by thinking positively, it sends positivity.

Cleansing breaths are deep breaths in which you clear and exchange oxygen throughout your entire lungs (versus shallow breaths that work on the top part of your lungs). Deep breaths just help to purge the "old air" for fresh clean air.. helps to cleanse negativity (envision blowing it out and away).

Good deeds are good deeds- there is no need to dedicate it to anyone. Doing something positive goes into the universe and isn't controlled or blocked by anyone..