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I received the following question regarding vibrations..  It was a multipart question, so I will break it down below..
Q. Can you, please, define high and low vibrations. What specific qualities make them different, and how the low energies progress to higher levels (and vise versa)? Is it one direction of evolution (from low to high) or backward direction (from high to low) does also exist? (Other words can one de-evolute from high to low energy?) 
A. When I focus on vibrations, I see a sine wave (like the pic I put up).  The higher the vibration, the closer the waves (or more highs and lows in a given distance) are together.  In my mind the higher the vibration, the higher the frequency (literally).  

To increase a vibration, the energy itself has to change, because the energy is what creates the "sine wave,"  Everything can be broken down to energy (thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc) which is the root of the frequency of vibration.  Different things (thought, emotions, etc) have a different and specific energetic element (resulting the the frequency vibration) behind them.  I see it as the more the thought, emotions, etc is tied to the betterment of yourself or someone else, the higher the frequency of energy is pushing that thought (or emotion, etc) thus a higher vibration results.

I see when we incarnate we most generally range within a specific range of vibrations.  I am shown an image of a piano, and a person's vibrations usually remain within an octave on the piano.  Sometimes they are higher (mood, feelings, meditation (purging the "stuff" you don't need) and sometimes life has you down, but most generally you have a range you reside in.  It is possible to jump octaves (people can reach amazing enlightenment) but it isn't common and requires discipline and effort.  

People most generally incarnate "up" on the octave scale.  I get that it is possible to incarnate down, but that is usually tied to a karmic debt or detrimental act of free will.

Q. Do high and low energies usually have different 'places' in the universe (staying apart) or do they live in constant interchange with each other, or even one within the other? 
A. I visualize high and low energy like the yin yang sign.  Like attracts like, and remains together.  I then pose, Why is the dot in the middle of the sign- does that not conflict with the "like attracting like?"  I get that even though like does attract to like, occasionally we need a contrast to fully understand the scope of high and low vibrations. ??  We can understand the concept of low and high vibrations (or frequencies), but to learn and expand through experience we need to "feel" these vibrations- you can't fully "feel" the vibrations without a contrast to know the difference.  Then I hear the quote "The sweet isn't so sweet without the sour."

Q.  Is it necessary to grow only through pain, or peaceful and happy times?  Does the growth have the same effect? 
A.  Our goal is to incarnate and grow through experience.  That experience can be good or bad, but I am told to remember that the terms of "good" and "bad" are labels we use as humans.  The universe sees things in terms of experience.  Each experience allows for growth.

Q. Why does the universe need such low vibrations that causes so much pain? Does it also mean that the more of good we have, the more of bad must be created in order to keep the balance?
A. Everything works in terms of balance.  When it is out- I get the word "disturbance" as if there is something unsettling, and it will naturally works to fix itself. I also get we have to have contrast.  If you lived in a world where everything was always working at a high vibration, you wouldn't really appreciate that feeling because there is no contrast.  You may lose the feeling of gratitude (I feel like there is a different word or term for this, but it is not coming to me) or humbleness toward that feeling- which makes us need the contrast to keep us in balance.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Hannon said...

I can't help but think of the Norse/Germanic creation story of fire and ice coming together and forming our reality, two opposing energies holding everything together in the void between them.

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

Could you please give details as to what is the fastest way to increase our vibration?

Do eating meat and killing animals for food decrease our vibration?

After every meditation session, does our vibration level reset back to the same level before the meditation started? Or does it become permanently higher than the level we started with?

Watchand Knock said...

Hy Lynn great post, Thank You!What type of vibrations does a rock-guitar player receive when on stage? Besides being (frequently) stoned in this passage (1:40 mmin onwards) one senses that he enters kind of of a transe. Are there external vibrations involved (Hendrix was known to be a type of medium as well)in these moments (long hair frequently is seen as "antenas")or is this just the result of LSD? Also these songs always sound a little different depending on distinct records.
( The questions kind of imposes itself when you listen to the following musician, who made a video to say why it is impossible to copy musicians like Jimmy. ( comparing frequently to Stevie Ray Vaughan). He says "you may know all his tricks but your still trying to hit a moving target".Thanks!

RFK Pope said...

So since we actually do need some "bad" in society to create balance and help us appreciate the "good" we experience, how does the universe view our legal system, which punishes people for doing "bad" things?

Aren't they just playing a necessary role?

Camryn Villarruel said...

Lynn did the same ppl that got rid of Whitney Houston did the same thing to her daughter, Thanx

Somasera19 said...

Lynn, I'm curious if you can read when thync is going to be released this year. I'm also wondering if this device could theoretically speed up the process of one's enlightenment if the individual found the right setting for that function. It reminds me about the fourth prediction dominicus forsaw in his meditation session at above top secret. The link is:

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: If you really think about it, that is quite amazing- high/low, light/dark, good/bad uniting to make something great with the perfect balance...

@Alex: Meditating is a great way to elevate your vibration. When you release lower vibrational stuff, it increases your personal frequency. If after the meditation you take back on your "garbage' then your vibration will resume back to the original state. If the meditation allows you to process things and be free of it, you will stay elevated.. The fastest way to increase your vibration (and I hesitate using the word "fastest" as I see patience is a big part of this) is to continually make sure you aren't holding onto things and remain centered.

Eating meat (for some) can hold you back. It depends on the meat and trauma it went through to die. Some of the trauma can be lifted through thanking and blessing your food (if nothing else thank it for giving its life to you in order to nourish your life). I get you should also thank plant life as well- be grateful and thankful.

@Watchandknock: Some musicians can essentially "meditate" while playing. They put their mind in a zone that allows them to be in tune with their higher self while surrounded with their music. I have heard about hair being like an antennae, but I haven't ever connected to that and gotten a clear answer. In talking about LSD, I do see it opening the mind and allowing you to experience different layers of earth that are normally blocked to us with our human body. (I am not condoning or endorsing, just saying what I see.)

@RFK: We do... We need good and bad, but what we don't need is people imposing free will and being detrimental to themselves or others. There is enough "natural bad" to create the balance.

@Camryn: Yes....

@Somasera: I get we already have things like this available. They can work, but you have to be extremely cautious not to overdo it, and I get that everyones sensitivity is different.

Watchand Knock said...

Thanks! Does this mean that even when doing an unplugged record some musicians still are "plugged"? :)

Dilini Samarasinghe said...

I have to respectfully disagree on bad is needed to balance the good. It is hurtful to hear that if we are the ones suffering unspeakable injustice in the world. As gnostic/Mani thought shows, universe is a mix of good and bad but the creator of this universe is a demiurge. We should stop accepting evil as a balance for good.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Watchandknock: Very much so... They just "live" in that vibration. (Some not all- it is like people doing their greatest joy live in that energetic vibration).

@Dilini: Thank you for your comment. I do understand how you feel, and it is difficult to think that lower vibrations are necessary.

:D said...

What are your thoughts of eating animala organs (liver, tongue, etc) and blood. Many believed that the soul was contained in the blood.
When you cook with gratitude and love everything tastes much better. I need to learn to bless before eating.. I appareciate your words

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ D: If you express gratitude for your food, I see no problem with it- you are consuming part of their life energy. I do see truth to this.

Rajesh Gajra said...

Thanks, Lynn, for this important reading on vibrations, as well as your response to the interesting questions put here.

I have been having many questions on the same issue and in time I may request your help on it, but this reading of yours was very interesting and very important for me.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rajesh: :-)

joy said...

It appears that the idea ....."bad is needed to balance the good" is a lie that was implanted into our consciousness by those beings who needed negative energies to thrive. They want you to willingly accept this idea without question so that they will not have to get a kick in the gut, when karmic retribution comes around.

It also seems we are not here to balance anything, although balancing of energies might just be a result of our assignment.
we are here to dismantle and dissolve every imaginable low vibrating frequencies inside our energy fields, so that we can then move into that positive parallel reality that many of you are talking about.