Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Black Hole

(I have had this question asked a few times, and I wanted to take time today to address it...)
Q. Dear PF, please do a reading on the most mysterious thing of the universe, i.e. a Black Hole. What really is a black hole? Anything which is sucked inside a black hole is permanently absorbed into it, even light! What is at the other end of the Black hole?
A.  When I focus on the "Black Hole"  my mind sees this brilliant universe containing stars, floating dust (looks like dust floating in the sunlight) and planetary bodies.  Everything feels full of motion and life except for this one spot that is completely absent of everything (and dark), so I mentally draw myself to it (i.e the Black Hole).  Then I am shown an image of someone hoovering on the edge of the hole as if they can see in, but don't want to completely go info this blank spot (they are clinging to this edge in what looks like a fearful way).  As they position themselves near the hole I see what looks like some kind of energetic plasma enter the hole- the closer the energetic presence gets, the faster it moves until it is absorbed into the hole.  Then I get that "energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be relocated."  

As this person hangs onto edge of this hole and peaks in, inside the hole itself it looks like complete darkness with these "blobs" of energetic plasma floating around.  I  get the impression from the image that the "Black Hole" gets its' energy from this collection of plasma that enters.  It looks like the hole is living in some way, and feeds off of the matter and energy that enters.  The way the person clings to the edge of the hole also leaves the impression that once something enters (matter, energy, etc) it cannot leave.  It looks like a one way vacuum in, and once it is there it is trapped like a prison.

Then I hear the person say "I'm done, I'm leaving."  I feel fear and anxiety regarding this hole.  It feels full of negativity and a sense of panic enters me, as if using this person to show me the way was enough (I feel panic for the person).  This person doesn't want to completely enter the hole (there is this look of terror at the thought) and I don't want to experience it, so I am releasing the thought and letting us both leave this experience.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.


a2k said...

Dear PF, after this reading of yours, The black hole has really become black for me!! According to new era scientists like stephen Hawkings, a black hole is a dead star which collapsed onto itself and became highly dense material absorbing anything nearby by its very high gravitational pull.this thing's density keep on increasing and nearly becomes infinitely dense. My personal belief is that at the other end of the black hole, there should be anti-matter universe composed of light. So a black universe should be a portal of sort connecting matter universe to the anti-matter universe. What's your take on this?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Black holes are SO negative.

Alex said...

From what I've read, black holes are dead stars who went supernova and then collapsed into an extremely dense material with extremely high gravity.

Black holes' gravitional pull is strong enough to pull nearby stars into revolving around it to form a galaxy. Thus, every galaxy has a black hole in the center just like every solar system has a sun/star in the center.

Planets revolve around stars which in turn revolves around black holes.

There must be a 'super black hole' somewhere that all black holes revolve around.

Johnny s. said...

Are they natural why are they really there? Can a soul somehow get trapped.. or a human.. what would happen.. u must tell me

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I saw it is a black vaccuum on the inside. It felt very dark- in fact as black as it can get. I saw no light. I then get that all the matter that is absorbed collapses on itself, and that energy stored in the matter makes the black hole even stronger (as if it is growing). There may be light at the other end, but there was nothing I could see and my mind wouldn't even allow me to go any further than the edge (like it or a guide was protecting me).

@Alex: Your concept feels very logical, but I couldn't get a visual on it. If it comes to me later, I will be sure to update this post.

Raymond G said...

Who was the 'person' that went to the edge of the black hole ? Was it a Guide or an Angel or someone in this world that astrally traveled there ?

Or was it another part of you, a part of your subconscious that traveled there ? Robert Monroe had a term for this but right now it slips my mind...IT? Intelligent species ?

But, if a spirit can travel anywhere across time and space how could it get trapped anywhere , even a black hole ?

I wonder what is on the other side of it ?
I think black holes are going to be a mystery to us for a long time.

Alpha X said...

There must be some sentient being without physical form that is capable of entering a black hole and exiting at will. If you can connect to a being like that, maybe you can find out more.

Some higher level beings than us must have greater knowledge than we do on this subject; it's there to be discovered and, more importantly, discovered in a way that is not harmful to you or others, if you can connect to those with the knowledge.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Raymond: The "person" felt like an image that my subconscious used to illustrate to me the appearance, look, feel, etc of this spot. It was like I was held back (maybe my human body couldn't had the full load of emotion or what I was to see). It felt the blackest dark, felt like anything that entered would be trapped (souls, spirits are energy too) and very negative.

@alphax: I do agree with you- but I think the way my mind showed this to me, showed me in a way that my physical being could handle it. There is something very intense (and erie) about this location.

Alex said...


Scientists have already known how black holes are formed by observing how stars are born and die. They are not really mysterious anymore except for the details.

There's nothing on the 'other side', it's actually a very dense dead star with extremely high gravity that even light can't pass through. If light and all energy are absorbed, then it becomes dark.

Our galaxy the milky way has a black hole where all the stars revolve around it due to its tremendous gravity that pulls all the stars in proximity.

2SpiritAngel said...

If there is a black hole at the centre of our galaxy, I wonder what is there at the centre of our Universe!? Any insight into this, Lynn? Does our Universe even have a 'centre' as we know one to be.

lilian said...

Talking about subconscious, while looking at mediation video in YouTube, my curiosity led me to a video which mentioned “Open your third eye”

What are weird are the contrasting experiences/comments:

While listening to it, many have had negative experience - saw demons/aliens/green eyes or felt fear/anxiety or the presence of someone watching.

There were warning comments of that meditation giving out negative vibration etc. That “opening the third eye” is something not to be taken lightly.

And yet a few felt good after listening to it.

Psychic Focus, what is your take on this video


For others, pls READ the comments in that video first before playing it.

Alpha X said...

Well, maybe try and focus on a positive helpful aspect in regards to the black hole then.

What I mean by that is: If a being, say a human, were to be sucked into a black hole, what should they, in physical or spirit form, do?

If this information is too much for you to experience, try seeing if you can get answers from a third party. I apologize if I'm being too pushy. The negative aspect of this makes me really want to know about it so that we can avoid it as best as possible and the more we actually know about it, the easier that is to do.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@@SpiritAngel: I see it as everything rotating around something else, and that "something else" looks larger and stronger than the previous object. In the center of the galaxy I see it as the opposite of the black hole- it is this brilliant white light full of some energetic property... ??

@lilian: I did go to the link, and you really have to watch the source of who is putting the info out there. I didn't get a good feel for this- and there are also people out there (reptilian based people) that subconsciously want to hold people back. I get that the creator isn't from a pure origin, and those sensitive to it had negative experiences. I would not use this as a tool for opening up.

@AlphaX: I get the impression that you do not want to go through or travel deep into this... I don't feel a positive in it. ??