Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hollow Earth - Follow Up Post

I would very appreciate it if you can do another blog post on the Hollow Earth.

Q. Previously you mentioned that the Earth is like an onion with many layers of reality/existence. Do you see the Earth being hollow in the physical reality or is the Earth only hollow in the higher realms?

A. I see the earth being hollow existing in both the lower and higher density.. It looks like the inhabitants of the hollow earth are dominantly the lower density ETs (however still have telepathic ability- very intelligent, but the "feeling" side is absent) because of their inability to expand their thoughts. Specifically, they tend to operate on autopilot and their actions (not movements, but how they function) reminds me of some kind of robot.. They do what they do because that is what they have always done. I also see that the hollow earth ETs lack compassion and are void of emotion as if their soul has a defect in that way..

Q. Are lavas from volcanoes a shallow phenomenon or do they go deep into the Earth? How do you see volcanoes and Hollow Earth coexisting? 
A.  It looks to me that we have (starting from the exterior) the crust, mantle, core layer (that really isn't the true core and this is where lava is housed) and then the inverse happens.. We have another layer of the mantle, internal crust, and a large empty space with a mini sun in the middle.. I will list it out better in a way that may help you to visualize it:

  • External crust (where we live)
  • Mantle
  • Core (Not the true core of the earth, but has the same properties that we are taught.  This is where lava is stored.)
  • Inner Mantle
  • Inner Crust (Where kidnapped humans live in addition to lower level ETs)
  • Empty space- like their atmosphere with a mini sun in the middle. 

Q. Do you see the center of gravity about 400 miles deep in the Earth? If not, where is the center of gravity on Earth?
A. I don't see an exact number, but I get it resides in the inner mantle layer closer to the core layer.  I get that the inner sun helps to equalize this also.??

Q. Where is the easiest way to enter the Hollow Earth world if the Earth is hollow physically? Are volcanoes doorways to the Hollow Earth? Does Mammoth Cave in Kentucky lead all the way to the Hollow Earth?
A.  I don't see volcanoes as a doorway, they just go to the "core" layer, and the inner earth extends much farther than that.  There is a location in Washington state, it looks like a huge mountain with a cave at the base.  This cave appears to be nothing significant from the outside, but once you get deep enough into it takes you straight down.  I get that ETs are able to fly in and out of the location with their crafts.

I also see a location at the top of earth, near the north pole.  This location appears to have some kind of energetic vortex that allow them to teleport back and forth from the inner earth.

The other location that lights up for me is a deep (reminds me of a crevasse?) in the Atlantic Ocean.  I see ET ships can physically come and go through this location as well.  As I try to understand how water doesn't flood the inner earth through this location I see that the gravity "holds" the water in this layer.  Once you get so deep the gravity and centripetal force of earth spinning holds the water in place. ?

Q. Will the Earth being hollow be eventually accepted generally? 
A.  Living in the hollow earth will only be accepted if the external earth is uninhabitable.  It will become a reasonable idea only if we have no other choice.  Right now I don't see the inner earth as being very hospitable because the ET life there isn't friendly (in a compassionate type way) toward humans.  They treat humans how we treat farm animals and not like beings with independence.

I see eventually (like 3 to 4 hundred years from now), a purge will happen in hollow earth.  It appears that we may have to go underground (and other planets, moon, etc) to allow the surface of earth to heal ? and when that time comes nearer the "good" (for lack of a better term) ETs will battle those less compassionate ETs currently underground to pave the way for humans to enter.

Q. Does it really get hotter and hotter the deeper you go into the Earth all the way to the Hollow Earth or does it only get hot until a certain point deep in the Earth? 
A.  It is warm and very humid- it looks like a tropical rain forest.  I also get an image of a terrarium... The peak of the warmth resides in the core and it dissipates / radiates out from there.

Q. Do you see an entrance to the Hollow Earth in Mount Rainier (Washington state)?
A.  I always see Washington state as one of the entry points and it is at the base of a mountain. I don't have a name, but Mount Rainier rings some truth within me.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated read on YouTube.

The following is a picture that was emailed to me.. I thought it was interesting because this looked a lot like what I saw in my mind (I didn't get the pyramid connection though):  


KnockandWatch said...

Amazing post, thank you Lynn! I have a somehow related question, actually pointing to the mineralogical side of the issue: It is usually said that Diamonds build under high pressures/temps. and are emplaced in domains where the crust is very thick by kimberlite (fast ascending) magmatism. The fast ascending magmatism would prevent diamond to retroform to low pressure variants (coal/graphite). Actually Carbonados (the hardest known diamond), or black diamonds which have a porous texture and are black or gray in color, are found mainly in alluvial deposits and typically occur in places where the crust thinned out (site of crustal opening to form small usually non-oceanic basins (largest carbonado retrieved from meso-proterozoic sediments of Chapada Diamantina basin/Brazil). In other words how do we get deep seated magmatism (which is said to be the only source of diamonds) in places of thinned crust? Or (contrary to the predominating belief) are there distinct sites of diamond formation in the mantle? Where does the dark color from the Carbonados come from? Thank You!

Tyche1 said...

Hi Lynn. You mentioned that kidnapped humans are living in the inner crust. Are humans currently being kidnapped by these lower density ETs? And can anything be done to help free these humans?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

Great job on all of this stuff. My question is the people that are kidnapped, are they being kidnapped with our governments knowledge? I read somewhere that a lot of people turn up missing from National Forests? Can you see any truth in that? Does any human escape from the inner earth?


Monica Villacci said...

Thank you Lynn! I was wondering, is there a certain type of person they look for to abduct? I hear they are made into slaves and food for these type of aliens. How do they abduct?
Thank you!!

Monica Villacci said...

One more thing, is this what happened to the little boy in the movie the 4th kind? Which was supposed to be based on a true story. I don't think he ever came back and no one believed the mother that aliens took him. Is there truth to this?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: I will have to think about this in a dedicated session. I will say that I see the dark color coming from the ultra compression near the peak gravity location (mantle area near the core) and the elimination of a certain gas during that process (I want to say CO2) creates the dark color.

@Tyche1: I see the only way to get the humans back (in a large quantity) is to have them retrieved by the higher level aliens. For some reason (even though I sense the higher density aliens are stronger) they shy away from going there. The higher level beings seem more focused on what is going on and with the outer surface. There is some kind of barrier (energetically?) there.

@x: I do see this happens, and the government does know. I get the government is too scared to interact with these lower level beings (and almost sense a pact was made). I do get that VERY rarely humans can escape, but only near the energy portal at the north pole (I feel like people have been found wandering?? And claim they are from the inner earth) and I sense a couple in Washington state. Very rare- maybe 5 times..

@Monica: I get they take or abduct them in their ships. They are drawn to certain people based on their energy. It feels like a magnet being drawn to them. I also get this “magnetism” run in families as if it was genetically passed down (family generations have this experience). I don’t get the 4th Kind was completely true, but based on true events- it does happen this way.

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,much has been heard about cities of Agartha and Agarthans. That they reside in 5th dimension at hollow earth.They were ancestors of us who escaped to hollow earth after the fall of atlantis.The city of agartha is truly a place of peace,harmony and scientific advancement.Could you see such a city at higher dimension?

Chatty Cathy said...

Thank you Lynn. This reading brings to mind the story of Enki and Enlil, the supposed master geneticists that created beings on Earth to mine the gold. Do you see any correlation to these beings and those living in the inner Earth? Also, are humans genetically related to the beings created by Enki and Enlil? Thank you

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2K: I do see places like this existing, but I don't see this on our earth... It looks more like a parallel earth that isn't located here, but rather parallel to us.

@chatty cathy: I couldn't get a clear answer for Enki and Enlil... Maybe I could do a future reading in which I am in a deep meditation..

Erin Cheslock said...

Thanks Lynn! Could you describe how the central sun works/came to be? What is it made of? How is it suspended in the center when the center of gravity is in the mantle? Do all planets have these? Thanks!!!

KnockandWatch said...

Great question Erin! I would like to ask how the air came inside the core once it is gas (low density) and everything produced in the core or lower mantle is high density (as carbonado diamonds). TY!

Ryno said...

Yes, as mentioned earlier please do a reading on the Anunnaki and specifically Enki and Enlil.

:D said...

Inner earth

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Erin: It looks more like a bright ball of gas- I doesn’t look solid, but more like a plasma. I get that the earth spinning around it keeps it in place. If the earth were to stop spinning the inner sun would collide with the walls. I feel like this sun is alive, like the heart of the earth. Not all planets do have these, but few do… Venus and Mercury (??). The outlying planets do not.

@knockandwatch: I get it is it’s own ecosystem. I again get the picture of a terrarium as if it is a perfect environment. I see the earth being formed that way (with these layers and inners sun), and it continued to grow (starting with the inner sun). The atmosphere around the inner sun grew dark and thick, eventually creating a solid earth leaving a hollow inner pocket.

Chatty Cathy said...

Lynn, that would be great if you could do a separate reading on Enki and Enlil and their role, if any in creating humans on Earth, and Enlil blocking our knowledge of the things we know today.

YourPsychicFocus said...

I have it in my working drafts now. :-)

KnockandWatch said...

hi Lynn. Would you mind giving the thickness of each layer until the center of the earth? Earth's radius measures 3,959 miles and the average density of each layer? Once the average density of the whole earth is a constant and is known (The density of the Earth is 5.513 g/cm3. This is an average of all of the material on the planet.), the core for example would have to be more dense according to your interpretation, once it is hollow (while according to textbook authors it is assumed to be massive). Sorry, english is not my fortress, I hope i made myself clear. Thank You!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: Your english is just fine :-). With this reading I don't see things in terms of numbers but rather the overall concept and explanation. Occasionally after I pose a question to myself the answer will come to me later (maybe when I am meditating on something else) and if that happens I will be sure to let you know.

KnockandWatch said...

Thank You!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, Can you tell me if Sharula Dux has any merit. She claims to be from Argartha the underworld you speak of. Also I heard a theory that the chemtrails were used to heat up the earth so that the core residence who harbour cold blooded creatures you spoke of would leave the planet.

Dante said...

This is kind of related to the Hollow Earth stuff but do you see a city called Telos underneath Mount Shasta in California?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@wendy4377: I can't connect her to physically being there, but I do see she has some kind of spiritual connection to that place. I cannot tell if it was a past list that she is connecting to in her current life or if she was able to connect through astral travel / meditation means... There is a disconnect between when she had the experience and when she described it (at least in how I see it)).

@Dante: I don't have a name, but I will say the location of what you describe feels like the area that I described as having a cave that led to an entrance.

Unknown said...

Although I do resonate with most of your info on Hollow Earth, I don't resonate with the idea that everyone in Hollow Earth are evil ETs. I think that may be the info you are happening to be receiving atm which doesn't make it untrue. I just feel that it's much more complex than being that black and white. I know by my own truth that there are many, many ET species living in underground, some humanoid and some not. There are numerous cities and factions underground from just beneath our surface to all the way down to the empty space with the sun inside. Some of these people are malevolent as you describe, some actually benevolent, and some indifferent.

Unknown said...

I also resonate with what you say about us having to enter Hollow Earth in a few hundred years. I feel it will be a returning and that all life on all planets actually begins on the inside of the sphere. Life on the outside is unnatural. The sun and oxygen both sustain and destroy us. This is why they're not finding the life they seek on other planets. On the surface, at least.

Also think it's interesting that there are many Native American oral histories that tell of beings taking them down into the earth for protection during the last global cataclysm.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Unknown: I do agree with you. I have done more readings (and also thoughts and meditation), and I have seen what looks like light beings going underground. When I focus on our timeline- the inner earth is very important (has been in the past and will be in the future). I do appreciate your feedback. Thank you.