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What are the black eyed kids/black eyed people? Are they aliens impersonating children, interdimensional creatures, vampires, or demons? I am referring to the black eyed kids that have a completely pitch black eye with no pupil, iris, or whites to their eyes- and the sclera is all black. They ask to be let into people's homes/cars and don't speak like they are children. What are they? What do they want?

8:39 PM - I am trying to visualize what you are describing, and I feel that it is the spirits of someone who has passed on but they are either not accepting of the fact or they are not ready to move on.  It is like they are here but they are on a different layer of earth, they are not on the physical realm, even though some people can view them.  I feel like they are people that had a darkness around them at the time that they passed.  And maybe the have some unfinished business to do here on Earth.  I can hear them talking and it almost sounds like the teacher off of Charlie Brown cartoons.  I feel like they either need help with something here on Earth or they need encouraged to step toward the light and pass on and allow themselves to be absorbed by the universal light.
Q-What you decribes seem to be like ghosts?
A-Yes, I mean I will say I feel uneasy even talking about them because I definitely feel a darkness about them.
Q-Why would they ask to be let into cars and homes?
A-I am seeing a scene from the movie FRED (Kids Movie) and a vampire had to have permission to enter someone's home.  I feel they work the same way, that there is a boundary that cannot be crossed unless a human allows them access.
Q-Why do the appear as children?
A-I am hearing something about the innocense of children, visually children have an innocense about them.
Q-Are they souls of children, or spirits taking on the form for the illusion of innocense.
A-No, they just appear that way.
Q-Why do their eye appear black?
A-It has to do with some kind of emptiness that is within them.
Q-What do they want?
A-It is like they want help, but there is something unresolved here that they want help with regading their own personal life.
Q-Do mediums have the ability to help them?
A-I would say Yes, if you really connect with one.
Q-Do you have an interest in doing this?
A-No I am completely creeped out.
Q-Have you ever expererienced one?
A-No I have not.  I did not even know they existed until this reading.
Q-If a person encounters one, what would you reccommend they do.
A-I would NOT allow them in my home, and...I feel like you should sit and focus on the white light that is within you as a form of spiritual protection to keep them away and keep them from trying to vampire energy from you.
Q-So you feel they are energy vampires of sorts?
Q-Is there anything else you want to share? A-No that is it.  
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Anonymous said...

never heard of them before, interesting!

Anonymous said...

Little Lesson on BEK's:

I was the one who originally asked this question. I do get a feel that they may be interdimensional beings, like from a parallel universe, trying to take our place. The few people that have let them in their home but managed to get away, have reported that they said they had "come to collect them." Another man had an encounter where he told them to "Cut the sh*t, I know you're not kids. Show me your true form." and they did and they were some type of insectoid alien. He asked them what their business was here and they said they were here to "collect souls" and when he asked "Well what are yo going to do when all the souls are gone?" they said nonchalantly, "We can make more." He said he got the feeling that they either have no soul or are very interested in ours. Almost everyone reports going into some type of trance/being hypnotized when looking into their eyes, and find their hand going to open the door to their home/car, snapping out of it just in time, which is why I imagine they don't cover their eyes in the first place. People also get an impending sense of doom and darkness in their presence, with an absolute fear for their life/soul. And yes, I do feel they take on the form of children because people are more likely to let children into their home who are in need of help, which they always claim they need (to use the bathroom or phone or call their mom because "he" is looking for them. Last time I checked, mom's weren't "he's") There is definitely something very peculiar about them and I believe their agenda is sinister. Do you think they might be some type of alien, and do you believe the man's story about them showing their true alien form?

There is also a story in Romanian history of a BEK in Romania, ordering the townspeople to build a town in a certain place, saying they would eventually return to make sure it was done. This ended being the birthplace of Vlad Tepes/Vlad the Impaler, aka "Dracula" ("Dracul" meaning dragon) and an active vampire haven where people still believe to this day vampires truly exist. He was believed to be a vampire and his tomb is now empty. One day it was checked and his body was gone, like it had just gotten up and walked away. The Black Eyed Kids also associate themselves with the ouroboros symbol (the snake or dragon eating its own tail) which, surprise, was the symbol for Vlad Tepes order, the order of the Dragon, and surprise again, the symbol the Reptilians have used for thousands of years. The Reptilians call themselves "The Draco" which is Latin for "the Dragon", very similar to Dracula (Vlad) and his Order of the Dragon. The reptilian ships have the same symbol on them. I've heard the insectoids were genetically engineered/work for the Reptilians so this doesn't surprise me at all if its all connected. There is a story of these BEK's healing a boy from leukemia, kissing him on the head, and handing the mother a necklace of the ourobouros to place on him. He had hours to live. The next day, the leukemia was gone. Not to mention that BEK's and the old legends of vampires share a lot in common, such as the hypnotization with the eyes and needing an invitation for entry (they go by the same laws) Could you connect these dots for me? I see connections here but need to know if its all just nonsense or if these connections I'm noticing are real and indeed connected.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for your comment. Very interesting. You also pose some interesting questions that I think other readers may enjoy. If you have time, could you compile all of your questions and send through another focus request? (You could even cute and paste part of this in your question to give readers some history). I would like to take time and think about this and go a little deeper rather than just give a quick answer now. Thanks again for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

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Psychic said...

I'm confused, you say they are some kind of spirit/ghost now. But you say they are some kind of ETs in this YouTube video :

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Psychic: To be honest I don't remember these readings that well. Information comes to and through me, but doesn't really register. I can't be certain what images I saw and how I interpreted or understood them in order to convey the message. Interestingly though, when this kind of thing happens I like to take the two (or more, or even readings from another psychics) and see where the information overlaps, and that is where you find the most truth..

Psychic said...