Monday, August 6, 2012

I am interested in why are they spraying these chem-trails? Is it weather modification or targeting living organisms? Whats in them and do they cause morgellons disease?

9:51 PM - Hmm..Well I am getting and image of gold colored balls, so it is like whatever they are made out of, it is some type of gold metallic material.  I am seeing a guy wearing a gas mask while he is doing it, as if he knows you should not even be ingesting this stuff.  The people that are flying it, they are also wearing gas masks.  I see a guy questioning another guy of authority asking him if it is safe to do this where people can breath it, and they are saying back to him that it is so far up in the atmosphere that it is not going to affect people down on the ground, but my impression is deep down they both know that it is not true.  I am picturing now and older gentleman, and he has got a lot of sores on his face, and I cannot tell if it skin cancer or some other kind of disease, but I feel like it is trying to send me a message that chem-trails may not cause what this is, but it highly exacerbates it if you have predisposition to getting it...And I am trying to understand what it is that they are doing with these chem-trails, it is like as they release them, they contain this metallic substance, but what they can do, and it can either come from the ground, No it DOES come from down on the ground, they shooting some kind of a beam, I cannot tell, what kind of a beam, it is not a laser beam, but what it does, these chem-trails form this kind of blanket, this metallic blanket in the atmosphere so when they are on the ground, shooting whatever this beam is it reflects back down.  It is some kind of reflective blanket.  It almost,   Ohhh now I can see what is going on.  Ok this beam looks like a tethered line between the ground and the jet streams that are up in the atmosphere, and it is like they are remote controlling the jet stream path or flow of the stream from the ground.  And why, I have no idea.
Q-Can you focus on the why?
A-It is weird, because I think right now, they are trying to pull the cold air from the north, over like um Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont, that area.  Ha ha, when I asked myself why are they doing this, the answer I heard in my head was because they can.
Q-Who is controlling this?
A-The military, I see a guy in a blue military coat.
Q-Why is the military interested in this, for what purpose?
A-Well the first thing I got was that they are using it as a weapon.  But then the next thing I got was, I saw an image of a drone, like somehow weather conditions or maybe the consistency of the atmosphere with these metal particles in it, like helps the functionality of these drones.  I specifically saw a drone, it has something to do with that.
Q-How long have they been spraying these metallic chemicals?
A-I got the number 4, I saw the number 4, so possibly 4 years.
A-I got this symbol that look like cent sign for a penny but the circular part is less round and more elliptical
Q-Does that have to with time they have been spraying.
A-No I think that is something totally unrelated, and I got a very distinct image of a guy in my head, I wish I could take a picture of it.
Q-Describe it, OK he is in his fifties, short gray hair, receding hairline, like he has a pretty big widows peak.  He has some acne scars.  What else is distinguishing, He is also in a military jacket, I am getting a vague image like he has a thing with his name on it, like pin and I think it is Cline, C L I N E.  And my impression is that this guy is the one who knows what is really going on with it.  And then the name Richard popped in my mind too.
Q-Is Richard his first name
A-I don't know, or if that is just another name associated with it.
Q-Are people being affected by these chemicals and if so what is the major affect, skin, respiratory, what areas?
A-Well the first thing I got was Neurological.  I am seeing electric lines, and then I see this static like emitting around the electric lines, and then I am seeing these particles float down, get zapped by all this static electricity, and then people nearby, like if they have a sensitivity to it, I feel like they are  going to have like weird twitching and  maybe tingling.  And then I just got the word Alzheimer in my mind, so it may mentally affect you too.
Q-Does affect plant life?
A-I just got a silly visual of a plant actually whimpering.  So yes I would say it does affect them.
Q-Can you focus on Morgellons disease?
A-It is tough I never even heard of that, let me think...In my mind I initially went to the liver and pancreas area, but to be honest nothing kinda emerged from that I am kinda stuck on the area.
Q-What about the person with sores
A-Yes, I absolutely felt like the chem-trails had an impact on that.
Q-Are you saying the chem-trails can cause it
Q-Do they spray over population centers / cities?
A-Yes, and in fact when I focus on it see them flying more over population centers than over the rural areas.
A-...I really do not know.
Q-Is it only the US, or in other parts of the world?
A-...When I zoom out on a globe and I look, it looks like mostly the United States I do not see, and the whole US is covered, because the way it was shown to me was a map of the US and there was like a light pink cloud over it, the whole thing, but I will say over the cities, is a much denser looking cloud.
Q-Should we move away from the cities?
A-Good point
Q-Has the Military intentionally or unintentionally caused weather related disasters?
A-Well I was just shown one, and there are gigantic sheets of ice, so my impression is yes, and I do not know how many or which ones specifically but yes.
Q-I am unclear about the ice?
A-I think they have caused some type of ice storm somewhere, are storm that resulted in a shit ton of ice.
Q-Does the Chem-Trails and the tether hurt birds and or fish?
A-Ok here is how it is shown to me, the Chem-Trails themselves do not, but if they get caught in the cross fire of the beam being shot to the chem-trail then yes.
Q-Is the beam like microwave the animals how does it affect them, I guess you said it was a reflective blanket right, does the beam tether or bounce off of it?
A-No it is like a tether, like a remote control
Q-Where does the tether originate from?
A-Hmm..I think there is more than one location, I am seeing Texas on a map..Another one, and I cannot tell if it is Nebraska or Colorado, And I want to say Canada, but I know we do own Canada, so it make me want to say Alaska, but it did feel like Canada to me.
Q-What the frequency of use and is this the cause of the record drought in the US?
A-.Well as far as frequency, I did not really get an answer on that, but when you said the drought, I saw a scare crow in a field and it actually shook it head yes, as odd as that may be.
Q-Could they be trying to protect from weather changes, or are the mainly causing them,  what is the intent other than because they can.
A-My impression is that it is for control truly.
Q-Does Obama and the Government know about it?
A-I see Obama shaking hands with someone so I would say yes he does know.
Q-Ultimately is this hurting the earth?
A-Hmm..Well I am seeing a globe, and I just watched some crazy hurricane go through the Atlantic ocean, and my impression is that there are a lot of unintended consequences of our weather in the US changing.  Overall the Earth itself is OK, but we are affecting the weather in other places.  But for some reason I got a weird vibe that China knows we are doing it, and they are pissed off at us for it.  I do not know what that is all about.
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Update:  I had to see what Morgellons Disease it, it seem like skin fibers, anyhow I Googled images for "morgellons chemtrails" and this is the first picture.  It was strange the US was shown in pink and mainly over the US.  I can only hope this is not related to spraying chemicals.

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I am a trained U.S. Air Force weather observer who worked in the military as an observer from 1960‐1964

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