Monday, May 11, 2015

Souls, Spirits and Incarnation

Q If (the Universal Consciousness) has a feel of a trap that doesn't cause harm, but holds you back from reaching your potential I get that the longer you roam, your soul develops more and has a better understanding of universal laws and allows your subconscious to expand. When you jump back in right away you are robbing yourself from the experience of stretching your subconscious.  
So, our souls learn more by not going to the Light? How can we reach an enlightened state if we don’t reincarnate to learn life lessons?
A. I get that the more we "roam" in a spiritual state, the more we learn.  In order to incarnate we do have to cycle through the light.  The real key is to learn what you can in a spiritual state so when you are incarnated (choose to go through the light) you have more residual lessons in your subconscious.  The higher you evolve before incarnating, the quicker you are to tap into that knowledge once you do chose to incarnate.  

Q. You can do whatever and go almost wherever you want (if we chose not to go to the Light). You can travel the earth (and beyond). Gain insight without your conscious, rational mind giving judgement. I get that many people visit places of significance. You can see relatives, serve as a guide... Really the options are limitless. You make your place. 
Doesn't that sound like paradise? Are the relatives we see in this realm, the relatives in our last life? Do we also meet our “soul pacts” here? If we do, and since we have lived many lives, won’t there be confusion in terms of relationships? Perhaps this meeting of “soul pacts” only happens after we go to the Light?
A.  You do go and see whatever you would like.  You also meet up with the energetic form of past loved ones (providing they haven't already gone to the light).  Soul pacts also group here (I see it like magnetic attractions between balls of light), but there is no confusion- the rational mind and ranges of feelings create confusion here on earth.  In the spiritual world things (without the conscious mind interfering) are just understood- there is no language- things just "are."

Q. Once you are in the light you start to forget who you were (not really the knowledge or experience, but the physical stuff).
If that is so then how do we recognize our soul mates if we forget who we were? 
A.  Soul mates are much more than a physical appearance.  The body is just a shell for something much grander (the spirit).  There is an attraction ("chemistry") that draws the two of you together.  That "chemistry" is driven by their spirit (vibrations) and how their vibrations interact with yours.  

Then I hear that in the presence of some people, you will feel repelled.  They may make you feel ill, or like you don't want to be around them.  It is the internal vibe that they exude that contradicts your vibration.  Some people you enjoy being around- they make you feel happy and good- it is because of their vibration.  A soul mate compliments your vibration so well that you cannot get enough of them.

Q. We normally do incarnate with the same pact of souls. They just are different to us in different lives. Who you feel is your soul mate in this life may be your brother or cousin in a future life. We do come together many times (not all, but many).  
Do we decide who will be who in the future life before we reincarnate? If we decided to be siblings, doesn't that mean that the other pact of souls will have to wait longer to reincarnate into the same family? I somehow, don’t see the “souls pacts” with our partner because more often than not, they are complete stranger till we meet them. Correct me if I’m wrong. 
A.  I first get that if the soul pact decides to come in with the same family, some may have to wait.  I also get that time is relative, and even though we define a lifetime as several decades, in the universal perspective time is so infinite that waiting a decade of earth years is not defined as "too long or short."  There really is no "waiting," time just is.

Regarding the "soul pact" with our partner, we do make a pact with your true soul mate.  Free will can intervene, which may cause a missed opportunity, but your soul mate will appear to be a stranger until you talk to them.  I get most times when you connect with your soul mate, they feel like an extension of you (and feel familiar without being familiar prior to meeting).  

Q. I do see several planes, and souls can visit the various planes BUT they will reside with the one they are most similar too (regarding vibrations). Low vibrations (most generally) don't "feel" well in a higher vibrational plane and vice versa. I hear that "like attracts like.
Is that why the Christians believe in paradise as their soul will reside with those who have similar beliefs/faith?
A. Yes, they feel as though when they pass they will be united with other spirits who share similar beliefs and behave a certain way. 

Q. I get that some older souls advance to the ET level.
How? By reincarnation (like birth?) or just transformation to an ET appearance? 
A.  I see this happening in the process of reincarnation (exactly like a birth).  There is no "transformation" because a spirit is still a spirit, and the outer covering is just a shell (human, ET or otherwise).  

Q. I see it (human) as a humanoid looking ET that is incarnated in a place that looks similar to earth, but has a very different feel to it. This humanoid has an appearance similar to humans (skin texture, smooth hair, six fingers (?), six toes (?), they are empathic and intuitive (know what they are thinking and feeling without even talking). The main difference from humans is the color of their hair, skin and eyes- they look to be of all colors (red, pink, blue, purple). 
Where is this place similar to earth? In one of the other planets or another realm on earth? 
A.  When I tune into this, it "feels" like an alternate solar system that runs parallel to ours (it's close).  I see it spiraling like a cork screw right beside us (as if it takes the shape of the other side of the double helix DNA strand).  Our solar system is one side, and this system takes the other- then I see it being attached to the sister sun, and it is one of the planets tied to it [referring to our sister sun].

Q. What intrigues me further..  What happens once the spirits cross over and absorbed into the "oneness? Do they reincarnate straight away or is there another spiritual realm after they crossed over the light tunnel, where they still have the free will to reincarnate or not? 
A.  Once you go into the light tunnel you being the process of incarnating- you lose your free will at that moment.  You have complete control (even though you may feel the influence to go to the Light), while you are a roaming spirit.  

Q. How do we know if we have a spiritual guide or not?
A.  Every person has several guides.  Some will stay with you your whole life, and others come and go to help you through certain lesson (like a specialist).  

Q. Is the low birth-rate trend now due to many souls not wanting to reincarnate? Or because of human decision, many souls cannot reincarnate?
A. Soul incarnate in many forms.  There is ET incarnations, animals, humans and beings on other planets.  If a soul wants to incarnate, there are many places it can go (or wait if it chooses).  

A. Is there a difference between soul and spirit?
Q  I see these things as the same thing and the term in interchangeable.  


Me too said...

Thank you, that is really helpful. What happens when your soul mate, due to free will, decide to go to another path? How is your life adjusted. Do they try to make you re-encounter or is it left for another reincarnation?

Raymond G said...

Interesting. In the second paragraph you said something about seeing old friends and relatives.

If someone had no family or their family was abusive to them, would they still be waiting on the other side if you did not want to see them or were afraid of them ?

If a homeless person or someone who lived life as a loner or was socially awkward...who would meet them on the other side ?

Who greets children that leave this world prematurely ?

Thanks for you time Lynn...

Raymond G said...

Lynn, One more thing..........

Once you get to the other side, are you free to 'meet' people you might be interested in like Jesus, Plato, Socrates, Thomas Jefferson, Edgar Allan Poe or Shakespeare ?

Or would it be like real life and they would be unavailable to you ?

Me too said...

Raymond, I wonder if most of these souls have reincarnated by now?

Bee E-lightened said...

Confirmation!!! Thanks Lynn....were you being questioned by an alien or a spirit...the questions were asked as if its someone with experience. Great dialogue!!

Bee E-lightened said...

Agreed with Me Too....Lynn can you tell if the "greats" are reincarnated jfk...mlk...malcolm X....Mother Theresa...Ghandi, Jesus etc

Me too said...

Here is an interesting case - a math genius from France that likes to dress old style - C├ędric Villani - could be a fashion statment, could be eccentric but I would think it is a reincarnated math genius from the past, who still has strong memories (everything is possible).

Lilian said...

Thank you Lynn for answering my questions, it was faster than I expected! New questions start running in my head after reading this but I need to formulate them first. Rest assured, it won't be a long list.

Thank you again for your time.

Alex said...


I'm confused here. I thought the sequence of events are as follows.

1. Death in the physical world
2. Our spirits roam in the physical world
3. Decide to go through light tunnel
4. Reside in spiritual planes according to our soul evolution (hell, heaven etc)
5. Reincarnate in the physical world when the time is right for our lessons.

Is this sequence correct? Shouldn't forgetting our past lives memories be just before reincarnation and not going through the light tunnel?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Ok. Our main goal is not to reincarnate (which is an illusion), or tour around the universe (more illusion) -- it's to return to Source, which is the only thing that's real. Returning to Source is BETTER than merely traveling around the illusion, acquiring experiences and knowledge OF THE ILLUSION. It' like getting better and better at a video game: who cares? You'll understand this better when you finally experience SOURCE for the first time (which might be coming up pretty soon). Afterward, you won't want anything else.

Me too said...

A Man called Da-da, I think reincarnation is just a vehicle - the mean of transportation to get better - to move from one place, mature and learn. Not an illusion, just a way to do it...

747 said...

This is awesome thanks Lyn and Lilian. Also thanks for your comment A Man Called Da Da Im so interested in knowing more about how we will get to experience the source soon? My understanding is that you have to work at it i.e. meditation etc... or die??? Something that stuck with me when I encountered it is circles apparently all our relationships are circles and for me it felt right that life and death are just another circle and not to feel afraid to start the circle again.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Me too: You will feel tugs, and your spirit guides will try to reset things, but if freewill prevents it, you will encounter them in a next life.

@Raymond: You soul, regardless of who you are, vibrates at a certain frequency. If you are of a lower vibration (do against the greater good), you will reside in a different vibrational plane and not want to connect with higher spirits (it is uncomfortable). You also cannot judge on an outward appearance because a beautiful soul could be hidden inside many different shapes. Like attracts like, and those of a similar vibration are there to meet others with the similar vibration. The spirit world’s focus is based on connectedness, so even a homeless person would feel love at passing.

@Raymond: It really depends on your vibration versus theirs… If they are close and you reside in a similar plane- go for it!

@Bee E-lightened: At a quick focus, here is what I get…. JFK- yes, MLK- yes, Malcom-X- yes, Mother Theresa, Ghandi and Jesus- No b/c they have already reached a certain level of enlightenment in the human body form.

@Alex: I see 3 and 4 reversed…

@Dada and Me too: I see incarnation as a vehicle to propel you to get to the source (which is the ultimate enlightenment). Source is the goal…

razi09 said...

That's a rather fast reincarnation for JFK and the others. Will they function together or live out a more personal way depending on a family not as public service oriented this time around?

Blimpy Peach said...

What happens once you reach total enlightenment ie no more reincarnations needed? Do you stay with the "source" as suggested or can spirits essentially die or lose energy? Also did we incarnate as dinosaurs before humans existed? If not what were we doing before the creation of humans? Thanks

Blimpy Peach said...

Sorry in not sure how to properly ask what I'm wondering about what actually happens once we reach the source? Stay there forever? Or eventually in a sense die?

Lana Banana said...

Hi Lynn can you tell me if this is true?

leia franc said...

hi lynn.

how are new souls created? it seems like the old ones just reincarnate. also do we get to choose who and where we want to be reincarnated as? how does a soul get to be born into 'special' families like the royal family for example. are these souls better then the other souls out there?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@razi09: Time is relative, and it really only feels fast to us… From a universal perspective it was just a natural progression..

@Blimpy: I get once we reach total enlightenment we do stay with the source. Prior to humans we were other things- there are ETs, animals, even plants (very early souls)… There have always been options for us to exist.

@Blimpy and leia: I also get that once we reach the source our energy field grows, and when that happens parts of your energy can “split” off and create a new soul… We are all so incredibly connected.

Regarding “royal” souls… To some degree the reptilians control the Light and have some influence as to what souls are “chosen.” I hear the term “cherry picking.” The Universe or Source can over-ride this, but the reptilians have some agreement that souls going to earth are allowed to be influenced by them..

@Lana: I would really have to think on that….I get that it didn’t just happen, and also the dog and cat DNA doesn’t mix right…??

They Live said...

Another lovely reading! When souls incarnate do they jump into a female's body upon conception after going into the light?
Also if no one has seen it yet please see the movie I Origins it talks about reincarnation and soul connections as well as having the same irises each life time we have as Lynn dicussed before.

They Live said...

Also, why was this agreement with the reptilians allowed? Was it for balance and testing of souls? Will this agreement ever come to an end? Lastly do the reptilians have this agreement where ever life exist, so all souls in existence are under this reptilian rule or is it just on Earth? I know that was a list there, always appreciate you and your time.

Lana Banana said...

I thought it might be a hoax so I was wondering if you could feel it was bullshit unless they did some type of strange genetic experiment. I would love to get private reading :)

samferina said...

Hi lynn

can you tell me how the merkaba fits into this?


Lilian said...

“I get most times when you connect with your soul mate, they feel like an extension of you (and feel familiar without being familiar prior to meeting).”

Do the increasing divorce rate and many singles with today’s generation related to difficulty in meeting our soul mate? If yes, why is that so? Why now, unlike our parents’ generation?

“I get once we reach total enlightenment we do stay with the source. Prior to humans we were other things- there are ETs, animals, even plants (very early souls)… There have always been options for us to exist.”

For us human, meditation is the main way to reach higher vibration. Just curious, how do plants, insects, animals advance to higher vibration then?

“ I see it (place where humanoid looking ET live) being attached to the sister sun, and it is one of the planets tied to it [referring to our sister sun].”

Since the sister sun is near us now, is there a link with more UFO and ET sightings lately?

“ Every person has several guides. Some will stay with you your whole life, and others come and go to help you through certain lesson (like a specialist). “

Is there a safe way to find out who our spiritual guides are? I came across some videos to doing it but after reading some of the comments, I hesitated.

@ 747, I learnt from others too with their comments. This is a great blog with awesome readers and a beautiful person managing it.

Thank you again, Lynn

Lilian said...

BTW, @ Bee E-lightened, the first part of each main question is given/written by Lynn in previous postings. I just copy & past it as easy reference for Lynn, to answer my question related to it.

Sometimes I wonder how old is her soul, given her knowledge and experience! :-)

John Casey said...

Wow, what a reading. So, when we die, we have a choice (but our choice may be influenced by the reptillians) about whether to go into the light or return to Source? Is that right, or is Source something we get drawn to after having reached a certain level of development?

Me too said...

I get most times when you connect with your soul mate, they feel like an extension of you (and feel familiar without being familiar prior to meeting).”

Do the increasing divorce rate and many singles with today’s generation related to difficulty in meeting our soul mate? If yes, why is that so? Why now, unlike our parents’ generation?

Lilian, I am going to guess that maybe in the past people were sometimes stuck in bad relationships because divorce was a stigma, so they kinda forced to live (unhappy), not all cases, but a lot. Which comes to my other question how spirituality sees cheating.
I bet there was a lot of cheating in the past before divorce was less prevalent?

cosmichobo said...

In the last question Lynn said that soul and spirit were the same thing, this is a massive mistake thats like saying the sun and the moon are the same thing. The soul is the divine feminine and is the energy of pure unconditional love, whereas the spirit is the divine masculine and is the energy of light. And one aspect of the souls journey is too merge with the spirit ( this is known as the divine inner marriage/wedding ). Thanks

Bee E-lightened said...

I concur Lillian.

Agree with Me Too. I learnt we can hv many soul mate in the form of hubands/wives...and they are all there to teach you a lesson...once that is done....its time to move on to the next soulmate....many husbands/wives could be many soulmates you needed to meet

Anonymous said...

@cosmichobo. I am always concerned when someone states something as pure fact. When I read your post my first thought was "say's who?" Not really the most intelligent question but I ask anyway?

A Man Called Da-da said...

So... returning to Source. This is a lot more complicated than just returning. If you turn to Source without working out all your fear and guilt and forgiveness issues, Source will scare you right back into the reincarnation illusion. And yes, it is an illusion. Once we all return to Source, the universe will vanish... because We created it. Like Da-da said, it's more complicated than people think.

If you're interested, try this book:

There's only one more book after this.


A Man Called Da-da said...

Clarification: YOU will be afraid of Source if you don't work out your issues. Sorry, didn't mean to say that Source was going to jump up and go RAAARG! If that happens, it's not Source. When you get closer to what you think of as Source -- which is actually the Oversoul, which is an extension of Source -- it's all you want.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@They Live: I do see it that way. A soul enters at the moment of conception. The is the electric spark that allows the cells to divide and make the heart beat.

The reptilians were left to guard the earth when the other fled after a great battle. As an agreement to stay, they negotiated some control, but it was supposed to be for the betterment of humans. They got greedy and “changed” the path they took with humans, and began to use humans as a slave to their cause.. Humans can lift this illusion of control by mentally disengaging from their system, and the reptilians know this and is why they try to suppress our spiritual advancement.

@samferina: I get that this vehicle is a way to connect to your higher self, and the universal consciousness. It is a way to connect to the spiritual elements and energy around us versus the physical world we live in.

@Lilian: We don’t have a problem with meeting our soul mates, but we do have a problem we trusting our gut intuition…free will makes people make decisions that aren’t always in your greater good, and that will inevitably catch up to you…

Plants and animals don’t have the rational mind to hold them back the way we do. They don’t think “that thought doesn’t make sense, or I can’t do that.” Therefore, they don’t require the meditational mindset we do to allow the subconscious to speak to us.

Yes, there is a lot more UFO activity due to the shifting around and closeness of other planetary bodies.

Meditation is the safest way to meet your guide. Go into the meditation with the intent of protection, and then mentally tell yourself you want to meet your guide. It may take a few meditations for them to come forward, but don’t give up. Trust they are there.

@John: Yes, you are right.

@Me too: Part of it is people are making choices that they know are not good for them- going against their intuition. Free will of our own choice is a powerful thing.
@Bee E-lightened: You are right, and each incarnation is a new adventure. Your soul mate now could be a sibling in a future life.

@Dada: That was well said… Thank you for clarifying that and thanks for the info.

siketa said...

Lynn, do you see something important happening between September 22nd and September 28th this year?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for your great reading again!
I always wonder about the idea of returning to Source, which is now a common belief of many people, or at least in new age circles. On one hand, I think it is more like a metaphor for the process and ultimate goal of spiritual growth, and not to be taken too literally as ‘returning to some place/something (out there)’. Is it better to think of it as the dissolution of the ego, the recognition that everything is interconnected and the reunion with a universal consciousness?

On the other hand, I wish to know your take on the concepts of anatta (not-self), nirvana and Buddhahood in Buddhism, where there is neither the belief in a personified Creator nor beliefs like ‘we co-create the universe’. Are these concepts related to, or how do they compare with the notion of returning to Source?

As a side note, in Mahayana Buddhism there is not just one Buddha, but rather, thousands of Buddhas and bodhisattvas
(highly enlightened beings) working somewhere in the universe(s) to help sentient beings. Some sutras mention that they can split themselves and appear in various places and forms to help different kinds of beings, be it a human, an animal or insect. Maybe this is how some animals or insects can lift their vibrations . Still there may be other beings of higher vibrations, like forest spirits who may come to help (@ Lilian).

siketa said...

Why are some people who experience NDE returned back to this life? And by whom?

Bee E-lightened said...

I think I understand Dada. Some ppl believe this is not reality...the way of life is not reality

Ma'at said...

Separation from Source is THE illusion of this physical dimension. You might call it "sin".

We are not separate from Source.
There is no separation.
It is all Source.

samferina said...


how can the reptilians have some control over the light? like who put them in charge and why? confused over this

Alex said...


I'm still confused. So the sequence of events are as follows.

1. Death in the physical world

2. Our soul resides in spiritual planes according to our soul vibration and evolution (hell, heaven etc) waiting for the next earth rebirth

3. Go through the light

4. Reincarnate in the physical world when the time is right for our lessons.

Where does the tunnel of light in NDE fits in this sequence?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: I have had this question quite a bit…. The energy is ramping up for something to happen, but I can’t what it is yet…

@honsum: I see returning to Source as what you described… returning to the universal consciousness. I don’t see it as a person, but rather an intense energy (from which we are all created) and that energy contains knowledge..

@siketa: They aren’t ready to go and their subconscious or their guides send them back here.

@samferina: There was a huge ET battle in which the “Dogs, Cats and Reptiles” were all fighting. The Dogs and Cats left, leaving behind the Reptiles to watch over. They agreed to do so on the semi destroyed earth in exchange for workers that would help to rebuild… The definition of workers changed to create slaves, and in order to keep us slaves they keep us from ascending and overthrowing the reptiles (once you get too high, they lose control). In order to hold us down, they trap us in an incarnation loop, and part of the loop involves wiping memories in the light..

@Alex: The tunnel forms when the light opens up. You have to choose not to walk down the tunnel (and return to your physical body) or roam in spirit form.

They Live said...

Many thanks!

samferina said...

I read something about that in the terra papers, they say it was four main species or people I think one maybe had the look of a bull and the other some type of water breed I want to say dolphin type??? I can be wrong do you see this as truth?

OK now onto the "cat and dog" people I'm still lost on who put them in charge? were they over the reptilian? who is the top of the hierarchy and why?

Thanks this is just so mind-boggling

Cheryl-Anne Hendricks said...

I know I'm probably VERY late for this, but I read that your astrological sign is how old your soul is? That's why some people call young kids "old souls" (I think)