Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Random Questions [Short Answer Q & A] Nibiru, Noah's Ark, Naval Exercises, ETs, Mythical Creatures, Law of Three

Q. I just saw that NBC announced Nibiru in sight.  Did you see this?  What are your thoughts
A.   As soon as I saw this, I realized that these people just saw Nibiru (I refer to it as the Red Comet in many of my readings as I always see a red ball of fire tied to it).  It (this video) was true and genuine, and they didn't even realize what it was when they were trying to analyze which planet they were viewing.  This YouTube looks accurate, and a very clear picture of the Red Comet we have been wanting to see with our own eyes.  

I also get the news didn't realize this either, and I look for the footage to be taken down soon as the questions come in...

Q. Thank you so much for answering questions with so much integrity. I always look forward to reading your blog. I have a few questions about Noah’s Ark. A book by Mary Irwin theorized the ark’s landing location was really in the “mountains of Ararat” as mentioned in the Bible (possibly Mt Suleiman in Iran) rather than “Mt Ararat” in Turkey. Were there real animal pairs placed on the ark or was there more sophistication or alien assistance that provided DNA specimens instead?

A. When I read this question I get an image of a place up north (a snowy, frozen cave) that houses several types of DNA along with every sample of food seed.  I see the Ark working the same way, but was mobile.. It (the Ark) was a structure that housed some live, and some DNA samples of various species along with plant life.  The plans for building this Ark came from the protective ETs, and ETs also assisted in gathering the needed materials.  I get the ETs were looking out for humans and were trying to ensure their existence even though they could not prevent the certain earthy events that were in motion.  I want to refer to these ETs as "the Watchers."

Q. In November 2010, there was a videotaped missile seen rising off the coast just west of Los Angeles. There was speculation that it was launched by a Chinese submarine or perhaps a mystery surface vessel but the story seemed to be damped down with no apparent investigation or follow up reporting. Can you see what this may have been?

A. I get that during that time the US had an exercise in the ocean, and that is what was seen.  I see an image of a map of the ocean, and my mind is tuning into a naval base located near where this happened.  I hear that the exercise was a "secret" ?? exercise, and the story just sort of vanished.

Q. In June 1908 in the area of Tunguska in remote Siberia, a shockwave struck leveling about 80 million trees in an area almost 30 miles long. Theories have suggested an asteroid, a comet, a Tesla death ray, or an alien event. What do you see?

[I realized after I read this that my mind went to another event.. I think I went to the Dyatlov Pass incident...The below is in response to Dyatlov Pass. I will need to think on this and revise my answer..I'm so sorry that my "wiring" got crossed.]
A. This looks to be a combination of a few things.  I get that a military device was being tested in which a burst of air is pointed and directed toward the "victim" and released.  Then I see an air horn go off, so there is an element of noise that is exhausted from this military weapon as well- correction, as I continue I realize it isn't a noise that is given off, but the burst of air is deafening to the ears in some way..  

I also get that this technology for such a device was inspired by some kind of ET technology that was stolen.  Then I get that the Russians were the ones developing it.  When the ETs realized that it was stolen by the Russians, they destroyed it because they felt humans weren't responsible enough to have such a tool at their disposal.  The Russians were never able to recover enough to rebuild it, and no one else has been able to develop the technology that combines blasts of air funneled so intently. Then I hear that it "isn't for lack of trying"...

[Update 3/28/15:  I let my mind rest on this and revisited the question today..] Regarding the Tunguska event, the first thing I see is a bomb going off.  When I zoom in to see what the bomb was or where it came from, it looks to have come from space.  I want to say a asteroid came in and impacted earth.  I then see a man doing an "iron man" contest in which he is bear hugging a huge stone, and see this stone as representing the size of the asteroid that came into our field (can be barely be carried and is the size of a large man's abdomen and the circumference of his stretched out arms).  I also get that if you zoomed out from the explosion you would see how the things in the debris field radiated out from the center point.  It looks like the impact point is easily identifiable.  I also get that upon impact the asteriod itself exploded and dispursed liked shrapnal, but pieces of it are everywhere.  I get an image of someone with a metal detector walking around and finding several smaller fragments of it all over the area identified as the impact point (the asteroid itself was magnetic).

Q.Lately I read 'The Child Thief' from Brom. It's based on Peter Pan, but this is not a Disney story, but a hard and very dark one (and recommended if you are into fantasy) :-). I m wondering, for the xxxxxth time in this Life: where did all the mythical and magical creatures go to? Some years ago, someone told me during my private session they ran away from us, to protect themselves from us. But, she also added, they are slowly returning to us. Two questions do pop up: what did we do to 'scare' them off, and are the (reptilian) ET part of this story, or involved in this?
A. I see these creatures are with us, but they reside in a higher dimension.  The best way to describe this is an overlapping dimension that runs parallel to us.  We (humans) have been held down in this 3D existence, whereas these creatures have been able to ascend.  The reptilians are very much involved, but in a different way.  The reptilians are who is involved in holding back the humans and preventing them from being able to ascend easier (due to their constant projections of fear, doubt, negativity, and lower vibrational activities).  In order for us to ascend we have to be able to shed most, if not all of those lower vibrational "things."  The mythical creatures weren't under the "spell" of the reptilians, therefore, were able to increase vibrationally and ascend to the next higher level.  I don't see a fleeing, but rather an eager ascension. 

As they return, they aren't returning in the typical sense, but rather allowing themselves to be seen within their layer (much like a "ghost" would be seen).  Their dimensional existence protects them from humans that would try to harm them (ie capture them for pleasure or ego based reasons), but they can show themselves and even interact with those that they trust or those they chose to help.  .

Q. I've always heard the "myth", death comes in threes. And I've seen it a few times. Is there any truth to it? If so, why threes?!? An example is a grandmother (i believe she was sick...she was old), her son (died in a freak accident) and her 12 yr old grandson (he drowned) all died in a matter of weeks of each other. How do you explain that phenom?!?

A.  I see a few things with this.  First, I get that when tragedy happens, we pay attention.  Things happen (good and bad) to and around us all the time, and we become desensitized to them (to some extent).  But, when a tragedy occurs, something happens to us and we pay attention.  Our subconscious is on alert, we notice if something else happens, and take note.  

I also get that when tragedy is around us, we are focused on it (which many times has negative vibrations tied to it).  Negativity will attract more negativity, and radiates it around or near you.  

The cycle can be broken, but it takes a true change in perceptions (and a lot of inner strength).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, are you thinking of the Dyatlov Pass event instead of the Tunguska event?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: I just saw your comment, and YES, I think you are right. I need to think on this and revise the posting. Thanks for checking me. :-)

Ryno said...

I may be "preaching to the choir" with this group but I am really feeling a sense of urgency to read, read, read and learn, learn, learn. I believe learning must be an utmost priority right now. Focusing one’s intent to genuinely seek the truth and by trusting your inner guidance is helping me as I continue down the “rabbit hole.” Yeah, there is a lot of disinfo and fear propaganda out there with more coming out recently at rapid pace, but even disinfo may have some truth mixed with it.

Lynn, I know you hear this a lot but thank you again for all you do and hosting this site. This is a rare place. My question is besides weather modification, is one of the main purposes of chemtrails to block the signs in the heavens including Nibiru?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Ryno: First, xoxo- I really appreciate your kind words.

Yes, the do put chemtrails up there to block our view of the planets and stars. The main priority was weather manipulation and secretly continuing on with projects that Tesla started- but no one has ever truly understood it like Tesla did. The secondary thing was to "hide" things so questions wouldn't come about. UFO activity, Nibiru, subtle changes to the moon and stars can all be hidden when they want it hidden... Then I hear a version of the quote that "the truth can run naked, but lies need to be covered up" and that is literally what they are doing- covering things up to share of only truths..

They Live said...

Good day and many thanks for the readings!
Was Tesla working for the good of humans and was he under the command of those using his inventions for bad?

David Bowie plays Tesla in the movie The Prestige where he invents a portal of sorts but once a person, animal or an object goes through it a clone of it is created. Did Tesla really make something like this?

Many blessings and positivity to everyone!

Robert Schoen said...

I also was a but confused in the two Russian events, but is it you were saying the nine hikers of the Dyatlov Pass event who were found mysteriously dead were the victims of this sound wave technology or did they find it while hiking or were they going to an isolated place to try it out and then it backfired?

I loved the Nibiru Youtube you linked. It seems like things are moving so fast in terms of the truths and knowledge that are being revealed right now.

Camryn Villarruel said...

I live in San Diego CA and my family and I saw something similar. We were trying to gigure out if it was Venus in a clear day at 12:00 noon! Blessings to Lynn and all

Alpha X said...

I haven't read the rest of this post yet but in the section where you talked about Noah's Ark you said: "I want to refer to these ETs as "the Watchers."". Considering some of the stuff that we've talked about personally, I have to ask; Do you know if I have any connection to this or these ETs? I can elaborate if needed.

Michelle Albo said...

Hi Lynn who were the "watchers" in Noah Ark? Grey Aliens? Or the Avians that David Wilcox had mentioned? I just wondered why the Galatic Frederation hadn't stepped in to help humanity free from the reptilian control? I thought this organization was created in order to maintain balance in the universe.

Michelle Albo said...

Hi Lynn I was wondering if you can compile or do a reading on Earth's true history? You had mention before humans were created, there were races of aliens living in our planet what really happened that broke out a full scale war between the Avians (from Davis Wilcox), Dog-Hybrids (from Robert Morningsky Terra Papers), Cat-Hybrids (the aliens that landed during Egyptian Era) the Ant hybrid aliens that currently living in Inner Earth, white-grey aliens, Nordic Aliens, our earth twin sister inhabitants and the Reptilians

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@They Live: I do see Tesla worked in the greater good. He envisioned free power to everyone. I do not see a cloning device though. Everything he did looks to be done regarding electric and free power.

@Robert: They were victims of the sound technology. They were not intending to be victims, but were in the location where it was being tested.

@AlphaX: I do remember our conversations. I don’t see you present during the event, but your “ancestors” were involved.

Alpha X said...

Thanks for answering my question, Lynn. Every time I ask a question like this and get an answer it just makes me want to ask more questions.

They Live said...

Many thanks as always!

PimpMyBrain said...

@Alpha X yes, i have the same desire. But only with Lynn, even it is stunning experience at all levels, but rather with all things. Like ask more and more, try to dig depper and deeper on subject was the right feeling to go through the true.

I mean, when you ask a question and receive an answer and feel like its done, no more comes to your head, it's like a dead end, wrong way, wheel of the teaching stop and doesn't go to another subject.

In contrast, when the answerd leads to more questions or subjects, the wheel of teaching/the Learning, the right way to the Truth, running at full speed. I don't know if i was clear about it, or if my english was full understanding ?

PimpMyBrain said...

i wanted to say "NOT only with Lynn" !!! Argh!!! I feel i will have some misunderstoods with "Mister" Lynn ! My fingers have twisted !