Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jeff Rense and His Car Accident

Q. Can you look at the Jeff Rense accident and tell us what happened?  Thank you.
A. When I tune into this I see a man who is very outspoken.  If he sees something he calls it out.  Very direct, and I see that is truly who he is.  He doesn't act one way for certain people, he acts the same way toward everyone.  

He cares about people, and wants people to just (and I hear) "just be aware."  He doesn't care that you think differently than him (then I hear a laugh and get that he does a little), but at least have the ambition to care about something, and be courageous enough to have an open mind. Don't just think something because your heard it on the news or someone told you otherwise.  

He is also not afraid to speak out about all subjects.  I also get that some force from above protects him so he can continue to relay his messages.  That force (working like a guide) is what has allowed him to survive that horrible car accident.  Sometimes people are on a path that involves spreading truth and knowledge, and they aren't allowed to pass into the spirit world until their messages are complete.  I see Jeff as that type of unique person.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Hannon said...

Hi Lynn, Rense was one of the first big internet radio personalities to openly and publicly bring the Zionist and WW2 into question, which lead to a mostly forgotten feud between him and Alex Jones. I saw your reading on Alex Jones and I also believe he is a real person, as opposed to an agent, who's function it is to muddy the waters and/or mislead, but he won't touch the topic with a ten foot poll and very aggressively avoids it(including shouting down folks who bring it up), even though he'll nibble on almost everything else(he dodges ETs too, but says he'll only cover what he can prove and leaves the possibility open). I guess my question, does he really believe the official story, does he think that waking that sleeping dog will hurt the cause and rebrand his message with skinheadism(not the same as Nazism), or is there something else at play?

I know the NSDAP was intentionally attempting to unwinding some Christian cultural aspects in Germany, mostly lead by Himmler and the SS, and bring back Germanic traditions, which I like and agree with. A small sample can be seen here: Today, people write entire books about the Nazis being demonic, then point to the Pagan symbols as proof, but seeing how Alex Jones is a bit of a Bible thumper(sorry if I'm offending anybody), is that what drives him away from this?

leslie Lucci said...


There seems to be a lot of outspokenness right now going on with vaccines. California senate recently passed SB277 to require all children to stay on schedule in order to attend school despite numerous parents that protested against it. NYS tracks the vaccine and time it was given. There are many more bills in many states to take away parents and personal choice by eliminating exemptions, and requiring vac. for employment. Just today there was a vote in NJ to take away the religious exemption. This doesn't make sense since the majority are vaccinated and the small minority (2-3%) who are not vaccinated have good reason not to. There's also the question of effectiveness since some go on to get the disease they were previously vaccinated against.
Can you do a current reading on vaccines and see if US citizens will lose their right to informed consent for themselves and their children? When will this overreach by the US govt. stop? If they force everyone to get vaccinated even though the likely hood of catching these diseases is very small, what else will the govt. try to force people to do against their will?
Also in 1986 there was a law enacted to financially protect vaccine manufactures and doctors that give vaccines against loss should anyone have a bad reaction or death from a vaccine. This created a special "vaccine court" . The idea was to make it easier and quicker to collect damages when there's a vaccine injury but in reality its more difficult and takes longer. Many just give up even though they have a valid case. In spite of this nearly 3Billion has been paid out in damages.
Many are worried not so much about the unvaccinated but more so about the govt. trampling on citizen's rights and the effect of lobbying by big companies against citizen's protests. Also there are many more neurologically damaged children now than in previous generations. If the trend continues the US will be bankrupted by healthcare costs.

Lee said...

Leslie Lucci,

This is the case in Australia also. The government is trying to link vaccination with welfare payments - no vaccine, no payment. So the vaccine debate is hot here too!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: Rense is an educated man that is trying to make people think, and the topics that he addresses are not always the popular (opinionated) ones. He isn't afraid to speak out, but the message is necessary. I also get that sometimes what we need to hear isn't always what we want to hear, and he does the difficult task of bringing it up. It does hurt the cause because he makes people think.. People that think have all the power.

@leslie and Lee: I think that sounds like a great reading. I will put it in my drafts.

leslie Lucci said...

Thank you for your future reading. If you can include in your reading when will people realize the full extent of the corruption that currently exists in the medical field? That most drugs have not been tested by placebo controlled double blind testing the gold standard in medical testing. Many drugs have been rushed to market without proper testing or adverse events have been covered up. Vioxx is a good example. The govt officials have been bought by the big pharmaceutical companies creating huge conflicts of interest. Anyone on the inside who speaks out is attacked and suffers from career suicide.

When will the truth come out that most drugs and vaccines are inherently unsafe and do NOT make people healthier? This is huge watershed moment almost as much as the real truth coming out about 9/11. Thanks for what you do. Blessings

YourPsychicFocus said...

@leslie: This is a sad state, and what you are describing is happening.. I will plan on working this into a future reading.