Monday, May 4, 2015

Around the World.. What is going on?? [France, New South Wales, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia]

Q. I ask you to make a read about what's happening in France now. There is a log of crazy stuff happening there: censorship laws (conspiracy, new french NSA build up (DRI)), more and more restrictions promulgated (health care, liberal profession, etc.) and binding acts (vaccinations, organ donations, maybe on the vote (a choice at moment, but not for so long...)).

And the politicians give themselves the right to have more privileges in their elected position...People start to be quite annoyed about this and less and less inclined to vote for some political parties, but they act as if nothing had happened... the atmosphere is electric.

Could you give a read on the "power that be" in France and the big events for the next few years?

A. I see France moving in the same direction as many countries.  There is an overall fear of people awakening and regaining control.  If one country rises up and people start to revolt, it could spread to other countries and the "powers" can't have that.   I see a trend of slowly and gradually getting tight control over the people.  Then I hear a story in my mind about how if you put a frog in a pot of  water and slowly turn up the heat you can boil it to death and it won't even realize what is happening- I get the rights and freedoms of people are taken in that similar manner (slowly and consistently) .  

I see this need of "re-programming" of people taking place too.  Through fear rights are taken (some is forced and others is gifted by the result of creating problems and through voluntarily relinquishing control for government protection)  I get that there will be at least one more false flag in France to ensure the "level of fear" is at the right point to maintain control. (To be able to have or not have gun control will be huge..) More taking of the rights will be happening in France (and other countries).   In the short term, the fear looks to make the majority passive.  I don't see any uprisings occurring.  There will be some riots / protests, but this looks to be short lived.

Q. The Australian (New South Wales) government has recently increased the frequency of helicopter flights around public and residential areas, especially residential. Almost everyday where I live, they fly very very close to our roofs here. I feel like they are either trying to search for something / someone special, monitoring something, or trying to use this as a mean to suppress a high vibration of someone / something. I don't know if you feel resonate with this. What is your view on this please? Thank you very much for your answer and your devotion to maintain this blog.
A. I get this image of military running and hiding around buildings (like a video game).  Then I get that the government there is worried that other military (from outside the country) is trying to sneak in and occupy space (like secret spies or something??).  The people are under close observation to make sure this doesn't happen.  It is like they are on an unannounced terror alert and keeping things in check.  

Q. Hi!! What is the future of Philippines with all the internal and external conflicts happening now? Thank you, love and light :)
A.  I get the image of cats fighting when I think of the Philippines.  I see this country constantly battling something, some are big issues (external) and some are small internal issues (like "cat fights").  Small internal conflicts seem to be the norm..  I get the big issues are other countries trying to bully the Philippines and take ownership of the land.  Ultimately, the Philippines will remain intact, but I see they will have to make deals (sort of like exchange for protection) to remain independent, but will agree to accept influence from the more dominant country- (I see this dominant country as being China).

Q. A famous leader of Singapore has just passed on. He was Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  There are people that think he was great and appreciated him to be the founding father of Singapore, while others think he had made wrong and hard decisions.  It would be interesting to know how and why did he do the things he did? His intentions and his hard decisions.
A.  He had a vision of where he wanted to take the country.  He did make hard decisions, and some not favorable, but it really was in the mindset of making the country strong.  There was a weakness (like the country wasn't big or powerful enough to have people fear it) that he wanted to overcome by working on the internal structure.  He worked on alliances and ways to improve the entire socioeconomic system (he knew the strength came from a thriving economy and the people).  He encouraged education, family (and I hear his focus was quality not quantity in reference to children and parenthood).  When I think on him I keep seeing Hitler (but the strange thing is that I cannot determine it is a good or bad thing... but definitely that this man was set in his beliefs much like Hitler.)

Q. On April 29th, eight executions were carried out in Indonesia – all at the same time. The prisoners were from various countries (including two from Australia) and all had been sentenced to death due to drug trafficking. There has been an outcry from many corners of the world demanding that these executions cease, but Indonesia is now planning the next 'list' of prisoners for execution. The irony is that the drug trafficking is rife in Indonesia, but it seems that they want to murder prisoners from overseas. They will execute a drug trafficker, but not a murderer??

Politically, what is the outcome going to be, Lynn? Is this new Indonesian president going to continue to rule? He simply has decided to kill every trafficker and that is that! Will these executions stop before there is more disruption? (it is scary). What does his country really think about his attitude?
I see he is sending a message.  I also get his is going against something bigger, and specifically sending a message to them.  I hear that he is trying to say that he can "play with the big boys too" and doesn't plan on quitting.  He is using his power to prevent people from coming in and taking "his people's money."  (I get a brief message about him being paid off by some internal drug traffickers because they don't want outside people coming in and taking their business..?? but the message left quickly..) People are happy he is taking the drug problem seriously, but also fear him as well.  

We in Australia are worried because our Govt is insistent that we continue and re- build relationships with Indonesia. Australian people are very angry and sad and there is much friction, because our country men were killed. (killed in a barbaric and cold manner). Is the relationship between the two countries going to repair? 
I see it being repaired "on paper" like a deal or negotiation is made between the governments, but I don't see the people emotionally repairing or buying into it... It feels forced and the people aren't receptive to it.

Spiritually Lyn, what happens to these barbaric and clinical cold soldiers firing the bullets in executions? The President makes the decisions and the soldiers fire the bullets..? What is in store for them, how is this judged?
It really depends on the soldier and their intent behind their actions.  Did they feel they were working in the greater good?  Were they operating out of fear?  Were they doing it to be malicious?  The spiritual outlook really depends on the individual.

In regards to the two Austrian men... Did they come back together in this lifetime to attract attention to the barbaric executions that are still being performed in many countries and also that they must cease? Was that their contract? Did it go as planned? 

Everyone is here to learn and grow through experience.  They chose their path, and what they did was necessary for their personal growth, and those they influenced.

Indonesia is also concerning us because they took control of West Papua some 50 years ago and at this point have killed, raped, and tortured 750,000 West Papuan tribes people (genocide). The violence is shocking and Indonesia is in complete denial. What is going to be the outcome for these tribal people? There has not been a country or Govt in the world (including the UN) that has stepped up to help these tribal people? Will anyone help them? Indonesia will not allow media into West Papua! We are aware that West Papua is rich in minerals… but is there a plan here…like let the Indonesians kill them off because we want the minerals? Thank you Lynn.

This is being ignored, and I don't see other countries rushing in.  There are many battles going on, and other countries are too distracted to go to Papua.  I do see Indonesia wanting the resources (they are desperately trying to acquire some wealth and get their economy healthy so they can "compete" with the rest of the world.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn!!

Were Lee Kuwan Yew a secret agent of UK Spy agency?? or had he made a secret deal with UK during his study in London??

Without the stronger countries's backup, it would be impossible to achieve what he has completed now.

Mr Phelps III said...

Hi Lynn,

Regarding France and the "one more false flag". Do you get a feeling of when this could happen, and where in France?

I'm a bit concerned since my family and I will be travelling there soon.


Hannon said...

Lynn, speaking of France, was Napoleon another misunderstood anti-bankster Cabal fighter like Hitler, or was he just a guy in a big funny hat, hell bent on world domination as we've been told so many times?

SF said...

Hi Lynn, I know this is a weird question but what happens when people die? Once they're a spirit, are they aware of everything people say and think about them? I've recently lost my aunt and since there are still so many things that she didn't know, I'm wondering if spirits watch over their relatives and friends. It'd be calming to know for sure that they watch over us 24/7. Thanks.

Danny Do said...

Dear Lynn,

It sounds like terrorists or some kind of enemies are silently planning something in New South Wales. Speaking of this, do you see any major destructive or negative events happening in major city like Sydney and its nearby suburbs due to terrorists' plan?

Thank you.

Sending you much love and blessings.

Danny Do said...

P/s: I mean it may not happen just now, but how about in the near future? (As the Australian government is tightening up their military protection for a reason)

Robert Schoen said...

It seems countries everywhere have their own deep politics going on, maybe the common denominator being the need to keep a poker face to the false flag campaigns spun by others so they won't be called out on theirs.

Lynn do you see any chance of there being a second American revolution, where people wake up and refuse to play along with the lies? Do they really think someone was stupid enough to sponsor an anti Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas? It's got to register as extremely fake on some level.

Icq girl said...

One of the people who are supposed to have been shot with the drug traffickers in Indonesia is a Filipina named Mary Jane Veloso. She claims to have been duped into carrying heroin with her in travel, with no intention to deal with drugs. Is she innocent? Will she be set free? Who are the masterminds, and what will happen to them?

Thank you also for answering my question a while back.

PimpMyBrain said...

Thank you for the reading Lynn !!!

Well, passivity is a big case to clear before to move to the next step...and clearly the hardest...

An "international Tribunal for Natural Justice" seems to appear in association with the EPHAR(Emerging Peaople Human Rights Authority) as prosecutors. Do you see something revelant about this Justice Court in the futur ?

Like always ! Thx for the time you spend to answer all our silly and selfish questions !! Love and light ! ^^

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I do see him made deals in exchange for protection (I want to use the word “dirty deals”)

@Mr Phelps: I keep seeing the Eifel Tower, so I want to say Paris…

@Hannon: I first get that there is good and bad on both sides of war. Napoleon was a “fighter of freedom” and when I ask from what- I see an “all seeing eye.” Looks like he was fighting the cabal.

@SF: Yes, they do watch over until they decide to incarnate again. (I really should do a reading on this..)

@Danny: I don’t see anything in Australia right now… Feels a bit “quiet” in my mind for right now. In the future- yes.. I see once things start happening with the US, Australia will be on high alert.

@Robert: Once Jade Helm is in full force there is going to be a lot of push back by the people. I don’t see a full on revolution, but there will be some confrontations.

@lcq: There are different “mafia” groups all over the world.. I see that she was set up by one of them. I don’t see her being set free..

@PimpmyBrain: The idea of this group sounds great, but I can’t see it coming to fruition… I see the “powers” stop it because it goes against their agendas.

Hannon said...

Thanks Lynn, I'm really starting to wonder about every character from history, but I do realize there's no such thing as an innocent man on the battlefield.

PimpMyBrain said...

Lynn, when you see the "Eiffel tower", that means only general impression for the Capital city or you can specify the exact location of next to the tower(the nearst zone around).

Raymond G said...

@Robert :

The Art Contest in Texas was very real. The winner received $12,500 and the guest speaker was an anti- immigrant / anti Muslim gentleman from Holland. I don't recall his name.

The woman that sponsored the contest is now on an ISIS hit list.

SF said...

Thanks Lynn! And that would be cool if you did a reading on this. :)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@PimpMyBrain: I seem to only get as far as the city itself. I don't see anything more specific (but if it comes to me later I will update this)

Lilian said...

Yes, Lynn, please do a mini blog about souls & reincarnation to summarise your past postings about it. And when you do a mini blog on it, can you please look into my questions below? THANK YOU!

You mentioned that

“It (the Universal Consciousness) has a feel of a trap that doesn't cause harm, but holds you back from reaching your potential. I get that the longer you roam, you soul develops more and has a better understanding of universal laws and allows your subconscious to expand. When you jump back in right away you are robbing yourself from the experience of stretching your subconscious.”
– So, our souls learn more by not going to the Light? How can we reach an enlightened state if we don’t reincarnate to learn life lesson?

“You can do whatever and go almost wherever you want (if we chose not to go to the Light). You can travel the earth (and beyond). Gain insight without your conscious, rational mind giving judgement. I get that many people visit places of significance. You can see relatives, serve as a guide... Really the options are limitless. You make your place.”
– Doesn’t that sound like paradise? Are the relatives we see in this realm, were the relatives in our last life? Do we also meet our “soul pacts” here? If we do, and since we have lived many lives, won’t there be confusion in terms of relationships? Perhaps this meeting of “soul pacts” only happens after we go to the Light?

Once you are in the light you start to forget who you were (not really the knowledge or experience, but the physical stuff),”
- Then how to recognise our soul mates if we forget who we were?

“We normally do incarnate with the same pact of souls. They just are different to us in different lives. Who you feel is your soul mate in this life may be your brother or cousin in a future life. We do come together many times (not all, but many)”
- Do we decide who will be who in the future life before we reincarnate? If we decided to be siblings, doesn’t that mean that the other pact souls will have to wait longer to reincarnate into the same family? I somehow, don’t see the “souls pacts” with our partner cos often than not, they are complete stranger till we meet them. Correct me if I’m wrong.

“I do see several planes, and souls can visit the various planes BUT they will reside with the one they are most similar too (regarding vibrations). Low vibrations (most generally) don't "feel" well in a higher vibrational plane and vice versa. I hear that "like attracts like."
– Is that why the Christians believe in paradise as their soul will reside with those who have similar beliefs/faith?

“I get that some older souls advance to the ET level”
– How? By reincarnation (like birth?) or just transformation to an ET appearance?

“I see it (human) as a humanoid looking ET that is incarnated in a place that looks similar to earth, but has a very different feel to it. This humanoid has an appearance similar to humans (skin texture, smooth hair, six fingers (?), six toes (?), they are empathic and intuitive (know what they are thinking and feeling without even talking). The main difference from humans is the color of their hair, skin and eyes- they look to be of all colors (red, pink, blue, purple).”
-Where is this place similar to earth? In one of the other planets or another realm on earth?

What intrigues me further -
- What happens once the spirits cross over and absorbed into the "oneness? Do they reincarnate straight away or is there another spiritual realm after they crossed over the light tunnel, where they still have the free will to reincarnate or not?

- How do we know if we have a spiritual guide or not?

- Does the low birth-rate trend now due to many souls not wanting to reincarnate? Or because of human decision, many souls cannot reincarnate?

- Is there a difference between soul and spirit?

Thanking you in advance and sorry for the many questions. Looking forward to a mini blog about spirits and reincarnation.

Hannon said...

@ Lilian

Wow, those are good questions. Sometimes it's not what you know, but what you ask that matters :-)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lilian: Thank you for outlining that so beautifully. I will sit down and work on this soon! :-)

Lilian said...

@Hannon, I didn’t realise that my request was that long till I posted it! :-)

Sometimes I feel my mind is auto-running and so, I need to learn meditation to quiet it down.

@Lynn, I have been wanting to ask these questions when I went through your past postings about souls, reincarnation, after life etc but have no idea where to post them since the questions are related to multiple postings of yours.

Sorry for being off-topic this time but allow me to take this opportunity to ask you about meditation, please, 2 questions, I promise. :)

Yesterday evening, I followed guided meditations on video for 1 hr 30+ mins lying down. In one of the meditation, the guided voice asked us to imagine that our body slowly melt in a lake.

My questions are:

1) Is that the reason why I felt cold even though I have a blanket; or it’s a normal feeling?
Besides that, I have tingling feeling through my body for most of the time

2) My eyes were closed but I could sense or “see” a small hole/pocket of fast moving light in front of my forehead. That’s when I decided to open my eyes and stop the guided meditation. I don’t think it’s the third eye chakra cos I didn’t feel any change or warmth between the eyes. Is that also part of meditation experience?

Thank you for your time again and kindness.

Anonymous said...

Lilian !
I look forward to what all can be revealed on this subject to. You put down in words what I have been wondering for a long time . I almost feel this is one of those things that we are not suppose to be aware of because if we find out the truth that after the physical body is gone but we are not it loosens some of the control on what we think and how we would behave differently with less fear.

If I remember right ,someone on Psychic Focus mentioned Robert A. Monroe books for Journeys out side of the body . I found Far Journeys on Amazon which I think is his second book an I am surprised at the coincidence of me reading your post getting the book on the same day . It addresses alot of what you you mention in your post right in the first couple chapters.

Robert Allan Monroe,[1] also known as Bob Monroe (October 30, 1915 – March 17, 1995), was a radio broadcasting executive who became known for his research into altered consciousness and founding The Monroe Institute. His 1971 book Journeys Out of the Body is credited with popularizing the term "out-of-body experience".

Monroe achieved world-wide recognition as an explorer of human consciousness. His research, beginning in the 1950s, produced evidence that specific sound patterns have identifiable, beneficial effects on our capabilities. For example, certain combinations of frequencies appeared to enhance alertness; others to induce sleep; and still others to evoke expanded states of consciousness.

Assisted by specialists in psychology, medicine, biochemistry, psychiatry, electrical engineering, physics, and education, Robert Monroe developed Hemi-Sync, a patented audio technology that is claimed to facilitate enhanced performance.
He has a website as well

Alex said...


Some of your questions have been answered before, here is the link

Lilian said...

@ Erin Erin, thanks for the reference books from Bob Monroe. Another one to my waiting reading list.

@ Alex, thanks for the link. When I did “souls & reincarnation” in PsychicFocus search box, I may have overlooked this link.

In fact, what interests me most is Lynn’s view, even if I have other sources.

Often, I re-read her past postings (that interest me) a few times to get a mental picture of the topic and sometimes in the process I got mumbled up with the various links. That’s why I greatly appreciated when Lynn mentioned earlier

“@Lilian: Thanks so much for the comments. If you come across something and feel stuck, please let me know. I could do even a small blog entry- if you are stuck, others probably are too and it will help many people”

I really don’t know how she manages to dedicate so much time to her blog and our requests, besides having a family to take care of. Bless you, Lynn.

So, I tried my best not to bother her unless I’m stuck and if she doesn’t answer all my questions, I can understand. Since spiritual development is new to me, I focus on that topic to ask her. I also learnt from the many comments from all of you. I noticed that her readers come from all corners of the continents and that, Lynn, Hats off to you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lilian: Thank you so much for the kind comments. I truly love the connections with all of you.