Sunday, March 15, 2015

World Events [Group Post]

Q. There are several sources on the Internet that say, the Leadership of Israel is taking them on a self destructive/suicidal course.  Many sources also state that the Jewish people and the others in that area of the world have special  DNA that would hinder the control of them by the Reptilians when some of them shifted to a 4D earth..  Do you see any truth to this? It may help us understand why  the leadership acts like it does...    Thank You. 
A.  I get that the many of the leaders in that area of the world have created some kind of "false ego" within themselves.  I take this to mean that they see themselves as bigger, stronger and untouchable no matter how much they provoke or discuss action plans than they really are.  They cannot see themselves being harmed, as if the people around them are "not as good or have the ability to out-wit them." They have tunnel vision, and cannot comprehend the bigger picture of what is happening, or realize that other countries may not come to the rescue (I see the depend on this, expect it, and can't conceive the possibility of that not happening).  Those ideas further reinforce the ego.. Then I get "a bully isn't so tough without having their friends standing behind them."  Even though many people of Israel are Jewish, it has nothing to do with a religious preference- it is a way of thinking (a mental mindset). 

I also get that people with this type of ego cannot ascend into a 4D earth.  They feel unbalanced, and have much to learn.  They will have to incarnate back into a 3D world to learn the energetic balance.  Regarding reptilian control- this mindset the currently possess is caused by some activation of the reptilian brain, therefore, they are being already controlled and just don't realize it.

Q. Can you do a reading for Mexico? What's in their future? Will the violence end? 
A.  When I focus on Mexico, I get something about the overall lack of maturity of the government or way they think.  There are good people, but they are overpowered by a corrupt system.  I also get that drugs have infected Mexico like a virus.  Many years ago they were viewed as recreational, but have since become a money making part of the system.  People in Mexico are willing to take risks, and the payoff is huge- and that huge payoff pays the people that matter to turn a blind eye while.  Drugs have too much influence.

I also get that when the majority of the United States legalizes marijuana, there will be a shift in Mexico to create the harder drugs such as cocaine and heroine- but I can't see that sustaining.  The legalization of marijuana in the US will eventually lead to a major shift in Mexico because even though there are customers for the harder drugs, the majority of people look to be happy having access to marijuana legally and don't need to seek out harder substances.  This also looks like a turning point for the crime too- the drug money isn't there to buy into the corrupt system, and things start to clean up.

At that point the poverty is evaluated and I see some kind of deal being made with the US- like the US owns part of the land (more like a rent?) in exchange for being able to put factories there (which employ Mexican citizens).  The US doesn't want to officially own the land because it is subject to minimum wages laws, benefits, etc... but feels like a good trade for the citizens to help boost them up.  The time frame I see for this type of growth and shift is within the next 8 to 10 years.

Q. I'd like to know about future disasters or something which will change Japan. I read that the big earthquake will occur around the north part of Japan.  I worry that a tsunami will attack the south (south west) of Japan in the near future...
A.  When I focus on Japan, the words "vulnerable and delicate" both come up.. Japan feels so weakened.  I see Japan being hit with a lot of storms over the period of May through September this year (some feel "hurricane-like").  I don't see a tsunami, but I do see flooding.  I also get that Japan has never been able to recover from Fukushima- environmentally, health or the factories themselves- every time there is an opportunity to make an improvement some kind of weather event prevents it. I also get a taste in my mouth, as if the pollution is unbearable to breathe (like you cannot get a breath of fresh air), but somehow people have gotten used to it.???

Q.Can you see whether we will at some point experience a drastic shift in the position of the poles, one that really upsets the earth (and all who are on it)? Also, in that vein, do you foresee that the earth could slow down even more (it is doing it now) until it stops, then reverses direction? Evidently this has happened before in our earth's history. Some postulated that this stopping point was the "three days of darkness" prophesied to happen. Or what do you see for the "there days of darkness" prophecy and how that would play out, if at all?
A.  Right now we are having a tremendous "earth wobble" effect going on.  As the earth dips down on one side and raises on the other, we experience extremes in temperature (it is further exacerbated by man made weather interference / HAARP that I have discussed in other readings.).  There is another solar system (with our sister sun) effecting our outlying planets, and even though earth isn't as effected as they are, earth experiences fluctuations in her magnetosphere, and also the gravity nudges from this other system.  I do not see a full "pole flop," but I do continue to see these gravitational nudges creating erratic wobbles, resulting in unexplained and unpredictable weather.

I do see earth slowing, and getting to where the days are longer (by about 30 minutes at its' peak).  I also get we may have a brief moment that for a few days we rotate VERY slowly which could result in 3 days of darkness (on one side) and 3 days of light (other the other side).  I cannot connect to a reversal in the rotation, but definitely a slowing, followed by a 24.5 hour daily rotation.

(Here is a link I previously shared illustrating the earth wobbling.  Thank you Da-da for creating this!

Q. Dear Lynn: Thank you for continuing to broaden (my) world views. What is your take on girls joining ISIS? I was stricken with concern over the story about Shannon Conley being sentenced to jail but something struck me as odd about the story. I continued searching and the stories about girls going to Syria (easily) and again these stories strike me as odd.....Are we being told the truth? Is social media really to blame? It seems that all governments know about everything on the internet so they could just shut down ISIS media, yet they do not (not that I want the internet censored but it is already occuring). Is there a connection to these stories which seem similar but are happening across the world? Are other countries carrying these same stories or are they for the US/UK citizens specifically? Thank you for the (en)light(enment). Warm wishes.

A. The first thing I get when I tune into ISIS, is that this organization is based on propaganda and fear.  The real threat comes from the people creating ISIS, not from ISIS itself (it is just a name).  When I hear the news talking about "ISIS" I always felt there was something to the name itself- some kind of subliminal message, and it came to me in a conversation- when our media is talking (advertising and giving attention to ISIS), it is as if they are saying "Is Us"- subtly telling the truth.. 

People in power created this "thing" as a way to evoke fear, exhibit control and give an excuse to execute false flags.  I get there is no more of a reason to fear these girls going to "ISIS" than there is to fear an "Ebola, Flu, Shingles, Measles outbreak- those headlines barely exist anymore."  Then I hear, "they have a good story, and they are sticking to it."  ISIS exists in order to give people in power and excuse to occupy land close to oil, take advantage of what resources are there and serve as a convenient patsy..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Jasleen said...

Hi Lynn, I feel greatly for the people of Palestine and also for Israelis as I don't think the average Israeli knows what the reality of the occupation is and what is being done in their name. Will Israel ever stop their brutality in the occupied territories? what will happen to Palestinians? Will the world, namely the US, ever realise what is being done to Palestinians and will the US government ever challenge Israel?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Lynn, do you get a sense of which season sees the earth-roation slowdown? Just wondering if Da-da will need to leave the Xmas lights on longer.


Watchand Knock said...

Hi @PF thank you for this predicton! Today in the main city of Brazil, Sao Paulo over one million hit the streets protesting against the govt. od Ms. Dilma Roussef. How long will she stay in power and once El NiƱo weather pattern reappeared after 4 years of absence,is the drought still an issue in Sao Paulo state? Muito obrigado!

Cheryl-Anne Hendricks said...

Hi guys, i live in Cape Town South Africa, we recently had crazy fires on our mountain (Table Mountain) that lasted for days, houses and lives were lost. The smoke could even be seen from space - - Then to top it off while the fires raged on it was the hottest day in Cape Town in 100 years. And on that day (3/3/15) Cape town was the hottest city in the world. I need to know if it was a co-inky or not? who started the fire?


Raymond G said...

I hope that Mexico finally figures it out and gets it together. They have been living in a stressful environment for too long....

The Boookworm said...

There is no such thing as a perfect country and Mexico is no exception. It has its good points and bad just like any other country in the world. You just have to look at the bigger picture and realize where the source of the problem is. In this case it is the government that needs a lot of work.

I had always known that it is the Mexican government that needs to shape up. I also had a feeling that USA and Mexico are going to merge with each other, which is going to piss off a lot of old school Mexicans like my dad.

As for the Three Days of Darkness prophecy, so that explains what those trumpets were about...they're coming back...

Hannon said...

@ The Boookworm

What's your take on the militias popping up in Mexico? From my limited perspective, it looks like citizens taking charge of their own lives, to me they are as awesome a George Washington or in this case Pancho Villa :-)

Am I missing something, or getting it all wrong? Are they the real deal? Maybe just another news story spread thin, or out right fabrication? Perhaps they're not what they seem, and just cover for something else?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Jasleen: I get that the US has made some “dirty deals” with Israel, and therefore by some kind of obligation tends to back them. The US is a little more resistant to it, but none the less will end up supporting them (it is like a mom with their kid- you try to allow you kid to fight their own battles, but sometimes you need to step in and protect them). Israel has false security because the “mom” is always there, and I don’t see them stopping (like a bully). My heart does go out to these citizens as their leadership is not looking at the greater good.

@Dada: You make me smile on a daily basis with your comments! I love your humor!

Regarding when- It feels like one of those late summer nights when it is warm even when the sun goes down. It also feels very calm (no wind) and almost silent..

@Watchandknock: I get Roussef will only be there for a short term- less than 2 years. The weather and conditions have people on edge more than normal too- as if the area is in general tense. I get the impression that it wouldn’t take much for an all out riot to start- people have really had enough. The drought is an issue- but I do see some rain (not much, but I get any is welcome). You are still in a deficit with the rain. I get that it is needed because there is worry of the dryness creating dangerous conditions for fires in the more outlying areas.

@Cheryl-Anne: At first I saw an image of garbage, and then I zoomed in to what looked like a 9 volt battery. I don’t know if people ever put their trash on our near the mountain?? OR a hiker was up there and left some garbage and a 9 volt battery was in it (the image of a hiker “feels” more correct). I see this battery lying in some brown grassy open area, and the sun is shining on it. The grass had a shine to it as if at the base there was dew or wetness on it- the slightly damp grass connected the terminals on the battery and sparked the fire. I get the person that is truly responsible has no idea it was them…

RFK Pope said...

Here in Washington we're supposed to get snow this Friday and the next day Saturday the high is 63. Yes, I do believe someone is playing with the weather.

RFK Pope said...

Here in Washington, DC we're supposed to get snow this Friday, March 20 and the next day Saturday the high is 63. Yes, I do believe someone is playing with the weather.

citytransportinfo said...

I was delighted to see the part about the rotation slowing down / the day becoming longer. An answer to all my prayers (and perhaps others too) "more time"!!!

I wonder how the clock will be adjusted, perhaps extra minutes added to an hour, so that we retain a 24 hour day? This might be the least confusing for us.

Lynn, I feel sure that you have mentioned this before, albeit quite a few years ago. And that the number of days in the year will increase - by something like 12-16 days.

Clif High of the webbots has also talked about the longer days and longer years. I think he said that it would be because Earth's orbit had widened a little.

I wonder... if it works out that there are 14 more days in a year how would the calendar be changed? One extra day per month - except February which would be extended by three days? But, will people born on 29th February be pleased to start being able to celebrate their birthday in the correct day? At present there is a 'specialness' associated with birthdays on that day.

I'm sure the watch / clock industry (horology?) will also like everyone having to buy new timepieces. Hopefully for computers there will be upgrades which allow existing operating systems to work under the new order.


Juli T said...

Good news for Mexico (finally!).

@Hannon : militias are the same cr*p. I'm from Argentina so I say this with a sense of brotherhood not to diminish the mexicans, but you can not take as a positive think anything coming from these countries, specially if it involves guns. You can only see a real deal when the people go out to streets to protest against the governments (the case of the students in Iguala, to name something recent).

Juli T said...

About Israel you said "they see themselves as bigger, stronger and untouchable" Oh Lord! I lived that! They don't have a problem making you notice, I never felt so bad in my life!

@Jasleen : joining the military is an obligation to any israeli citizen, so everybody there knows what's that about shooting palestinians.

Israel exists thanks to the zionists in the US, starting by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, so of course there are lots of dirty deals there. But people in the States are starting to protest against funding Israel with their own taxes. It's a beginning...

Great reading!

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello everyone! Thank you for all the comments and I really like seeing the dialogue between everyone. This blog has become such a joy and I am honored to be a part of it! Love and light-

Hannon said...

@ Juli T

From what I've seen from the Mexican militias, is they are kicking out the government and cartels(kind of one in the same now) in their own local areas, and defending themselves from direct violence. It appears they have given up on the idea of a movement saving them, and decided it's best to run their own lives. They aren't the guys with masks setting out to fight the government, they(farmers with outdated weapons) are protecting their women and children when trouble shows up. If this is the case, I support it 100%. I'm a very big supporter of common people owning firearms, and taking responsibility for their own self and family's defense.

Myself and my wife, don't leave our home unarmed, I always have a gun and knife of some kind on me and I've trained in martial arts(Kempo Karate mostly), and have much more firepower at home. While I don't think guns are what is going to solve our problems, we still need to be able to defend ourselves from violence and provide some kind of effective deterrent from violence. I was recently assaulted by an unprovoked drunk attacker on my front porch(over 6 foot tall black guy with dread locks, kinda scary looking), I was armed but I didn't draw a weapon. I subdued him, and choked him out until he gave up(I did it twice, he came at me again after I let him go the first time). I would have been in my legal rights to shoot him, and if I thought he would have made it past me to my family I would have, or I could have Karate stomped his guts out, but I'm the kind of person who catches and releases bugs in my home, unless they're biting me then I swat them, so I did my best not to hurt him while maintaining control. I'm only telling this story because I hope I'm not coming across as supporting violence as a means to an end, I only believe in self defense, never offensive violence, and if good people(like you) aren't well armed, then only the bad people will be :-)

Besides, the system wants us to organize in big movements, they expect it and count on it to maintain control. As long as all the sheep are moving in the same direction and depend on the whole instead of being independent for their needs, they can always slip in a Judas Goat at some point, like in Ukraine recently, but if all the sheep are moving in different directions from each other, they don't stand a chance of controlling them.

Here is the banksters own admission, and a Judas Goat wiki:

Raymond G said...

If there were extra days added to the calendar, imagine how much grief that would create for the astrologists and numerologists.

And migrating birds and animals.

Juli T said...

Hi Hannon!

I know there's a cultural difference about guns in other countries, specially the US. I'm not anti or pro, I have my own position on that but that's another matter. In Latin America we don't have that gun culture, at least in my country is just an old man thing, a retired policeman or some gun loving wacko, is not that it is 'normal' for your dad to take you to shoot something.
I insist we have a different culture and history, I was born under a military government in the 80's and guns were used in a different way, not by citizens to protect themselves. After that, from the 90's -and different democratic governments, our doors were opened to the cartels from Colombia, Mexico, etc, and of course with them we got the guns again. It's not as easy as in the US to legally get a gun here, but it's really easy to get it illegally. Anyway, it's a totally different picture, I'm just trying to explain why, for me, guns are associated in a sort of way.
And militias to me were always associated with the paramilitares, the cartel militias (not here but very strong and powerful in other countries).
So if you hear guns and latin america, always be suspicious, at least at first!

I shoo the mosquitos off too, but a couple of years ago I was robbed by a guy and I used a pepper spray for the first time in my life, we throw punches at each other until he wanted to leave and I wouldn't let him (!) I grabbed him by the clothes and kept punching until a few guys came for my help and then the police. That's a prove I'm not gun material cause I would end up signing my name like Al Capone with the Tommy :p

Hannon said...

@ Juli T

We have huge problems with guns here in the USA, but the big problems are in areas of the country where firearms are restricted. In those areas the regular people are victimized by armed gangsters and drug addicts, with little to no way of defending themselves, in the areas where we have high rates of gun ownership, this country is as safe as Switzerland. To buy a gun where I live, we have to take safety coarse(s), fill out papers, get permits and pay top dollar at gun shops, but the criminals still just buy them for pennies on the street. The news about the Federal government's gun running operation in Mexico is kind of a smoke screen, because they were also supplying guns to gangs here in the US, there is little mention of that in the media.

Our government is gearing up for and hoping to go para-military on us, but our guns are kind of in their way. They keep cooking up new false flags and schemes to use as an excuse to get us to give them up, but it's failing. Gun owners used to mostly be white, right leaning males, but now it's spreading into every demographic, especially women. This Christmas was the first time gun sales for women has rivaled jewelry sales, but if you count ammo for those guns it was a bigger market. I'm glad to see more and more good people with weapons, we've had whole states re-legalize concealed pistol carry and have had their violent crime rates and rape rates significantly drop.

When I met mt wife, she was scared to go some places alone, or the sight of thuggish looking men would make her nervous, but ever since I got her into shooting, she goes about her business much more confidently. And don't tell my friends this, but she can out shoot me, I think she may have missed her calling as a commando :-)

Juli T said...

Thanks Hannon! Is good to learn 'first hand' from someone in another country.
I'd never had a good opinion about gun ownership until the false flag events and the ulterior motives to ban the guns, specially with all the information that came out after Sandy Hook (with the 'parents' of the 'victims' related to gun control associations long before the incident).


sarah said...

I appreciate to read about Japan.
I worry if some people's lives will be lost because of that flood in this year.
Also I want to make sure about Fukusima. According your reading..."I also get a taste in my mouth, as if the pollution is unbearable to breathe (like you cannot get a breath of fresh air), but somehow people have gotten used to it.???", is that about the present or future?
You read before that another big earthquake will occur on the north eastern coastal area in next 2 1/2 to 3 years Japan.
So I worry so muche if another nuclear plant will be destroyed around the area and Japan will see a nightmare again...
Also I want to know about the air and circumstance of Tokyo at the present time and future because someone said that the Olympic game in 2020 will never be held...
At last I really want to know that detail of your reading on "October 26, 2014 at 9:22 AM". When will Japan unite with China?
What does it mean of the division of Japan? (I saw anohter phychic person refered to it,too)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@sarah: I saw this now- the pollution factor. It feels rather intense there.. I do also see some seismic activity happening in the ocean, and Japan gets some backlash from that. It isn’t as intense as it being on land, but I see some kind of ripple effect that does hit Japan. I cannot see the Olympics being held there- It feels like they cannot accommodate such an event (and again, the pollution thing keeps coming up). Within the next two years I see Japan really divided- some want to join with China, and some oppose China’s rule- I see this being both the divide of the country and the unification of part of Japan with China.

sarah said...

Dear Lynn

Thank you for your reading about some future of Japan.
Unfortunitely, I understand there'll be some big disasters and problems in Japan.
I have some question about that.
About the division...
Will it be a kind of "division of the opinion" or Japan will "the rule of Japan is divided"?
If the latter will happen, it means that some part of Japan will annex China? (that'll be a nightmare...)
If it's true....which part (south, north ..) of Japan will separate from the rule of Japan, and what is the direct cause of it?
My second question is..
Will the next big earthquake trigger of another nuclear power pant explosion?
If it's so, I understand that next Olympic will never be held in Tokyo, Japan.
Anyway, I feel thre'll be no good things in the future of Japan...
it's sad thing...