Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chris Kyle "American Sniper"

Q. Can you please do a reading on the death of Chris Kyle?  There has been a lot of controversy and I would like to know what you pick up on this. 
A.  The first thing I get is this man (Chris) enlisting in the military.  He wasn't passionate one way or the other about being in the military, but it felt like the path that was chosen for him.  There is this feeling of indifference I get when I focus on him during his very early years..??  Having said that, when he committed to signing on, he did commit- he wasn't one to back down from an obligation. 

Being a sniper appealed to him.  He felt he could make a difference.  He practiced, and he was good- it was very natural for him (physically).  Mentally it was a challenge.  He was constantly faced with the tough decisions when he was on active duty.   These things haunted him often (I see a man standing and flashing back like it was a dream).  I even hear a message about him being "tired of always making these tough decisions- going with your gut to know if it is right or wrong and living with the choice you made."  I also get he was upset that the US would tell him to do what was needed (rarely did they have a very specific person), the the accountability fell on Chris, rather than someone else. I see that the mental games you have to play to make it right in your mind is exhausting.

Then I see something changed with him.. it was an event during a mission that did something (the image I have is like something snapped in his head- someone was killed that shouldn't have been??).  He felt guilty, and to deal with that guilt he got vocal, as if he had to justify his actions over and over.  Through this constant overjustification for what he had to do, some kind of an ego emerged.  This man that was once quiet and humble (wanting to help protect people) turned into some kind of very vocal person that liked having attention.  I want to use the word belligerent and obnoxious- which was very much not who he was...??

Then I get that when this idea of a book came about during a point in his career he was nervous, but excited about the opportunity.  I see some dialogue going back and forth during the creation of this book, and as he gave his story he embellished some things and stretched the truth at times.  I want to say this story is a fiction story based on factual events (it may even be labelled that somewhere??).  

As people called him out or questioned things, he was angry and defensive.  I even get the impression that he revealed things that he shouldn't have (tactics, how the military trained, strategies, and the admittance of less popular decisions that are made in the name of "security").  Because he didn't always paint the US in a positive light (based on things he was forced to do and carry all the guilt) not only were his truths questioned, but the over exaggerations were as well.

The attention he drew and his level of openly talking put him on the radar as someone to watch.  I also see that he was on the verge (by dropping some hints) of possibly revealing some truths our government would not want out.  I get that certain higher military officials were worried that it was only a matter of time, and he was in the face of the media.  They had him taken out to prevent more "truths" from being revealed (and also send a message).  It was made to look like an accident, and the goal was to allow him to die a hero...I also get that had he not have had a movie that evoked such compassion and emotion- he would have died being labeled something "other than a hero."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. L&L-


Blimpy Peach said...

The patsies that are set up to take the fall in these types of situations, are they ultimately in on it too and have had an deal made to them? Or are they were forced to commit these crimes and don't realise they would not be supported after the fact? Or are they completely innocent random people selected being set up and are genuinely punished for these crimes they didn't commit?

Also, it seems the timing of the movie will gain the public support of this guy being guilty which will support their story

Raymond G said...

I hope he finds peace in the next life and all is well with him.

Blimpy Peach said...

Sorry I've just reread over that and it doesn't make much sense (6 months pregnant goo brain). Basically I'm asking if the patsies are aware of what the plan is or are they complete randoms that are set up and staged evidence

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Blimpy: I get the patsies know enough to be in the right place at the right time. They also (as soon as the event goes down) see the signs (like conversations or other odd things suddenly make sense) of why they are there and what is happening.

@Raymond: I do too. :-)

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn! not actually related but intresting: according to this organic farmer, the maintenance of horns in cows (more recently they are removed from grown-up calves) enhances the cows digestion, giving later a better quality humus. Do you see any relation? Thank you! position 4:35 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wINetSTtp98&feature=youtu.be. (he also recalls that according to Rudolf Steiner the founder of Waldorf schools, the cow-horns acted like antennas)

Ma'at said...

My intuition told me the same, Lynn. I read his book, and the most important plot that I got out of it was the inner struggle of today's warrior to reconcile his job with civilized life, as well as with his Higher Self and its innate value of life.

In the course of his duties, he also discovered some unsavory political things. (See the recent Afghan war veteran that just had his Silver Star revoked for speaking out about them.)

What got Kyle killed was his formation of The Punishers. They were seen, and still are seen, as a major threat to the PTB.

Lisa said...

Yep, I thought he was murdered! Sorry it happened but I am glad my hunch was confirmed by a good psychic :)