Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Explosion on Mars

Q. Hey, Lynn. What happened on Mars in this video from 10/19/14?  There's a huge explosion. What caused it? [Direct link to video of explosion: ]
A. When I first tune into this I get that the explosion was not the result of natural causes (something colliding, something breaking off and hitting mars, etc).  There is a forced feel that something man (or ET based) intentionally went in the direction of this comet and blew it up to "prevent" it from continuing on its current path.  There is something protective happening around Mars.

Q. Who or what blew it up?
A.  I get there are military bases and "camps" set up in various locations all over Mars.  There is a much larger attempt to colonize Mars and make it habitable than what most people could imagine.  Part of protecting our interests on Mars  as humans is to have some kind of defense located on Mars- This defense is needed for protection from some ETs (which we cannot fully compete against on our own) and space objects (such as Comet Siding Spring).  

I also get on Mars we use completely different weaponry- there is something about the ratios of gas (lack of Oxygen, etc) that force our machinery / technology of operate differently.  I have never seen this type of apparatus before- It looks like a stainless steel,remote controlled military tank (controlled from a remote location- Earth?) that has the capability to shoot rockets / missiles.  The fuel or explosive property is controlled by a purple liquid that has a nuclear base, but is also metallic / magnetic. Somehow the gases needed to propel the rocket / missile are infused within this purple liquid ??  (I keep being shown this purple liquid as if there is some significance to it).

I get this comet (Siding Spring) has been watched for a while.  Anything that comes close to earth or the surrounding planetary (or moon) bodies gets a lot of attention.  Mars was on high alert because of the "plan" we have for it later.  Defenses we have on Mars had to be used to protect our interests.  I also get an impression that on Mars we work with ETs and they are guiding us there (can't get a lot of clarity without going deeper, but we have the help and involvement of some ETs- that is for a different reading though).

Q.  How destructive was this? 
A.  I am viewing this from the perspective of being on Mars and looking up.   I see that this explosion was further into the atmosphere than how it looked observing this from earth.  I get that Mars did feel it, but the experience I have watching it feels like a flash grenade- intense blinding light, some sound.  I also feel and see the ground beneath me shake to where it knocks me off my feet.  The sound vibration and energy waves sent off the explosion hit Mars versus the debris.  I don't see lasting physical damage after the dust settled.

Q.  Why does this event feel hidden or not on mainstream media?  
A.  The government doesn't want to admit we have other military bases (especially not even on earth), talk about ETs or disclose anything they are working on regarding Mars.  There would be too many questions and shake up the paradigm of too many people.  I also get that money for these projects is being funded under a strange title that only those that "know" realize where it is going- way too much to explain to "the people."

And that is all I see for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.  


a2k said...

Dear PF, Thank you for doing this series on cosmology! I just love it! I want to ask you a question regarding mars, one month back our space research organisation of India namely ISRO placed successfully a satellite in mars orbit.

This was much lauded by countries worldwide. The satellite 'Mangalyan' also sent its first picture of mars surface.

Now I am wondering, why this explosion was not captured by our satellite? Why no news of this was shared in main-stream media? Is our govt. also involved in cover-ups?

They Live said...

Are these Mars military bases going to stop the Red comet, I'm guessing probably not due its direction and force perhaps. The movie Total Recall shows people living on Mars and how they are charged for oxygen. Movies tell us so many truths, case in point the recently released movie LUCY which I figured was referencing Lucifer and it does as well as the Luciferian doctrine.

KC said...

Some of the people there on Mars think they are safer? I will stay here. What about the monster sunspot on the sun right now? apparently Ed Dames said on C2C last night that this could be the 'kill shot'

Alpha X said...

KC said: "What about the monster sunspot on the sun right now? apparently Ed Dames said on C2C last night that this could be the 'kill shot'"

I would very much like your take on this as well Lynn.

By the way, "C2C" stands for Coast to Coast. It's a famous AM radio show that was originally hosted by Art Bell and dealt with a lot of paranormal and conspiracy topics; just the type of thing your readers, like myself, would be interested in.

A Man Called Da-da said...

How much money is going for this project? Does Obama and Congress know about it? And is this being set up as a future site for those folks who are part of what's called earth's, "Breakaway Civilization"?

Craig said...

@Da Da -- funny you should ask if Obama knows about Mars. I sound like a broken record, but according to Andrew Basiago Obama has actually teleported to Mars back when he was known as Barry Seotoro (that is his step fathers last name). Anyway, Andrew swears that Obama did participate in this program DARPA and that Andrew remembers him, as well as others, such as Don Rumsfield. He says they had a "jump room" in California. He started as a child in the 60's -- that's how long we've had this technology. Check him out sometime, he's got a ton of Youtube vids. Peace

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: Our govt is always involved in coverups. They don’t want people to know what they are doing on or with Mars. I get they do have this recorded, but it won’t be released, and anyone who privately has it will be scrutinized and those posts/images/videos will be brought down.

@They Live: I too see many truths in our media outlets. I don’t see Mars stopping the Red Comet (unless it positionally has the opportunity).

@KC and AlphaX: Mars feels safe, but in a much different way. On Mars partnerships have been made with ETs, which for now gives the illusion of safety.

I do agree that the sunspots pose a threat to earth. I don’t see a direct hit, but I do see us “feeling” some of the radiation / intensity from it. I get that we will end up getting a warning on not being outside because of the intensity of the sun, but if we are inside (ideally underground, basements, etc) we feel protected. I also get the intensity doesn’t linger (a few days to a week0- the earth will absorb the energy. In the process of the earth absorbing the energy I do see some earthquakes being released to allow the discharge of energy- but the time frame for this “release” is many (decades) years.

@Craig: I resonate with a lot of what you said. Thank you for answering Da Da’s question.

a2k said...

Dear PF, it seems that you misunderstood my question! My question was regarding our country i.e. India.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: My apologies- I did base this around the US. There are many countries involved in the coverups- European, Russia, China, US and even India. Some countries are a little more honest with their people, but many fear a loss in control if the reality of knowing ETs exist, or other planets may one day be liveable. I get they (referring to other countries) ask themselves constantly if this thing, or that thing poses a threat in loss of control.

JK Ross said...

how can you make the comments you do and still have people follow? Your science is grade school level - for example you speak of the dark side of the moon. THERE IS NO DAERK SIDE. The moon is locked in place with the earth and when the earth, moon and sun align this so called dark side is lit. Also no one of your predictions have come to pass and your opinions on religion should be stated as such. They are not factual in any way. You are lucky to have so many sheep.

Alpha X said...

Hmm... If comments like Ross' start appearing more frequently, then you can be sure you're on to something.

Headintheclouds said...

@JK Ross

It is true that the term “dark side of the moon” is technically incorrect, but it is a widely accepted moniker. If you’re speaking about the moon, with respect to the Earth, then there is definitely a dark side of the moon from our perspective. The proper term is the “far side of the moon”. But really, we all know what it means.

Of course, things that are of the esoteric/religious/ET nature are hard to prove or disprove - especially if they are kept hidden from us from those in power. As for conspiracy theories that she discusses, you only have to look into them further to see the inconsistencies that she highlights. Do you believe everything you hear in the media? I sure hope not.

Lynn has never claimed to be a scientific, religious or medical expert. In fact, she has out right made this disclaimer many, many times during her readings. She doesn’t force her opinions on others, but rather merely expresses her insights on various matters. All she does is try to spread the truth and open everyone’s minds.

I, for one, enjoy reading this blog. If you don’t like the contents of this blog, then go read something else.

Keep up the great work, Lynn!

CartalkByJJ said...

Thank you Lynn for all your help. You're big enough now to receive comments both negative and positive from all kinds people. Please protect your mind, heart, and health.

(And thank you for your private reading you gave me. It proved to be true and helpful.)

a2k said...

@JK ross:- The proof is always in pudding! Go have it, taste it first. I will suggest you do two things:-

1) either read out whole of this blog, you will get lots of prediction coming pretty true, like one on ISIS recently where Lynn Predicted in the beginning that more countries (US & others) will get involved with the passage of time.This is actually happening before our eyes. After US got involved into it, Countries like UK, Australia have joined the fight. There are whole lots of other prediction( that I don't remember) which was fairly accurate.

2) Secondly, If you are the one who don't mind wasting money on worthless pizzas,burgers, hot dogs, go waste money in private reading where you will get astounding truths about yourself!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@JK: I appreciate all differences of opinion. I tune into various topics and take a psychic approach to see truth and make people think. If the things I say don’t resonate with you, I can respect that and you may want to look to other sources for your information. Love and light-

@Everyone: Thank you so much for the kind words. I realize the energy of this blog may not resonate with everyone, but I feel good that I am coming from an honest place and really believe I am helping people (or confirming what many of us already know to be true) open up and really “see” the world. Many amazing people come here and share questions, ideas and information (not just with me but others as well). My background is an undergrad in Business, so I do not have experience in science, medicine or law- but I think that helps me to get more unbiased information (and forces my images and impressions to be on a scale that many people understand or are able to translate).

I really do care about all of you and the group of people that have met together here are amazing. I am very fortunate to have all of you. Love and light- Lynn

lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

If I could see you in person, I would like to give you a big, big hug! Thank you for your advices and sharing your wisdom.

JK Ross, I can testify that her personal readings for me were accurate. Like she said "You already have the answers, I just help you to find them" and indeed she did.

JK Ross, let's agree to disagree. Your demeaning remarks and name calling/labeling are unnecessary and undesirable amongst adults.

They Live said...

@PF Two sites to look into, if you haven't already, that give good info are Vigilant Citizen and

Anonymous said...

JK Ross......

I'm not sure how long you have been reading this blog. If you have spent any actual time reading it you would KNOW that Lynn is a very kind, loving person who shares her gift for free!! She shares what she can see,hear,taste and feel. I think it would be very helpful to read her bio. No one is forcing you to read her blog. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and everyone has contol of what they write. Lynn has always told people to take with them what resonates to them! It always seems when people give out information that is true and or hits a nerve with "someone" then you have someone come along with rude comments and or someone who is a troll. Attacking someone is just not a nice thing to do!!

Thank you Lynn for being you and sharing with so many that appreciate and care about you!!


YourPsychicFocus said...

@lilian and kelly: xoxo

Charlotte Bailey said...

I so agree, Kelly and Lilian, your words were beautifully stated! This site has been generously provided by PS, as well as all the content. There's not a lot of people that donate so much time and attention to others, especially complete strangers. I am very grateful for all she does!!! If it doesn't resonate, you're free to leave...

a2k said...

Dear PF, I was undergoing through this article which claims that US/Man made bases on mars have been destroyed. This was the explosion we witnessed on mars. Do you see this as true???

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: Some of the above ground stuff was hurt (more from an earthquake effect of the explosion), but there are underground bases that weren't touched.