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Q & A: XXXI: Missing People / Mysterious Deaths [Group Post]

Q. I would like to ask you about the death of William Colby, former CIA director in the early 70's under the Ford administration. It was said to be a drowning/heart attack in a boating accident near his vacation home in 1996. He was probably killed(age 76)...Who killed him if so...Was it because of Alien information he had and wanted released or can you say why? Was he connected with the elite at top of world... As well, his death was not researched very well...Why didn't his family demand more verification on the circumstances of his death? Was he a good man in this difficult organization (CIA)and why did he leave his first wife and family? Thanks and looking forward to hearing about his he may have been one of the few good men in the CIA.
A. I first get that he was a "truther" and wanted to expose something.  He felt it was relevant to the population (they had a right to know), but fellow CIA members disagreed.  I get he really pushed the issue to the point he was first bribed in exchange for his silence, and when that didn't work his family was threatened.  That was the real reason he left his first family- out of love and a way to protect them.. His death wasn't researched because people close to him were paid very well to not ask questions- the money helped, but the fear was the main reason they stayed quiet.  As I finish the last sentence I am left with many X-Files references, telling me that the nature of his knowledge was centered around ET life, and more importantly their close proximity to earth.

Q- I don't know what it is, but I have been feeling called/ drawn to message you and ask you about the recent elderly (late 80's) couple Shirley and Russel Dermond. Russel was found in his home in a gated/affluent neighborhood - decapitated and his wife 's body was found in a river. They have no idea what happened in the safe area and they cannot find his head. What happened? Why? and where can they find the rest of Russel's body? My heart goes out their family! Thank you so much
A. The first thing I see is Charles Manson, and the second thing I get is cult... I feel I am being tugged in the direction of this being a cult based crime, that was completely random (similar to how Manson chose Sharon Tate).  The randomness of the murders makes the murderer even more difficult to find.  I don't have the name of the cult or the name of a leader, but I do get they are in close proximity (within 50 miles) of this crime scene.  I also need to clarify this isn't a gang, but rather some kind of a cult in which the members live in some kind of communal setting. [I didn't pick up on the location of the head, as if it doesn't exist anymore, or they did something with it.  ??]

Q. Was Stanley Kubrick murdered?
A. I get that he was killed, and it was by some kind of chemical induction.. I don't see drug overdose or incorrect drug usage, but rather some kind of unknown chemical induction.  I then get the message that when he made his films, he agreed that he would "see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil" in exchange for privileged information.  Breaking that "contract" could be grounds for death, and even knowing that he walked the line very closely- too closely.  At one point it was viewed that he breached this "contract" (referring to the hearing, seeing and speaking no evil) and people in power were afraid that top secret information would be leaked or made too obvious to the public though his "telling, but not telling messages."

Q. How did Jacob Limberious really die? Was it an accident and by who?
A.  I see it was accidental by playing / showing off with a gun and he really did do it to himself.  This wasn't malicious, or intentional.  It was a horrific accident.

Q. Have always wondered what the true story was behind the Hannah Anderson kidnapping and murder of her mother and brother. Do you have any insight into this?

A. I get she knows more than what she is saying, but it was too real too fast, and fear has her quiet.  I get she knew of his plan before it even happened. What she thought about losing her family, and the reality of it were very different in her mind.   She used DiMaggio as her way to freedom, and looked at him as a way out.. Pretty much used him to get what she wanted, and then put him in a situation to be killed himself.  When I focus on her I get a disconnect of what emotion she feels and what emotion her physical body expresses...?

Q. There are a number of celebrity deaths that have much speculation around them. The media, of course, reports one thing but the threat of their influence on the status quo leaves many wondering if they were under some kind of attack. I am hoping you would look into a few names and tell me your thoughts: 
Paul Walker:  I get this really was the result of a terrible accident.  I don't see any "outside" people or things creating this to happen...
Bill Hicks:  I get an outspoken, fearless energy about him.  He didn't really care what people thought.  I do get death of of a natural causes and not induced by anything or anyone foreign.
Aaron Russo:  I first get an erie, suspicious feeling...Also feel like I am always looking behind me.  He knew someone was following him, but could never actually catch this person.  Then I get this symbolic image of a scene on a tv show in which someone injected a drug into water bottles with a micro fine needle with the intent to poison someone slowly.  I see someone intentionally creating his illness that he later died from.

Q. Hi, thank for all your hard work and energy you put into running this blog. I was wondering what you pick up on the disappearance of Peter Falconio in 2001 in Australia?
A. I get Bradley Murdoch really did do this.  He was under the influence of something, which made a situation of road rage even worse.  He (Peter) was lured out of the car, and the confrontation got ugly.  Peter was shot, and the passenger was kidnapped (or attempted) because she was a witness to the shooting.  I also get that Bradley took the body with him and disposed of it in the desert like 30-40 miles away.  The area looks to be northwest of where this happened (and feels hostile with wildlife).  

Q. Can you please do a reading on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Was she killed or is she still alive & living in Aruba? What happened to her and who was involved in her disappearance? If she's still alive, will she be reunited with her family in the future? Thank you!
A.  I first see a lot of drinking, and then it looks like she was physically attacked because she didn't return the advances of the men accompanying her...  After the attack, she was still alive, and kept (kind of like a prisoner) until she died of some fatal wounds she endured at the time of the assault.  I see she finally passed, and is at peace.  (I get this angelic view of her with a golden and white glow about her).  [A final thought I had is that they know who did this- she was at the club and with them.  I feel like I see pictures of it or a video of some kind.  The media has broadcasted it, and they are right- looks like two men.. ]

Q. Could you do a reading on the disappearance of Tom and Eileen Lonergan

A.  I immediately feel fear and terror- in a way that is hard to even put into words.  This was an exhausting, both physically and mentally final few days for these people.  I see exhaustion is what took them after these few days (I want to say two), and at that final moment I see they made some kind of a pact to go together, holding hands and it looks like they drifted off peacefully.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.
(As a side note, I found this to be a more difficult reading... I feel like in some of these situatiaons there was a dark nature to them and I was partially blocked from seeing the full picture... It was as if something was guarding me from the negativity..??)


KnockandWatch said...

Hello Lynn thank you for this wonderfull post! Could you please do a reading on Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, Michael P. Anderson, Ilan Ramon Kalpana Chawla, David M. Brown and Laurel Blair Salton Clark. They disappeared February 1 2003 and are the crew of space shuttle Columbia! What did actually cause theire disappearence? Thank You!

Dan Walker said...

Hi Lynn, great stuff as usual! Can you get a location on Jimmy Hoffa's remains? And did D. B. Cooper survive his jump from a plane with duffel bags full of money? If not, did anyone ever find it? Thanks!

susan said...

Thanks Lynn for the information on Colby.
His son made a documentary on him and seemed to not really understand why his father left the family (first family) and who his father really was as well as his first wife not understanding their divorce. Did they not understand the love Colby had for them? Were the first family members paid off to keep quiet...?

Could you tell some of the ET information that Colby had that he felt the public should know...

And is this ET information relevant for people today to know?

Thanks again.......

susan said...

PS Lynn,

Did Colby know who the elite was controlling the world today? Did he want us to know who these people/beings were?


Jenny Wanga said...

Thanks so much for your insight, PF! Could you please tell us where Natalie Holloway's body is located.. They never did manage to find it.. Thank you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Susan: I do get they were paid to be quiet, but not by the govt. I get Colby paid them himself because he was scared they were in danger. Things got very dark- the govt tried to pay off Colby, and he wouldn't agree to drop it, and that's why his family was threatened.

I get he knows about an ET base close to the moon and we are in contact with them. We actually has some kind of relationship with them.

@Jenny: I keep getting references from the show "Dexter" and I see her remains were put in the ocean..

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello everyone.. Thanks for all the feedback on this. I will start a new rough draft with these other people that you suggested. :-)

Michael Smith said...

what about Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. and what did you think about Siri sayin the gates of Hades will open on July 28th 2014?

leia franc said...

Hi lynn. Could you also do a reading on the Mcstay family? Who murdered them? Did they know their killers? Were they involved with a cult or something?

Athenry04 said...

Hi Lynn, just on the subject of Peter Falconio, I always had the feeling Joanna Lees knew more than she let on about his disappearance, do you see any truth to this?

Many thanks :)


Dear Lynn,
Have you got any insight into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the British girl who went missing whilst on holiday in Portugal with her family?
Many thanks :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the additional requests. I haven't had a chance to look at all these, but I do have a list saved in my drafts.