Saturday, July 21, 2012

I would like you to focus on the moon and if there is life on it.

I feel like there are structures on the moon, we can see them but we dismiss them. They glaring at us but we feel they are only craters.  I see tiles like around a pool, but I think these around the edge of the craters.  Like maybe the craters are not craters but mining pits and they grow as they mine.  I feel like there are race of really white maybe albino people living on the moon.  I feel like our government knows they are there.  I feel like there is some agreement like if we don't mess with them they wont mess with us.  I think that is why we abandoned our space program.  The people on the moon do no want to mix with us, they want to keep their race pure.  I feel like they are searching for something, that is why they are mining.  I see a block letter L but with jagged edges on each end of the L.  They are searching for this object because it has some type of high knowledge or high power.  Overall I think that there are structures along the crater edges.  I do not know if any of this is true or not, I just report.

Update:  I got the impression that our moon was not always here, I see a ribbon, kinda like the magnetic ones people put on their cars for war or breast cancer.  I feel the moon was brought here, or came here, and it followed the ribbon path, like a cursive letter L but with the earth in the loop of the L.  I do not think the moon was always with the earth, but came from some other location.


D.A. said...

Many sources on the net say the same thing - the moon was brought here as recently as 12000 years ago and that what caused the global flood.
My personal research through remote viewing also shows the samething.
There are anciemt legends (armenian, greek etc) that speak of times "before the moon was here"...

NOW THE LOOP STUFF that you see:
There have been reports of psychics that say they see 2 energy strings coming from the moon and to our earth. According to some, tjese are the energies that feed the so-called moon matrix - an energy field that keeps human in a state of mild hypnosis, i.e: unable to use their natural psychic powers etc.
Also, if you look at ANY logo of a space agency in the world, whether it be, NASA, ESA, Roscosmos or ANY OTHER, you will see a recurrent V shape on all of them. I think that V-shape refers to the ribbon you see.
Try to concentrate on it, ot'd be awesome to find out more! ;)

Constance Briggs said...

Hi, What is the Ribbon?