Truth Ministries/Spiritual Consultation

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my Truth Ministries group.  This is a group designed to seek truth through sharing, meditation, introspective thought and tuning into your inner God.  

I am in the process of setting up a calendar to have a consistent meetup and virtual gatherings.  Telegram may be the easiest way to communicate.  I will have more details forthcoming.

I look forward to coming together with each of you.  

Love and light, 

Please join my group on Telegram:

Personal Spiritual Consultation: w/Phone recording of session 
$40 - 15 minutes
$75 - 30 minutes           
To schedule, Click the link above to determine availability, schedule your appointment and make your donation through PayPal via "Friends and Family."  A few days before your appointment I will send a reminder and information regarding my private line.  I do require the session to be paid in full the day before your appointment.  If you miss your scheduled time, I will try to make it right, but I do not issue refunds. NOTE: My system will not send a reminder / confirmation until your donation comes through.

Recommendation Letters
$40 - 15 minute Phone Consultation or Email Consultation (to fully understand individual situations)
$200 - Personalized Recommendation Letter   
To schedule, Please email me.  These are individualized situations and I will work with you to schedule a time to either talk or discuss circumstances over email (whatever you prefer).  We will then determine the timeframe needed for your "letter."

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