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I was recently referred to a company called Patreon, that provides a platform that allows folks to make monthly donations in support of their favorite content creators.  A similar Platform, SubscribeStar is also helping people like myself.  On both platforms creators can continue to develop and share content that may otherwise be limited due to politics, corporate policies and censorship.  It is no secret that Google is de-ranking search results, Facebook is blocking posts, and YouTube is actively de-monetizing alternative videos. (click HERE to view a reading I've done on this subject).  This information is still relevant and important to share.

If you are interested in supporting my content, I can be found at: or click the "Become a Patron" button on the right side of the page.  Alternatively, I can be viewed at

I cherish this blog and what it has grown into.  It was originally started to help develop my gifts, and also has provided me a way to give back and share those gifts with others.  The blog is and will always be free, and I greatly appreciate all the support and encouragement I get for writing it.  I have so much gratitude for all of you.

Love and Light - Lynn

I'm offering four subscription options for those that may be interested:  

1. Donor Support
$1 per month
This is a donation for the Blog and Videos.  

2.  Donor Support and Private Blog / Video Access
$5 per month
This is a donation for the Blog, Videos and Private Blog/Video (Video only on SubscribeStar) access to at least 1 post per week.  (Feel free to email me with topic suggestions!)

3. Donor Support, LIVE Chat Sessions and Private Blog / Video Access

$10 per month 
This donation supports the Blog, Videos, Private Blog/Video Access AND includes Live Group Chat Sessions.  I will host a minimum of two chat sessions a month, and post the days/times through Patreon.  For people that cannot make a session, but still have questions, you are welcome to email me (I will try to work them in) and post the transcript.

4. Donor Support, LIVE Chat Sessions, One Monthly Email or Priority Blog Reading and Private Blog / Video Access
$60 per month
This supports the Blog, Videos,  Private Blog/Video Access, Group Chat Sessions and allows the subscriber to receive one email reading or priority blog reading a month.  (Contact me to schedule).  

To learn more or subscribe, please visit me on Patreon or SubscribeStar.  Please feel free to make suggestions and provide feedback in the comments.  I love the community we are building here!

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