The story behind the handmade Orgonite… 

One day I, came home from a Psychic Development class excited to tell my husband about something cool I experienced.  The group had exchanged a random object to do an exercise, and the item I chose was an Orgone (some refer to it as Orgonite) pendant.  As I held it in my hand it felt like my intuition was some how enhanced.  I wasn't sure what I was holding, but knew I wanted some for myself.  Once I learned it was called Orgone, I couldn't wait to share this with my husband.  

My husband, being a curious and scientific person, went online to read about Orgonite.  It is a combination of crystal and metallic components compressed in a resin which results in an amplifying effect of the crystal.  It appears my experience was not unique, and others have shared in this as well.  He decided to explore his artistic side, began to make some for me, and realized others may enjoy it too.  

We cannot make any medical or scientific claims, but many people (including myself) find Orgonite to:
• Allow for better sleep, vivid dreams and more energy
• Decrease sensitivity to EMFs and remove negative energy
• Enhance spiritual growth and deepen meditations
• Improve immune system function
• Boost plant growth

If you would like to purchase some of your own, please contact me.  I have a few pics below of some that are currently for sale, but he can also do custom orders.  The ideas are limitless.  I love the ideas people have come up with!

Love and light, 

NOTE:  These are heavy, and very high quality.  They are full of crystals, organic and reclaimed metallic material.  If you would like more detailed pics, just let me know.  They make such a statement in person. 😃




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